Can turnitin detects essays bought online
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Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online?

Turnitin: What is it? 

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool that compares submitted papers against a database of billions of documents. In the academic world, originality is one of the most essential factors that contributes to the success of an essay. With the availability of a plethora of research sources, it is slightly easy to gather information on a topic. Sometimes it leads to plagiarism and students prefer copying the existing work to complete assignments quickly. It completely puts the originality of a document at stake and doesn't bring any freshness to the content. Thus, it is important to cite the sources honestly to avoid the matter of plagiarism.

In this day and age, students don’t get enough time to work on their academic projects. From studying for exams to doing part-time jobs and getting involved in extracurricular activities, they live a busy life. They prefer copying and pasting someone else’s essay and calling it their own. 

However, tools like Turnitin can detect the level of originality maintained in the essay but can't detect its origin and whether bought or not. Many universities across the globe use this software to assess whether or not the submitted work is free from plagiarism. 

With so much difficulty in writing complex and lengthy essays, most students prefer getting assignment help from academic writing companies. With the growing trend of students purchasing essays online, there is also a fear of plagiarism in their minds. 

It's natural to feel a little edgy because you don't know who is writing your essay, what is the approach, what kind of research sources were used, and so on. But the answer to your doubts is Turnitin software. 

How does the software Turnitin operate?

If you want to understand how Turnitin works, take a read through these pointers:

  • With the help of Turnitin, the submitted text can be compared to a vast database of academic and non-academic texts. 
  • It maintains academic integrity by clearly highlighting the sentences which are exactly taken from a source. 
  • It quickly checks the students' work against the databases, and if the students’ writing is similar to, or matches against any of the sources, it shows the percentage of plagiarism in the document and also provides the link of the source from where the text was copied.

The core intent of using Turnitin is to find out the presence of plagiarism in academic papers. This text-matching software is widely used in the UK as it is a hub to educational institutes. Here, a plethora of students study and buy essays online whenever they find it tricky to work on advanced essay topics all by themselves. The moment they submit their order to a subject professor, it is checked on Turnitin. It scans submitted documents and compares them to an extensive database containing a wide range of academic and non-academic content, including journals, articles, books, and student papers. After which, the software generates a report which highlights matching texts and provides a plagiarism percentage.

Motives for Students to Purchase Essays Online

With the pressure of scoring well in essays, many students prefer seeking writing assistance from professionals. These subject experts write well-researched, grammatically correct, and original essays that never fail to score the highest grades. 

To avoid the pressures of tight deadlines and academic expectations, students are drawn to these platforms that offer cheap assignment help online. By taking such services, students get assurance of scoring well and feel peaceful from the inside as they no longer feel the burden of researching, writing, and editing. Purchasing essays online, tailored to specific instructions and guidelines, seems like a convenient way out for students. 

Turnitin Tool's Challenges in the Academic World

No wonder Turnitin is a useful tool to detect plagiarism, but it does have its own limitations, and we will talk about them one by one.

  • Originality and Customization: There is a possibility of getting an essay from a service provider which may not be written from scratch but a little revised with certain changes in sentence structures. Essays purchased online are carefully paraphrased which makes it hard for the tool to identify the direct matches.
  • Fresh Content: Even though the essays are freshly baked by a writer, Turnitin checks the submitted work by matching it with the existing database. There is a possibility that the source is not available in the database of Turnitin. Thus, it may not function properly and detect duplicate work. 

What Elements Affect the Detection Process?

Turnitin works well in certain situations and its effectiveness in checking the authenticity of online essays depends on the following factors:

  • Quality of the Essay: If you have bought an essay online from an authentic service provider, then naturally the Turnitin tool won’t detect any plagiarism as their content quality will be supreme. 
  • Level of Customization: If the essay is customised according to some specific instructions, it is less likely to be plagiarised as everything needs to be written according to the guidelines. Thus, customised essays are often written from scratch and evades the matter of plagiarism. 
  • Hiring an Expert Academic Writer: If your essay writer has been in the writing industry for years, he/she will know the importance of originality. Such professionals work really hard to come up with fresh perspectives and arguments. With the power of their creativity and excellent writing skills, they produce essays that are approved by any software or plagiarism detection tool like Turnitin. 
  • Qualification of Writers: If the essay writer is highly qualified and holds highest academic credentials, then his/her will have a different writing standard, level of professionalism, and skills. Such erudite writers will never attempt messing up with the authenticity of the essay. However, sometimes students approach cheap academic writing companies to seek essay help so that they can save some money. By doing this, they compromise the quality and choose budget over everything else. In that case, it is possible to receive plagiarised work which can easily be detected by Turnitin. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Turnitin remains a powerful tool for identifying the percentage of copied work present in the essays bought online.

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