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Report writing


Doha bank it is the biggest commercial finance sector of Qatar and it have been continuously registering the strong growth from the last many decades with the participative leadership philosophy. The bank was started in 1979, which used to serve the national as well as international financial services to the different people, commercial, institute, corporate, clients etc. They are categorised in the four groups that are retail sector, wholesale sector and international banking etc. The report is going to cover the core competencies of the organisation and how they can affect the profitability and productivity of the venture..

Main body

The Doha Bank is being spread in several countries like Mumbai, Dubai and Dhabi (UAE), Mumbai and Kochi (India) with that they have offices in the Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Canada, Bangladesh and Sharjah (UAE) (Drucker, 2017). The firm have different core competencies which help them in the different fields such as profit, sales, productivity, customer attraction etc. Core competencies are the biggest strength of the firm which competitors does not have, so these competencies helps them to gain competitive advantage, that are as follows:

Broad range of financial offerings: it is one of the biggest commercial bank in state of Qatar which serves the different services to the people of home country as well as to the individual and organisation to the host country. The firm have great and large product mix which make them different from their competitors (Engleberg, and O'Keefe, 201). The bank serves the different types of deposit account like saving, current, fixed, and other account. With that they also serves the different loan products such as personal loans, home loans, marriage loans, gold loans, education loans and rent loans. Other than that they also serves the insurance products such as car insurance, life insurance, critical illness insurance, advisory services, home insurance, travel insurance, real estate services, medical insurance and retirement plans (Francioli and Albanese, 2017). With that different wholesale services, international brokerage, investment services, private banking services etc. to the customers . With that it also serves the different other services such as Internet banking, ATM, SMS banking, card management, e-remittance, phone banking services etc.

Diversified portfolio: The firm have great portfolio where they are serving their different services to the public as well as private banks. The organisation serve corporate loans towards the contract financing, real estate, trade and industry. The CAGR between 2010 and 2012 in real estate is 23.5%, followed by contract financing (21%), services (9.6%), trade (3.6%) and industry (2.8%) (Core competencies of the Doha band, 2017). with that they have made their aim is to grow in the small and medium scale organisation in order to provide the online banking platform to the different customers (Stern and Axinn, 2017). With that they also provide the corporate credit card propositions which helps them to add value to SME. With that they also deal in the different segments such as in the contractors, trading companies, manufacturing, service organisations like boutiques, schools, restaurants, clinics etc. with that they also have different offerings for the start up organisation by tying up with the Qatar Development Bank.

Distinct competence

It is the competence or the strength which other competitors do not have and due to this competence, organisation gain the competitive advantage. Firm's distinct competence is as follows:

Existing distribution and sales networks: Organisation have been serving the different services to the various countries. They have very strong distribution channel which helps them to serve their products and services to the different countries. The firm is using the different innovative technologies is help to different type of sector in banking line such as an individual ,commercial, corporate and other sector across Qatar and even internationally. With that it also helps in manage their financial lives in better and new ways. With that the firm enables the clients to do their banking activities and invest however, whenever, it is used to select with an extensive network and different paths. ( THayes and Hofmann, 2018.).


Competence defines as the ability to do something in the successful aspect and efficient manner. In this regard, performances could be improves which assists to accomplish desire aims and objectives. There are several elements has been included such as ability, capacity, accomplishment, mastery, facilities, talent, bent, etc. The organisation also included resources that create facilities with large income growth. There are no obligations required which includes possible development responses of the group. In Doha Bank, there are different aspects has been develops which requires elements of new products.

Core competence

Core competence is the important concept that included in the management theory. It can be determines as the combination of multiple resources and skills which are distinguished from business to business in the particular areas. It also helps to identify competencies in systematic manner that ascertain to make sure that effect also ascertain to determine the combination of multiple resources and skills. It helps to provide potential access in the wide areas of the market that ascertain effective results in the business. In the Doha Bank, there are different significant contribution need to be included that create advantages of the end products and services.

Distinct competence

Distinctive competence is the unique characteristics and elements that enable to create propositions in the business functions. It is the useful aspect concept that used to implement characteristics to compete with other enterprise. Doha Bank need to implement several characteristics through they can easily set their targets and compete with several advantages. Through implement something better than the other organisations, the chosen bank able to demonstrate creative perspective at workplace. 


It can be concluded from the project report that core competencies are the biggest strength of the organisation which helps them to gain competitive advantage, high profitability, productivity, large customers base etc. Doha Bank is the biggest privative sector bank in the state of Qatar which is being awarded as the Golden Peacock Global Award for Sustainability. It has been founded that firm have strong presence in the Qatar. When it is concerned about their market value, they are the biggest lender in the Qatar. With these strengths, different core competencies have been analysed that are Existing distribution and sales networks, Diversified portfolio and Broad range of financial offerings.


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Core competencies of the Doha band, 2017. [Online] Available through:

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