UNIT 17 Work Based Experience Assignment Sample

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Unit 17 Work-Based Experience


It has been seen that working with an organisation is very beneficial for gaining knowledge experience and it improves professional attitude as well. By being an intern at any organisation, one can understand different challenges and issues of the corporate world and it prepares a candidate mentally. This report comprises industry experience. That has been explained in context of a web designing company. Most importantly, it explains roles and responsibilities that are expected from an intern. In addition to this, the overall learning and experience gained are elaborated in an articulated manner.

1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organisations that could provide industry experience

For this research work, two organisations have been selected and a comparison between the two has been drawn. The first organisation is a web designing firm “CSI Media” and other is a database design technology “Inventica Technologies”. Both of them have been compared. The reason for choosing these two organisation is that either of them are among the top-performing companies’ list and offers work-based experience opportunities. The whole assignment would be based on web designing organisation. The reason for selecting this organisation is that most of the organisations are putting emphasis on launching a website in order to have a better presence in the market. Therefore, web design field is high in demand. In addition to this, they are among the top work-based experience organisations. An evaluation between the two organisations have been provided here.


Web Design Company

Database Design Company


High growth, better working environment, better learning opportunities.

Better productivity, high employee satisfaction, better learning, and high reputed company.

Attracting Clients

Seasonal rebates, discounts, and other additional features.

Discounts for loyal clients, lifetime discount for upgrades.

Types of Contract

Time and Material  Contracts

Lump Sum Contract


1200 pounds per month

1250 pounds per month

Distance to Work


13 Km


To increase the interaction of organisation with the customers by creating a platform to contact.

It aims at governing all the designing code in order to develop a well-structured tables that stores company’s working environment.

1.2 Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience

It is important for the company to carry out negotiation with the partners and other business stakeholders. The negotiator is supposed to have a polite nature along with a top-notch communication skills in order to convey ideas to the investors (Stewart, 2014).

Methods of contacting organisations

For grabbing an opportunity, it is important to target companies’ head. Usually, the person at the top of the company might ask a person to contact him/her. There are many options available to contact a business organisation. These are:-

Internet:It has been seen that organisations often detailed out their employees’ information over their website. It is required from the company to follow up those information in order to contact the clients.

Telephone:for this mode of contact, one is required to have a pitch ready that aims at getting the required information from the clients.

Trade fairs and Exhibition:Here, one can have the option to meet the top executives of the company and chat with the staff. The staff here should be to provide right direction.

Marketing Literature:these are the magazine or printed articles that comprise the contact information of the organisations.

Methods of undertaking negotiations

A proposal of carrying out negotiation is given below:-

Proposal: 1

The project: Designing a website for a new venture

Hours: 90 hours

Salary: 12 Pounds per hour

How long: Monday to Saturday

Criteria to be exchanged: The weekly updates will be provided by the company while the website content will be provided by the client from its side. The payment will be done stage wise completion of the work.

Proposal: 2

The following provisions have been agreed from both the parties.

  • The payment will be done regularly after each stage.
  • The signing amount of 100 pounds will be given
  • The maximum time allotted will be 120 hours
  • A preliminary design will be provided by the company and review comments of the client will be considered in the final proposal
  • A copyright notice will be displayed at the extreme bottom of the website
  • A dispute resolution clause is also mentioned in the negotiation proposal.

1.3 Recognise the business constraints on the work experience offered

There are many challenges and issues that employees might face while performing roles and responsibilities. The major constraints might comprise organisational cultural issues caused by work place pressure and stressful condition. The business constraint include problems caused by giant size, structure of the company (Bayar,2014). Sometimes the company is unable to handle its operations as various departments work with each other and the challenges are very high. Departmental integration is another challenge for the company to take care of. Apart from this, there are many legislation related constraints that might be faced by the company. These are explained below:-

Health and Safety laws: the workplace health and safety laws obligate the company to provide proper safety measures in the work premises, take care of the safety guidelines, and provide timely training to employees. In addition to this, it is important for the employer to upgrade the machinery and technology and carry out safety mock drills (Bayar,2014).

Employment Act:This act ensures that employees are not exploited in an organisation. It also make sure that organisations have a fixed minimum wage and working hours for employees. In addition to this act safeguards the employers against unnecessary turnovers of the employees.  

Company Act:This act makes sure that companies are formed after they have met all the necessary guidelines essential for any organisation (Mitrega, et.al, 2014). In addition to this, it obligates the company’s board of directors to follow certain duties as defined in the act.

Apart from these issues, there are other issues as well:-

Limited Staffing:Organisations have limited resources including limited staff. This challenge affect the overall workload capacity and productivity of the company.

High cost of Operation:The major problem that most of the business are dealing with is that they have high operation cost that affects the sustainability of the business. These costs might be due to over spending or redundant processes (Farquhar, 2012). For an employee or intern, it is important to understand these issues and take necessary measures.

Customer Satisfaction:Web designing business is solely dependent on the satisfaction of the customers. This is because if the customers is not happy with his website, then he will not give payment and will keep ask for changes. Hence, meeting a desired level of customer satisfaction level is important in order to make the business going and growing.  


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