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Refund Policy is a reputable assignment writing service. We have been successfully providing high-quality assignment help to all the students in UK to make their assignment completion and exam preparation much simpler and easier. We make sure to provide the best services, but in rare cases of problems or mistakes, the customers can ask for a refund. We have constructed a detailed refund policy, highlighting all the situations in which a refund can be asked for, to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers. Have a look at the following points to know your rights!

Order delivery after the mentioned deadline

Providing the essays and assignments to students on time is our top priority. We make sure to religiously meet the given deadlines. However, seldom there could be a technical issue delaying the process of delivery. In such condition, contact our customer support team and talk about it. We always have a genuine reason in the delay of order delivery, but when the reason is unjustifiable, we offer the refund.

  • If your deadline has already passed, and our custom essay is not of any use, we will make a full refund* or give you store credits.
  • However, if you are utilizing the custom paper and have submitted it even after the deadline and the teacher has deducted a few marks, then only a certain percentage of the total amount will be refunded. Additionally, in that case, you will have to show us the proof of marks deduction due to late submission.

The quality of the paper is not of high standard or up to the requirements

The value of our papers is always first-class, but when it is not, we give a revision choice. You will have to get the paper revised and if we appropriately fix all the mistakes, the refund cannot be made. Otherwise the claim will be accepted, provided that any of the following circumstances is being satisfied.

  • The paper is totally plagiarized. Even though we have strict rules against plagiarism, and check all of our essays through TurnItIn, but if you can prove it to us, and the proof is authentic, give us a chance to revise. In situations where the deadline doesn't allow a possibility of revision, we will make a full refund* or give you store credits.
  • The paper quality does not gratify customer's stipulation. first of all we have a team of proficient tutors who vigilantly work as per the mentioned specifications, but in case of a problem with the paper we request our customers to avail the free revision/redo offer until complete satisfaction. We have an unlimited free revision policy till 4 weeks. Furthermore, if you are for the revision, refund will not be applicable after that.
  • The client is not pleased even after the revisions; our QA department will evaluate the paper and identify the fair amount to refund. If the paper is already submitted further, refund is not applicable.
  • In the orders where the customer is being offered with the drafts, it is their duty to confirm the excellence and inform us in case of any conflict. The refund will only be made if the informed problem is not fixed in the final paper and has ruined the quality overall. However, if the issues are not informed since the start and are being used in the end for a refund, there will be no refund made.

The paper has not been delivered at all

Circumstances like this barely occur, but if the customer has not been delivered with the finished order at all and the customer support team is also not answering for two whole business days, the customer can ask for a full refund* or store credit.

Technical issues at the time of payment leading to additional charged amount

At times there could be technical issues leading to double or additional payment deduction from the client.

  • In case there has been a double or unnecessary additional charge made, the customer must instantly notify the customer support team with a proof of two receipts so we can make a full refund* of the additional amount.
  • In most situations, the trouble is with the payment company and the customer will be recommended to resolve the problem with the company to avoid double deduction in the future.

The customer wants to cancel the order

If you have placed your order earlier and have changed your mind later, the order can be cancelled only within the next 24 hours of order placement. If the writer has already started working on it, you will have to carry on with it. In the cases of order cancellation within the mentioned time, you can ask for a full refund* or store credits. You can also order any other category of assignment of the same worth, right away.

The customer did not get an expected grade

If you intend to get an A plus in your paper and anticipate us to guarantee that, it is not possible. We guarantee you to provide you with a high-quality paper with perfect formatting, grammar, and structure, but we definitely cannot guarantee a precise grade as it entirely depends on how you have performed throughout your academic term.

The student failed the paper

First of all, it is not possible that you fail the assignment provided by us because of the excellence and expert skills of writers. However, in the unusual case of failing, you can claim a refund within the next three weeks. The time period commences from the date of your submission and if you manage to show us the proof of failure, we will make a 100% refund. Any proof or claim after the three week time period will not be catered to.

Some points to ponder over:

Refund Claim Method

In case of any refund request or double charge dispute, the client must reach out to the customer support team so we can take the needed measures immediately. The claim needs to be made within the next three weeks after the paper has been delivered to you. We firmly forbid our customers to engage any third party like the credit card provider, PayPal, or the legal authorities.

Refund Period

The refund period is the time period permissible to claim a refund. The refund period is of three weeks. It starts from the day of client's order deadline till the last day of following three weeks. Any claim after that will not be accepted.


Chargeback is sternly forbidden by New Assignment Help. The customers are requested to talk to our welcoming customer support team to resolve any sort of disagreement. In the case of chargeback, the customer will be marked as fraudulent on our systems. Also, if we suspect any individual taking unjust advantage of our services, we reserve the right of taking legal actions.

Refund proceeding and finalization time period

At least 48 hours are required to analyze the order by the QAD and give the reports to endorse the refund. Clients are requested to keep patience and let the teams work on the proceedings. Once the refund is approved, the payment will be made within the next 24 hours.

Refunds are only made if any of the above mentioned term and condition is being satisfied and the Quality Assurance Department approves the case.

*Full refund= 90% of the amount paid. 10% deduction is transaction cost paid to the payment Gateway Company plus service charges.

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