Jurisprudence and Freedom in UK Assignment Sample

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Jurisprudence and Freedom in UK Assignment Sample

Introduction Of Jurisprudence and Freedom in UK Assignemnt

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Set Case Relate to the Liberal Principles

About the Set Case

In the month of September of the year 2017, Chris Cole, Nora Ziegler, Henrietta Cullinan, and Jo Frew citizens of London came to protest on the road near the Excel Centre in the East London while on this day there was an opening of a symposium on arms fair of the Defense and Security International. As the busy roadways were jammed and became an obstacle to public communication, it became a matter of offense that is in the hand of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

Freedom of Individual

In accordance with the individual rights of the citizen in the United Kingdom, each and every person has the right to liberty, privacy, freedom of expression as well as conscience, and freedom to set up any kind of association and assembly (Griffiths, 2020).

Freedom of Expression

Each and every native of the United Kingdom is given the right of expression that free them to hold on to any concepts, express any kind of opinion on any matter and get down to any kind of information as well as imparting them without tampering with the public authority (Arnell and Davies, 2020). Hence the citizen of the United Kingdom can voice their views on any situation. So in this case, the people whose names are mentioned came to the road to just express their words, which is within the righteousness of conveying their vision according to the article 10 that the country provides them.

Freedom of Assembly

The government of the United Kingdom comes up with article 11 for their citizen. According to article 11 of The British Constitution, each and every people in the United Kingdom has the right to meet, and foregather in private as well as in public without harming others by marking up the other about the concerned matter. It includes that they can create a rally too to make any kind of protest (Dietz, et al. 2020). Therefore article number 11 also goes with the protestors who were lying on the road of East London.

How Notions of Autonomy and Rights relate to the Parties’ arguments in general

Notion of Autonomy

Actually in one line Autonomy means the propensity of the individual to go ahead in accordance with his or her own interest and values. Modern political thoughts as well as bioethics respect it and try to promote it in every field of society (Moskovko, et al. 2019). Here, in the field of the mentioned case above, a group of people was arrested by the London Police personnel on account of putting up a fight in the middle of the road in the Excel Centre. According to the ethics of Autonomy, a person can move with his or her own thoughts, therefore the situation is on the right way as the demonstrators who are actually a group of common people living in London, were expressing their views that may be in the against of the determination of high-level authority but they are in good order as they are able to make any kind decision in accordance with their individual thoughts.


Disagreement and speaking out against any situation is known as Protesting. Such protesting is above the board in the United Kingdom (Jones and Kawalek, 2019). The British Constitution protects the Right to Protest under the European Convention of Human Rights. So when Ziegler and his group had come to show protest against the authority on the road of East London in the concerned case was not a matter of disrespect for the constitution of the country.

Courts Consideration

The court takes care of the constitution of the concerned country's breaches by the other branch of the government along with this the court also looks after the rights of an individual in opposition to the normative as well as any type of governmental oppression. That’s why in this matter, the Supreme Court was with the common persons who appeared as protestors on the road owing to the arrest them flying in the face of the legal rights that are provided by the country to its citizens according to the articles 10 and article 11 consequently (Kawalek, 2020). As the strikers were not in the wrong of a felonious offense the court was behave on their side in spite of the prosecution. In the matter of the people who wanted to attend the arms fair held by the Defence and Security International, the court went with the thought that in spite of the protestors blocking the road using lockboxes they did not harm anyone and therefore the matter to resist them would be unconstitutional. In this case, the court had not found any kind of fair balance that knock these case between the rights of the individual to protest and the matter of the general interest of the social community.

About Individual Freedom and conscience, religion, freedom to speak and assemble for the purpose of protesting against any issue.

From the case of Director of Public Prosecutions v. Ziegler and others, it is clear that Individual Freedom is the fundamental right that each and every citizen has in the matter of belief, thoughts, having a specific political opinion as well as the right to choose to either fulfill or not fulfill the needs of their respective chosen religion along with the right to protest that means they are independent to voice their own views. All the citizens are free to speak their words in accordance with their own thoughts as well as their own interests (Simeon, 2019). Without damaging any public property and harming the common people the citizen can able to form any kind of association as well as an assembly without arms to show objection against the decision of the higher authority. To maintain a proper democracy in a country, the governing authority is responsible to establish such kind of supportive practice to enhance the trustworthiness among the common mass for the constitutional body of the country.

Importance of these considerations

The freedom of the individual, the freedom of expression as well as the freedom of assembly is noteworthy and key features of a democratic country. The main reason to install such kinds of rules and regulations in society is liberty is a natural requirement of human beings. From the eve of birth each and every individual person has the potential to administer his or her own actions, if not then at least have the aim to seek autonomy to be up to having control over the individual behavior. If there is no freedom to make an assembly, then there will be a very narrow scope to point the missing loopholes of the welfare governance.



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