Impact of sport development on community

Creating Opportunities for Youth Engagement in Sports

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Introduction Of Impact of Sports Development on Community

Background of Sport Study Development Sheffield community

The impact of the development of the sport upon the Sheffield community in UK has been a subjective influence as all the communities that are subjected to participate in recreation and sport have been predicted to generate higher social bonds. The Sheffield community has been constantly been pushed to donate some bedding to the individuals that in need specifically the children’s need in the time of winter. This has been fully donated by the “Frechevilla Community Sports and Social Club” that exists in the UK. As per renowned authors it has been known that Manor house community has collaborated with the sports association existing in the UK to occupy space for development of individual future and cover the gap of unemployment. As the communities have meant that they are in safer places and the individual that live in them are considered to be healthier and more active. The impact of sports development has meant to flourish the chances of high-growth careers for children that come from poor backgrounds. Sports development has influenced young youths and individuals to make their careers through the subject of sports. Sports usually have been pushing children’s tgat come from the poor communities and helping them to volunteer and seek through vast opportunities. It will gradually increase the chance of high self esteem and self worth.

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Research aims and objectives

The aim of the research is to analyse the impact of sports development on the community

Research objectives

  • To assess the impact of volunteering programmes on communities
  • To analyse the positive and negative outcomes of the development of the sport in communities
  • To investigate the challenges of sports development upon the communities

Literature review

To assess the impact of volunteering programmes on communities

The impact of “sports development on communities” has been vast and the influences have been predicted to be massive.

According to the source (Malm, 2019), the author has depicted sports that have been a tool that has lifted a higher number of ways that build more social capital, build more sustainability, and foster development in the communities. The sports are implied to volleyball, basketball, football and sports that are attached to athletics. The department of Frencheville Community of sports and social club has been constantly pushing the youth of the Sheffield community to involve in the sports and has integrated more advocacies and supporting the project “help children’s to prosper” that is constantly strengthening Sheffield community through recreation and sports. It has been having a huge impact on the lives that are suspected to be more encouraged and has been reducing health issues of the members living in the communities. Sheffield community has been formulating target group that will be appointed to 18-25years of age” living in the UK (John et al., 2020). Sheffield community has been integrating park playgrounds that can concise of 100childrens that can play any sports in the open space, the workers and staffs are there on the park to see that individual are safe and manage facilities for them. Volunteering opportunities that is crafting in the Sheffield concerned to provide support to the street of children. These were a program that has been articulated by the association of Sheffield trust to provide education facilities and shelter to the needed ones living in the street . Girls rights and education has been provided by the Sheffield trust to girl that comes from the lower financial families existing in the near and inside the Sheffield UK. The community has been regulated 300 children’s in order to craft their career and provide jobs to the unemployed (Ntioudis et al., 2022).Sheffield community has been reported to host around 48major sporting events every year and the majority out of that is committed to hold at the state of place. Volunteers are predicted to be an essential component of their operational delivery for the sporting events. As the risk of diabetes are bigger in life and taking part in sports will surely help reduce the subjective impact of diabetes by 40% including other effects such as heart disease, depression. As communities welcome sports to reduce the impact of health issues that serves more therapeutic and affects management for the community people that are most impacted by the cause of cancer. 

To analyse the positive outcomes and weakness of the development of the sport in communities

There are immense opportunities and outcomes that have been recognised through pushing up sports development and connecting the community with it.

According to the source Zhou and Kaplanidou, 2018, the author depicts that the influence of sports is vast and a large number of jobs have been transmitted to the communities. The Sheffield charity has been supporting the young individuals through the sports such as football, hockey, cricket, hoops and tennis that has been in their routine of sports activities to formulate the mind of the young individual living in the Sheffield to make their career in sports. This has an influence even on the economy which means that sports development is expanding day by day in the segment of London and England. An economic specialist in the period of 2016 reported that the 5, 00,000jobs has been provided to the needed youths and graduates that were suspected with low financial strength. This has provided them with the power to showcase their talent and come up with their efforts. As the sports development of the UK built around 3000 coaches, trainees and agents which were later served to the communities to enhance the development of sports and help children to find their feasibility. These are the positive outcomes that the sport's development placed upon the communities. The Sheffield charity has been constantly providing the children’s with to increase their power of enjoyments and gain friendships with the young ones and invest money upon their careers in sports. Parents and individual from very communities from the location of England and London has meant to help their children’s to particulate in the sports because it will help them to build their physical skills and mental ability that they can articulate in their future course. The weaknesses that stand are commuted to expenses and cultural barrier. As most for the time the communities that belong from the low class segment are not provided to participate in the sport which is a big issue.

To investigate the challenges of sports development upon the communities

There are a lot of positive aspects of sports development the communities and there er even challenges of sports development in the communities.

As per the source Dai and Menhas, 2020, the author has depicted that the implementation is necessary for every people that are alive in the world, and communities are prolonged to the fact that the sports industry is flourishing over the decades but most of the consequences are relying on a negative impact over the athletes and individual that are pushed down by the community. The major challenge that the communities face is the lack of training of sports or programs, as they feel that preparation is to be enacted for well-educated families and high-income families in case the topic takes a turn and a places mn negative impact upon the sports industry entitled by the community frame. Therefore of the competition programs and adult training is articulated or crafted for the developed athletes and the preparation that is been made in circulation to short term periods. Expenses are an issue that is meaning individual to step back from participating in the sports due to huge investment in practicing sports in clubs or providing fees further is an challenge that low communities can’t afford.


Research methodology

Research methodology is refer to specific techniques or procedures that are used to acknowledge, select, process, and analyse the information regarding the topic (Wallstam and Kronenberg, 2022). The quantitative research methodology will be used in this research, as it will help this research to gather more intellectual insights and be fast, focused, and relatable to the topic. As this uplifts the efficiency of the research and predicts the authentic data record for this research. It highly analyses the consequences of the topic and collects the statistics in a larger sample size. Quantitative research methods will be used to collect the data regarding the topic.

Research Philosophy

Research philosophy is refer to the term that is used by researchers to predict a belief regarding the way in which statistics or data regarding a phenomenon could be acknowledged, gathered, and utilized. Within this research, pragmatism research philosophy are meant to involve research designs that are crafted operational decisions which are based upon the authentic and clear information in searching answers for the questions that are under the investigation of the project. It will be used that will help the research with operational decision-making that are moreover based upon the real facts and sequence course to make answers in reflection to the questions that are undertaken through the investigation (Widdop et al., 2019). It provides the research with dynamic solutions that this research has found and accumulated so that the research carries a successive strength. 

Research approach

The Research Approach refers to techniques or procedures selected by the researcher via analyzing, collecting, and interpreting the data. Deductive research approach will be used which meant to serve scientific investigation regarding the topic and provide real experiences scenario to detail the content fror the project. It will provide the research will clear structure conclusion and limitations that are a barrier fro the research.

Data collection method

Data collection methods are referred to the methodological process of collecting information regarding a particular subject or topic. Primary data collection will be used for this research as it will help the research to grab more accuracy and convenience that comes directly from the source. Surveys will be processed will be committed with 50particpants that are related to sports community implied to manager of club, different communities and existing athletes, for this research which will lead to a large number of real experiences and information for this topic. The survey will be functioned through online through Google forms or survey polls.


Starting date

Ending Date


Setting up aim and objectives




Sourcing literature




Collecting methodology




Featuring ethical consideration





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