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The Extent Of Climate Change And Survey Evidence On Public Support For Climate Change Mitigation


Mitigation of climate change drags society into the advantages of a future which are uncertain and the economic costs. According to a huge proportion of the population of various nations, the effects of climate change are vast and exaggerated due to the fact that they don't involve sharing the burden of the economy of “climate change mitigation”. Also the activities of humans are responsible for making these changes in climate mitigation, while interventions of policy are efficient enough of restricting these changes in the climate effectively. However in recent times, some policies of mitigation regarding climate change have taken place in developed nations like “USA and Australia”.

Impact of increasing temperature and emission of CO2

As per an analyst of “Global Climate Report of 2020”, each month the temperature has been increased except December. Many regions of “Asia and Europe” have experienced high temperatures almost every month (Mi et al. 2019). A huge part of the globe was very warmer and it was above average including the regions of “Atlantic and Indian Oceans”.

Figure 1: Projected temperature and emissions of CO2


In todays date the activities of human such as forests clearing and burning of fuels & fossils adds carbon of almost 11 B metric tons to the atmosphere every year. If these activities continue, the temperature will increase up to 5% F warmer as compared to the 1901 to 1960 on an average and could be up to 10.2% at some extent.

Survey Data

Question 1

A quantitative survey of public responses has been taken in the USA (2012) which determined the view and opinion of them according to their age range regarding the change in climate (Fujimori et al. 2019). The response of public survey is below:

Range of age

Respondents in total (N = 746)













Over 80


As per the above table and graph, a survey of public responses has been taken regarding the changes happening in the climate. Survey data has been conducted from 43.7 percent people in the age range between 18-30. While 30 percent of respondents have taken part actively in the survey in the age range between 31-40. However the involvement of older individuals in this survey was lower and it was below 0% in the age range of 71 to 80 and over 80.

Question 2

In the second questionnaire the people were asked about their experience about the effect of “CO2 and methane” on the change in climate and the survey response is below:

Responses selected

Respondent’s percentage

By absorption of moon and sunlight directly


By light absorption generated from the surface of the Earth


By demolishing stratospheric ozone


By creating smog and fog in urban areas


Table 2: Respondent’s percentage

(Source: Self-Created)

Graph 2: Respondent’s percentage

(Source: Self-Created)

As per the above table and graph, a survey of percentage of responses has been taken regarding their experiences on the effect of “CO2 and methane” on the change in climate changes (Hasegawa et al. 2018). 27 percent of individuals responded that the reason could be due to the absorption of the moon and sunlight directly. While 39.6 percent of individuals said it could be due to light absorption. A huge percentage of 52.7 responded to the demolishing of stratospheric ozone. According to 25.6 respondents the effect could be because of the creating smog and fogs in the urban region.

Reference list


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Mi, Z., Guan, D., Liu, Z., Liu, J., Viguié, V., Fromer, N. and Wang, Y., 2019. Cities: The core of climate change mitigation. Journal of Cleaner Production207, pp.582-589.

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