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Mastering Academic Research & Writing: Sergei's Guide

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Introduction of Academic Research & Writing (Sergei) Assignment

The main aim behind conducting this study is to provide my own learning growth which I have gained while doing this module that is related to innovation as well as technology in construction industry. The study will also discuss about my ongoing development along with a discussion on my personal development plan. Doing reflecting is considered to be as a pivotal technique as it helps in identifying own strength in addition to weakness as well as also gives a clear idea on how much the topic has been understood by a student. This particular report will provide a clear idea on how much in addition to what I have gained while learning the topic of innovation as well as technology in construction industry. The main intention of this report is to present my understanding as well as how I can use the concepts learned in the module in my upcoming times as and when I will peruse my professional career in the same construction filed. Also, the study has helped me in identifying various other concepts related to the innovation and technology in construction industry like “Building Information Software, Virtual Reality as well as AI and 3D printings which are all associated with the construction industry. Overall, this study will focus on my personal development related to the topic and based on the personal development a brief about what skills I have learnt and in what manner I can improve them for my future use will also be discussed in detail.

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Reflection on the learning and development

The construction industry seemed to be more of a masonry unit to me. It was a sector that contained menial jobs where masons and daily wage laborers carried bricks and cement and made buildings or other establishments. This module has helped me widen my perspective regarding my knowledge of the construction industry in massive ways. The requirements of the industry along with the processes that take place before, during, and after a particular construction, and the grand climax was the impeccable use of innovation and technology in the industry. What was eye-opening for me was how efficiently and interestingly the construction industry has incorporated technology in a way in which it is not only benefitting the process of construction but the activities before and after that as well. The importance of soil inspection, land depth, foundation, the use of different materials for different types of construction, the overall geographical location of the place, and so on have an immense influence on the solo act of construction and the way technology makes it easier to process and paces up the entire operation that saves a lot of time, effort, and finances, especially because construction is an expensive sector.

In the process of explaining my experience in this module, the use of Kolb's reflective model will be extremely prudent:

  • Concrete experience: this module has not only provided me with theoretical knowledge but the presentation that was made as the initial part of the assignment also provided me with practical research skills and helped me understand the ground reality of the chapters we were thought.
  • Reflective Observation: in the presentation, I made, I tried to incorporate all the theoretical knowledge that I had learned in the module, furthermore, extra information from virtual sources also helped me reflect upon my enriched thought process that was shaped with the help of adequate understanding.
  • Abstract Conceptualisation: Post the acquisition of the modules, I tried to reflect them on my studies, however, the assignment on the presentation helped me do it fruitfully. My understanding of the modules was somewhat theoretical and hence abstract but the assignment gave it a practical approach.
  • Active Experimentation: the practicalities dawned upon me during the process of my research and I tried to incorporate them actively in the formation of the presentation. This helped me to get an idea of quite a level of the hardcore reality of the processes(Watson et al., 2019).

Continuous Improvement

Indeed, improvement should never be stagnant in nature. My learnings throughout the course of the modules have been exceptionally enriching but I do understand that it is presently my responsibility to take further this improvement so that it does not become immobilized. Throughout my presentation assignment and reflection report I had been thinking about ways that may help me in my purpose and fortunately enough with the help of the knowledge I have gained along with the practical experience I have managed to come up with some possible ways of keeping on improving my skills:

  • Continuous reading: it was during the presentation project I conducted, I understood the importance of self-study or self-research, it not only provided me with a practical edge regarding my theoretical knowledge but also allowed me to enhance my knowledge that would help to understand my subject in a much better way.
  • Real experiences: I think practical experience is extremely important to imbibe the knowledge that has been attained. By practical experience, I mean watching whatever I have learned to take place in the practical world. To do this I may take up an internship course at a construction firm, where I will be able to learn about the aspect practically discussed in the module. This will help me elevate my knowledge and will also provide a practical edge to my overall theoretical knowledge.
  • Conducting Research: Continuous research and the conduction of research are two very separate things. The conduction of research will provide me with more in-depth knowledge regarding every aspect of the modules taught. Furthermore, I will also have the liberty to choose the arenas that I find special interest in and explore them in another decree of research.
  • Reflecting on my knowledge:Only the act of acquiring knowledge is not enough in any way, the learner also needs to reflect on their knowledge from time to time so that it understands the direction in which their knowledge is moving. This allows the learner to gather a wholesome idea regarding what to explore next and what areas have been left for learning (Lamont 2019).

Reflection of presentation

At the time of doing presentation, I was very nervous as because the idea about the topic at that time was very less but as and when I get deeper into the topic my confidence level increased. So, after completion of the presentation part I got a clear picture on the topic of innovation as well as technology in construction industry. The main thing which I learnt from this part of the study is that how to make a good appealing presentation that will attract the tutor's attention on my study. Also performing the presentation boost up my confidence to a great extent in addition to it also helped in understanding the process of presenting ppt in front of everyone. At the time of presenting my ppt in front of my peers I was very nervous as this was entirely done by me alone as well as I had to present it solely. But after I started the topic my confidence level increased as I did a very through research on the topic with proper company in addition case example. I gave my presentation very well but I faced some of the barriers like counter question from the peers to create pressure on my mind. Though I overcome this barrier by not diverting my mind and sticked to my topic and gave all relevant answer to my peers. Next, I will try to make presentation stronger by adding videos and giving more references on my research. Also, in the mere future I have to give more focus on developing public speaking aptitudes which can be do done by knowing the audience prior making for the speech along with practicing more. Also, one more important thing in order to develop the presentation skills is that making proper eye contact with the peers that will boost up the confidence level and will give power to handle any sort of counter questions. All these skills will help me in future career by increasing my confidence level and that will additionally help me facing the crowd without any sort of fear.

Personal Development Plan

Academic Skill Action Future Implications
Time management Improvement of time management skills will need a great degree of arranging. Fostering a system for which errands are significant, task successions, schedule the board, gatherings, project plans I can use the time management skills both in academic and career plan for prioritising the work which are most important to complete first. Secondly by avoiding the faults which were done earlier and in addition to use different time management software that help in tracking the time
Referencing In order to improve the referencing skills first and foremost it will be important for me to recording the details data concerning the sources m reading where I have to check the author's name, date and name of publication along with the topic. Secondly, need to use proper referencing tool like APA, MLA or Harvard based on the requirement. Referencing skills are something which can be used lifelong. Because for doing any sort of research proper sources are required to justify that the research is done in an authentic way. For example, if I go for further studies like doing Ph.D. there also, I can use reference skills for conducting the research in an authentic manner.
Academic Research In order to improve the academic research skills, it will be initially important to learn the art of researching as well as planning the tactics of conducting the research. Secondly it will also be important to take proper advice from the tutor so that an idea about the topic can be gained properly. In both academic and career plans scholarly examination is utilized to show ideas and standards. The instructor can utilize the most recent information gathered from an examination study to make a statement or underline the significance. Instructing on research is likewise finished to show the consistent movement of the field of interest
Presentation Skills Presentation skills can be improved by first identifying the actual audience, structuring the slides making practice in front of mirror to face the large audience group, and last but not the least making solid research on the topic In both academic and career plan presentation skills can be used to improve the eye contact with the audience that will gradually increase the confidence level. In addition to presentation skills can also be used to improve both gestures and facial expression and make a person confident.


To conclude, the module on innovation and technology in the construction industry has enriched me in many ways. As mentioned in the previous sections, it has allowed me to widen my perspective and be more liberal with my knowledge. The different aspects that were covered in the module ignited several mediums of interest regarding diverse subjects within me. The use of technology within the construction industry was truly baffling for me furthermore, the mere usage of it preventing so many misshaping's and easing out on such diverse operations also was very interesting to witness. Through Kolb's reflective model, I have explained the various steps in my understanding of the module and how my understanding and gaining of further knowledge helped me in my presentation project. In the second portion of my reflective report, I focussed on how I can make my knowledge grow continuously so that it ceases from being stagnant. The effects of stagnant knowledge are backwardness which is not solicited in the academic world, hence to avoid that I had come up with a range of techniques that would help me keep myself updated with the latest trends and studies being conducted in the construction industry and the influences of technology as well as innovation on them. Finally, I wish to emphasize that the module has enriched my knowledge and widened my thought process and I wish to explore such unknown avenues in the future.


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