Academic Research And Writing Assignment Sample

Exploring Academic Research and Writing: Assignment Overview

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Introduction Academic Research And Writing

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The primary reason behind conducting the report is to concentrate on the different parts of the work which are considered as evidence related to the writing and its discussion which is based on the “ How the business is benefit from adopting the practices which are sustainable?”. It is considered the first segment of the report, which will be discussed using different references including the conclusion and recommendations (Oláh, and, 2020). However, the second part of the report includes the reflective portion of the writing and it is based on individual learning and growth. At last, the third part of the report will concentrate on the development of an action plan.

1. Part One- Report


This part of the study examines how businesses gain an advantage from utilizing eco-friendly sustainable practices. Its primary purpose is to shed light on this topic. The general emphasis of the report will be on the benefits associated with environment-friendly and ecological practices (Feroz, Zo, and Chiravuri, 2021). First of all, defining environmental sustainability is important before digging deep into the research. Environmental manageability is considered a responsibility to preserve natural assets along with safeguarding with the help of a biological system that brings prosperity in the future. There are many choices that are affecting the climate in the wrong way and it is an important element of environmental manageability to look into the future for balancing. In addition to this, as per the definition of the US Environmental protection agency “The sustainability of the environment is to look for addressing the current needs which are devoid of some compromises and the abilities of people in the near future for addressing it.

Environmental Sustainability

The debate about eco-friendly consumers always goes along with the topic of eco-friendly and sustainability. In other words, green buyers are individuals who are concerned about the environment and buy green products or services specifically because of their commitment to protecting it. Environmentally friendly customers are concerned about the longevity of the planet and the future of humanity without compromising their comfort and safety (Aguilera, and, 2021). The pandemic has made customers more conscious than ever of the ecological impact of their shopping choices - and companies are taking action to address these issues. There was only 35% of consumers chose ecological products to contribute to the protection of the climate in the 2019 Worldwide Buyer Reports Study, 37% looked for items packaged in a way that was inoffensive to the environment, and 41% avoided plastic when possible. The consumers are considered eco-friendly while:

  • They looking for items that contains RSPO marked
  • They take more kind of herbs
  • Cut down the waste
  • Reduce the use of plastic

It is almost certain that customers will continue to adopt more possible performances, despite propensities to the increasing eco-friendly tide, especially as organizations pursue more reasonable and open decisions and set a model for being responsible stewards of global resources (Strobl, and, 2019).

Companies in the present day are concentrating on making a deal with ecological products to safeguard the environment as well as around the world. For example, a reduction in the impact of the ecological aspects on the business will work on the different manageability of the businesses (Van Blankenstein, and, 2019). Businesses that can manage increasing expenses as a result of environmental change and are less dependent on normal assets will have a greater chance of long-term success (Saeed, and, 2021). In addition to decreasing the impact of a company on the environment, maintaining an eco-friendly business preserves the assets of the business. The following are the five main benefits companies get from adopting sustainable business practices.

  • An organization might be able to set separately cash in a number of behaviors through sustainable strategic approaches. Organizations can reduce their liveliness bills by implementing energy-productivity measures (Zhang, and Zhang, 2021).
  • As a result of their more productive work and lower surplus expenses, sustainable organizations value expanded benefits.
  • As per the above discussion, the customers are mainly progressive as well as inspired by the handling of items and administrations. It may be a good idea for an organization to introduce sustainable strategic policies so that it can improve its public image, leading to growth in deals, benefits, and industry participation. The ability to manage a project effectively can also help a company improve its reputation with local and national partners as well as government officials.
  • Generally, maintainable governments will have more interested and additional engaged representatives, which in turn will result in additional productive labor power and reduce turnover levels (Castillo-Martínez, and Ramírez-Montoya, 2021).
  • In order to be maintainable, organizations must be communally capable. For example, it also develops the companies more appealing to customers who require help from companies that are working on some friendly conditions in the system.

Apart from the mentioned advantages, there are certain disadvantages of the area that are discussed below:

  • When a company uses supportable commercial observes, it inclines to take more time than normal occupational performance, which is the first disadvantage of sustainable commercial practices. The proper execution of a sustainable business model must not be fast as well as flat alteration of the business.
  • The threats of data are also connected with the sustainable practices of the business.
  • In terms of normal conversation, sustainable practice is not considered an easy activity for implementing as it is one of the tough tasks of the business model for the business (Paltridge, 2020).
  • At last, the sustainable model of business is to analyze the new vendor of the business and it is quite tough in comparison with the basic model of business.

In order to understand more clearly how businesses can benefit from sustainable practices, we will examine two cases which are Tesco and Aldi.

  • With the appropriate use of environmentally friendly practices of business of Aldo and Tesco are able to increase the brand that also maximizes the benefit of the business.
  • Secondly, both of the companies highly take benefits of augmented efficacy that helps to decrease expenses.
  • Thirdly, the companies are able to get appropriate monetary as well as saving occasions.
  • Fourthly, it will also help the business that enjoys the benefits in terms of reducing the threat of carbon, and additionally it assists in order to make improvements in the efficacy of energy.
  • At last, it also helps the company to retain the workers and staffing that is considered a benefit for the business (Su, Zhang, and Lu, 2021).

Overall, sustainability practice within one of the biggest retail giants helps them get more occupational thoughts, which benefits them both financially and reputational.


From the above study, it can be concluded that managing and adopting environmental sustainability of business practices is not considered easy work. However, the study also shows that companies can reap a wide range of benefits by adopting environmentally sustainable business practices over time. The major focus on three R’s for the adoption of sustainable business practices which are as follows:

Reuse: It is considered as the reuse of material which helps to decrease the pollution

Recycle: Remaking products that disrupt the environment means reducing their impact

Reduce: It means minimizing the use of plastic materials

2. Part Two – Reflective Writing

  • As a result of this module, I have learned a variety of things. For instance, the major two things I learned are to create an appropriate format for writing a good report and second thing is how to make use of the Harvard system of referencing. The creation of a good base format is very important for conducting good research and getting accurate information. This is what contributes directly to getting distinction marks.
  • I consider this learning to be an important component of my personal development since sustainability knowledge is essential to any profession. Taking a closer look at sustainability business practices has helped me understand why big companies like Tesco and Aldi do so. I can also apply sustainable business practices when I am working in an organization. I can also apply sustainable business practices when I am working in an organization.
  • My future studies and personal development will be greatly enhanced by this learning. As a post-graduation student, I will have a broader perspective on sustainability, which will assist me in conducting my research efficiently. In addition, as I develop personally, I will become more aware of society and can also help others to take a sustainable approach.

3. Part 3- Personal Development plan

Academic Skill Action Future Implications
Time Management It is highly essential for me to make a proper time table for improving my time management skills. The target must be achieved in the given time period To learn about the appropriate time management that helps me to develop my career plan. So this will help me to submit my work on proper time which will increase my potential to work better and, manage the time.
Referencing The most important part of any academic module is the right way to reference, which I will improve by watching more videos about it. By learning the proper referencing skills, the work will be done properly, and authentic sources will make it easier to establish where the research was conducted.
Academic Writing For improving my academic writing, I need to manage an appropriate tone and make use of third person in its place of first person aspect that helps to consider the proper issue and better conclusion. Increase in the high level of thinking abilities which covers the mental aspect like assessment, investigation and development.
Academic Research I need to read more content and books on a broad level of topic for improving my academic research. It will helps to increase my intellectual aspect of academic perspective.


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