Operations And Information Management Question Answer

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Introduction Of Operations And Information Management

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Operations and information management enable the organisation to work effectively, allowing the corporation to maximise its profit margins. Information system finds the best ways to organize the working in order to make sure that there is cost fixed by the company for the productivity and production level. Production takes a lot of costing which can be avoided when there are good analyses and better understanding so that the resources are not being over used by the company.

Tesla is operating worldwide but is having its headquarters in California, United States. The company's mission is to make this industry more environmentally friendly and to ensure that there is a stronger foundation in place in the market for long-term sustainability. The corporation was founded in 2003 and is a public organisation with forward-thinking goals that will ensure the proper planning and design in response to changing circumstances of market (Hachenberger and et.al., 2021). The business is ensuring that they are putting in an effective distinctive feature in the market so that there will be more work to be done.

The report will address the process design and operation management styles that the organisation can employ in order to ensure that better outcomes are achieved. There are theories like Just in time and total quality management used in the company to understand the operation management and make sure that the company is taking the right decisions. The company must ensure that they have a wide audience, however due to the pricing; the company only has premium visitors, which must be effectively kept in order to ensure that better work is done.


Process design of product and service of company

Tesla creates designs from time to time in order to be able to add features to their products and services that are unique in their own right. There are systems in place for designing the company's products, which must be followed in order to achieve the best possible results and performance on the market (Queiroz and Wamba, 2021). Tesla's competitors include Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, and others, all of which must be considered to determine the best operating and performance levels. Tesla ensures that its employees are well-motivated in order to ensure that they are doing the appropriate activities for long-term improvement and working. Process design is getting improvement in the models and products which exist in the company so that there are going to be higher competitive edge. The aspects that must be considered in order for Tesla's process design to be more effective will be discussed in a future study.

  • Variety

Tesla is one of the most successful companies in the market because they are very futuristic and because the changes that are coming to the market already exist in Tesla. As their goal is to give new items to clients, they do not meet many difficulties. Solar vehicles are a terrific idea that Tesla came up with a long time ago and is still working on to ensure that customers have a good experience with it in the future (Gala and Vybornova 2018). More artificial intelligence would simply raise prices, and the corporation should seek to create a product for the middle class as well, rather than just targeting the company's high-end clients.

  • Equipment flexibility

Elon Musk, the firm's founder and CEO, ensures that the company has a strong workforce that is dedicated to ensuring that Tesla succeeds in the market (Behl and Dutta, 2020). There are proper designs in place that will improve the company's operations and adhere to client expectations. Changes and equipment flexibility are there because the training is effective, and when the CEO takes an interest in the company's operations, their employees will be driven as well.

  • Brainstorming and analyses

Tesla employs a large number of highly trained individuals who receive numerous advantages, allowing them to ensure that the corporation is taking the required steps to fund the proper balance, which aids in development and idea generation for the design process. It is vital to analyse all of the ideas in order to improve them if necessary, as well as to ensure that the necessary actions and improvements are taken (Arnhart and King, 2021).

  • Develop

There are obstacles in the kind of products that the company produces; therefore it is vital for the company to make sure that they have the right designs for the market. Development is straightforward, but there are a number of skills that come with practise, and because the organisation is pragmatic, they have the tools they need to guarantee that the proper steps are taken.

Extent of success of process design

For continued success, the organisation must ensure that the appropriate activities are made in order to provide proper working conditions. There are many strategies that Tesla might adopt in the future to ensure that they have the correct foundation in the industry. The information that the organisation has must be effective in order for good duties to be present in the company's personnel. To ensure that the firm has strong possibilities and operation management, there must be good personnel and motivation in them as well, so that the company may succeed in the market.

When the organisation has proper staff management, there will be personal benefits as well. The company must ensure that the proper actions and improvements are in place in order to have the proper placement and operating so that the organisation may function more effectively. A systematic approach will be an important aspect for the organisation to have in order to have a better working environment.

Total quality control of the company's production level must be matched in order for the brand value to remain stable in the market. The company must ensure that profit margins are increased and that proper working procedures are followed in order for better results to be achieved. Good information must also be provided to the organization's personnel in order to ensure that the organization's working and performance levels are at their peak. Meeting the needs of consumers and requirements must improve in order to ensure that the materials utilised meet the company's expectations (Behl and Dutta, 2020). There are methods that the firm employs that must be checked in order to ensure that the company's operating and performance levels are optimal. The company's materials and labour must be monitored to ensure that the activities are carried out in accordance with the organization's expectations and to the best of their ability. The processes are extensive, ensuring that the addition will be better and that future planning will be more effective. Overseeing the concerns is not helpful for the company and does not generate the necessary profits to ensure that they are properly categorised.

Further improvement of existing process design

Tesla will have to ensure that they are analysing their judgments and making the best decisions possible based on their knowledge and market experience. Analyzing the operations process is critical in order to ensure that there is improved work being done. There are unneeded actions that will be there, as well as greater operations and working that will be present. Tesla's products and services must be priced for a premium audience due to the company's resources and production capabilities. The corporation must ensure that it has appropriate costing and productivity components in place so that it can have improved working and operational efficiency. The corporation must consider all of the clients who are waiting for the products so that they may carve out a niche for themselves in the industry. Process design must be improved in order to ensure that better work and satisfaction are achieved (Grover, Kar and Dwivedi, 2020). To be able to locate the proper placement and ensure that there is more profitability, the company must create the right placement and work for them. Businesses must ensure that they are taking the appropriate efforts to ensure that they have a favourable performance environment and a competitive advantage. Businesses grow in the market very quickly and for that to be taken under control there are a lot of internal factors of operations or manufacturing working which has to be worked upon.

Tesla has a variety of design processes to choose from in order to identify the perfect niche in the market that is helpful to their overall operations and performance. Tesla's audience is particularly interested in the company since their wants are met first. The organisation must ensure that they have a solid work-life balance in order to enhance the motivation factor (Gatien, Khan and Gales, 2021). Tesla's styling and graphics are also tailored to the needs of its customers, resulting in better working and performance for the corporation in the long term. Operations management and performance management are going to make sure that the company is being able to have the best cost saving method. There is variable costing which can be done in the market and they have to be taken care of by the company (Gliatis and Minis, 2019). It is important for Elon Musk to take the right actions at the right time so that the organization would be able to take the right actions at the right time so that there is a better growth. Operations management like just in time is also an effective operation management tool which can be used in the future by Tesla to make sure that there is good inventory.


5 Performance Objectives

Quality: The performance is essential for the company to develop regularly as it can lead to better results in the competitive market. When Tesla gained a good recognition, they completely focus on their quality and increased new innovation in their product (Dwiputranti, Oktora and Okdinawati, 2017). Tesla worked on the factor of solar car as one of their latest product with increased quality standards to reach the top in market. Tesla is having a reputation which they have to live up to in order to be able to have the right working and placing for themselves which is going to be a great factor as well.

Speed: Being fast is vital for the company as they are working in the automobile field and this requires a change regularly. The market competition is increasing and the company is always looking to develop a better process of working (Thomé and et.al., 2020). It aids them in determining the best process for producing results. Tesla's business benefits from rapid and rapid innovation or speed changes since it achieve superior market performance. The company are developing new design for their electric cars and they are focusing on managing solar car at low cost by minimising the processing and unnecessary methods.

Dependency: It's critical to demonstrate the change at the correct time. The organisation is working on the appropriate time standards, as well as the essential change management for products and services, in order to lead to commercial development. It is critical for them to manage the proper change process at the right moment in order to obtain a competitive advantage (Heaton, Parlikad and Schooling, 2019). The company needs to work on the competitive market so that they can enhance the competitive edge in business.

Flexibility: The most important objective for the company product and services are to provide the ability of flexible changes in business. This is critical for them to ensure that they are working to improve results by managing better business performance. Employees are provided personal and professional flexibility so that they do not feel pressured by their jobs, which ensure that the organisation runs smoothly. Tesla works on change and they are flexible to develop their change over new ideas and innovation in business (Bondik, 2021). Tesla is working on the continuous change and they are developing flexible working at their workplaces so that they can enhance better results in innovation. Tesla must make the most use of its technologies and trained workers in order to provide greater flexibility in order to develop a greater change impact. This also allows them to be more innovative and creative in their business.

Cost: The majority of Tesla's items are more expensive and premium. They are aiming to improve their outcomes in order to increase low-cost leadership in emerging countries for their next product lines. This could be a shift in their business that they can capitalise on for a longer length of time. They have the ability to improve their performance on their route to progress (Wamba and Queiroz, 2020). Cost can be a critical factor for the business growth and operation performance in business for the company to gain a competitive edge.

The organisation needs to work on their cost objective to work on better results they can also develop to achieve in the market, and the performance targets work on different elements. Tesla is working with the highest quality and business standards in order to build a better approach of increasing total business change. If they change and improve their pricing strategy of the business which can provide them better results in the new market of different global markets. Working on the cost can increase the overall process of working for Tesla in increasing their productivity and profitability (ZOTA, 2017). Developing this can provide them with getting good response in different places and people or audience from different markets can utilise the facilities of business services offered by Tesla. Right actions have to be taken at the right time in order to be able to find the right working and placing for themselves in the market. Good flexibility is also present in Tesla to make sure that there is going to be right working environment which is good for the overall market improvement

TQM theory

Total quality management theory is a process which helps the companies in understanding their process of working in operation management. This is one of the methods which work on the development of knowledge and development in the workplace. Tesla is working on total quality management to develop a better process in the market. Staying focused on the consumers is one of the most important aspects of TQM. The organisation practises TQM so that they can apply the theory to better understand the market and set quality standards accordingly. This includes the integrated system and the process cantered to work on the development in results they aim for. The organisation is concentrating on the development of quality standards and not compromising them in order to create a better working environment and improve market performance. The theory will help the organisation get greater achievements and raise their working standards (Dwivedi and et.al., 2020). The quality can be a factor which can help in getting better results to achieve the desired targets. Company has to make sure that they are having the right analyses and data so that they would be able to promote good working and performance for the long run. Objectives of the company have to be matched with the reputation for the long run.


Key operational findings

From the foregoing analysis, it can be inferred that working on change and developing new strategies are critical for the company's market success. Tesla is improving its operations and performance management by devising a new plan to capitalise on better market results in order to accelerate their growth. It is essential for the company to maximise their better growth in increase of policies and practices. The low-cost strategy can provide the company in better performance objectives which can lead them in increase performance for development and growth. Change models and theories are being used to develop commercial growth. It is critical for the organisation to ensure that it is focusing on improving performance and maximising the usage of performance objectives. The performance objectives aid Tesla in achieving its goals by assisting them in identifying the correct factors for improvement and maintaining the development process. It is necessary for the company to provide the increase of performance in competitive market.


The firm choosing new product and services lines for their audience by evolving in the trend of solar cars and the electric car variety models which help them in overcoming the competition in market. Tesla is leading the revolution market and there are working no different product line and their focus on CSR is helping them in getting better market share and reaching the business aim and objectives which the manager and company set. To achieve superior results, the company must develop for process growth by increasing corporate capabilities and focusing on workplace innovation. Working in a flexible atmosphere aims to generate a creative idea for increasing performance and evolving the correct factor of business development in the growth of the firm. For this, training can be incorporated at a regular basis and hiring of skilled individuals. It is necessary for the company to make sure they are working for the change process and also implementing the change for a better growth in market.


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