What is meant by a Paraphrasing Tool?

Paraphrasing is the art of reshaping the structure of any sentence while keeping the same meaning. This technique is useful when you want to use a piece of information to add value but need to use your own words to define it. But it’s not as easy as it seems and is also time-consuming to rewrite each sentence of very long texts For such times we bring forward our paraphrasing tool that can alter each one of your sentences into fresh ones as if written from scratch. When you read it, the same meaning will be interpreted as before.

If you are struggling with putting information in the right words, use our paraphrasing tool to draft clear and concise sentences. The final result is completely free from plagiarism. You don't have to spend any amount of pounds on this paraphrasing tool as it‘s completely free to use. Sometimes it happens that sentences are so complex that you don't get the gist. The sentences framed by our paraphrasing tools are easy to understand and use in academic documents. Using our paraphrasing tool will help you save time, and effort and the fight fear that comes with submitting copied content.

This AI-powered Paraphrasing tool is designed with advanced technology. And so the results that you get are of the best quality. If you are a student and want to organise any kind of document, use our paraphrasing tool and polish your work within seconds. It doesn’t matter how complex your sentences are. Even if you just have any idea about how your work should look, just put it in the empty inbox and you will receive desirable outcomes.

How Does Paraphrasing Tool Works?

  • Place the Content: First, enter the text which you want to paraphrase. You can also upload the complete file from your device. Check it thoroughly to ensure that all the required data is filled in.
  • Check and Compare: After you have entered your data, you will get paraphrased results within seconds. For a better preview, you can also compare it with the original sentence and see what changes have been brought by the paraphrasing tool.
  • Download the Result: Our paraphrasing tool also displays the percentage of unique and paraphrased texts. You can easily copy this text and use it in your document. We also provide an option for downloading the data.

What Sets Us Apart? Features That Make Us No. 1

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Why Should You Use New Assignment Help’s Paraphrasing Tool?

Are paraphrasing, rewording, and rephrasing the same thing?

The creation of the Paraphrasing tool was done by New Assignment Help to simplify complex sentences. It had come to our notice that students have struggled with writing understandable sentences. To help them get some relief and save time we came forth with an advanced AI paraphrasing tool that can rewrite any kind of text in better ways. This tool is completely safe to use and it doesn't charge anything to use this tool.

But you may need more personalised assistance that gives more suitable results. For such times we have a team of writers who can write top-notch plagiarism-free work for you in a given time. They will also provide mentorship to you in learning writing skills and getting successful in academics. We have PhD holders from different subject fields of UK universities, so you don't have to worry about the quality of your complete work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a paraphrasing tool legal?

Yes, the paraphrasing tool is completely legal to use. Our paraphrasing tool only aims to give ideas about how to rewrite complex sentences in simple words. So it is completely authorised to use our paraphrasing tool.

Does using a paraphrasing tool count as plagiarism?

No paraphrasing and plagiarism are very different terms. In fact, through paraphrasing you can easily remove plagiarism. The content provided by our paraphrasing tool is completely free from plagiarism. If you still have doubts you can check your content using our plagiarism checker tool

Are paraphrasing, rewording, and rephrasing the same thing?

No each one of them ( paraphrasing, rewording and rephrasing ) have different meanings. For eg:
  • Rewording is the simple process of exchanging words with synonyms.
  • Rephrasing means changing your text entirely.
  • Rephrasing means only changing sentence length, and word choice without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Is using a paraphrasing tool considered cheating?

No paraphrasing is not considered cheating. This is because you are only taking assistance to improve the content written by yourself. It is completely allowed to take help if you get stuck at some point. We suggest using our paraphrasing tool only for learning purposes and not as a wrong means to present false ownership of words.

How do you cite a paraphrase in APA, MLA, and Chicago-style formats?

When you paraphrase sentences, you have to give proper credit to the original authors to stay away from academic dishonesty. You can use the following citation styles.
  • MLA - when you use this style you have to mention the author's name and page number at the end of the sentence.
  • APA - For this citation style you have to follow this format: author’s name and publication date.
  • Chicago - The format for using the Chicago style of citation contains the author’s last name, publication date and page number.

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