Amazon S3 Cloud Security Assignment Sample

Overview of Amazon S3 Cloud Security and Infrastructure on AWS

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Introduction Of Amazon S3 Cloud Security Assignment

This paper is intended to explain cloud security. This report paper covers Amazon s3 cloud security. This organization is migrating their systems to the AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud is one of the most popular web services that help deliver web services to the world. This study briefly describes the application of the AWS cloud. Just the VPC connection is offered by Amazon's corporate headquarters. The VPC connection is made using the Amazon software. One of the crucial tools this company uses to store user data are the virtual private clouds (VPCs). The primary focus of the Amazon organization is to provide the best possible service to our customers. The services and chapters of this organization are described in this white paper. This organization has multiple servers at its headquarters. The application of these servers to serve the best customers is discussed in the next section. Amazon organizations use a variety of security tools to protect their personal information. This study discusses the application of security tools. This study describes the application of "cloud-based systems". This study describes the use of "cloud-based systems" in Amazon's cloud platform.

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A discussion of this study is provided in this section. The discussion is based on cloud security. There are many different techniques and procedures for cloud security. A combination of technologies and procedures can help protect your company's security from internal and external threats (Almeida et al. 2019). Amazon Organizations Need Cloud Security for a “Digital Transformation Strategy”. Cloud security helps this organization protect its data, provide a secure network, and deliver the best cloud-based services to its customers. Cloud security is a broad term that includes security measures used to protect cloud-based systems, data, applications, and services. It is a critical component of cloud deployments and essential to the security and integrity of data stored and processed in the cloud. Security of cloud-based systems and data can be achieved by implementing appropriate security measures such as authentication, encryption, access control and data protection. Other security measures such as identity and access management, audit logs, and incident response can also be used to protect cloud-based systems and data. It's important to note that cloud security is not a one-size-fits-all solution and should be tailored to your organization's specific needs. Organizations should ensure that all cloud providers they use have appropriate security measures in place to protect their data. Encryption, authorization, password protection, and auditing are commonly used security protocols in cloud computing (Sayyed et al. 2020). Additionally, cloud providers must adhere to company-specific rules and guidelines such as the Healthcare Insurer Transparency, Accountability Act, and Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI DSS). The developer's successful configuration of the VPC connection is demonstrated here. The developer's successful configuration of the VPC connection is demonstrated here. This is Amazon Web Service's VPC service. This service was set up by the developer to protect the HTTP file on a web server. "Virtual Private Cloud" is referred to as VPC.

Part 1

One of the most renowned companies in the world is Amazon S3. This company uses a safe cloud-based approach to give consumers the finest service possible. The AWS Amazon platform is being used by the developers to construct a "safe cloud-based system" in this study. There are three different international branches of the Amazon company. There are a total of two branches in Europe and one in Asia. Only the headquarters of Amazon provides the administrator service. Customers may access storage services from this company's branches (Gutte and Devulapalli, 2020). This company offers two different kinds of security services. A "long-term storage service" and a "mid-term storage service" are two examples. This service helps customers store data according to data categories (Bandaru, 2020). Medium-term warehousing services are a type of warehousing service aimed at providing customers with a safe place to store goods for long periods of time, usually months to years. These services are ideal for those who need a place to store items for longer periods than self-storage facilities offer, but do not need a permanent storage solution. Medium Term Warehousing Service offers a variety of features such as: B. Climate control, 24-hour security monitoring, and easy access to personal items. They may also provide packing and moving services, and shipping services for larger items (Song and Li, 2021). Users can save data in different folders. A backup of this stored data is performed by the organization amazon. Data security is one of the most important issues for people today. Amazon s3 is trying to address this issue and provide the best security service to our customers.

The graphic displays the Amazon S3 buckets. Three buckets are seen in total in the image beneath. The name, AWS region, access, and creation details for buckets are displayed in the image above. Consumers may access the file system thanks to Amazon's corporate headquarters. The storage snapshot is a useful tool for protecting consumers' sensitive data. With support from Amazon's corporate offices, the storage snapshot is produced. The web server is located in the company's headquarters. The web server is one of the most effective systems for managing and processing HTTP requests. A web server is used by Amazon's business to give responses to the client and system. The web server is equipped with a number of features. Web servers are the most efficient approach to safeguard and keep the website's data. One of the helpful tools employed by Amazon's headquarters is the proxy server (Chythanya et al. 2021). The proxy servers secure the internet client's connection. Proxy servers are used by the Amazon organisation to establish a secure connection with the client. The "master storage driver" may be found at the Amazon corporate office. This company also uses "slave storage drivers" to keep the clients' confidential information. This is the Amazon Web Service's S3 service. This service was set up by the developer to protect the HTTP file on a web server.


The term "VPC" refers to a virtual data centre (virtual private cloud). The virtual private cloud is manageable, allowing for the selection of a private IP address range, subnet configuration, route table setup, and network gateway configuration. The benefit of VPC is that it helps with cloud computing aspects like security, privacy, and preventing the loss of sensitive data.

VPC for Asian Branch

Three VPCs are required by MMcloud in order to accommodate three branches. For the Mumbai branch, which is seen in Figure, one VPC is constructed.

Mumbai Region VPC

Figure 1: Mumbai Region VPC

(Self-made in AWS)

Subnet Details

Four subnets are being established in this VPC, including two public and two secret ones. They are all displayed below.

Subnet List

Figure 2: Subnet List

(Self-made in AWS)

VPC for European Branch

It is possible to establish multiple VPCs either in the same region or in separate regions. Below Figure shows how a VPC was created for the Irish office in order to serve European clients.

Frankfurt Branch

Frankfurt VPC

Figure 3: Frankfurt VPC

(Self-made in AWS)

Figure 4 depicts the four subnets and corresponding subnet Identifiers and availability zones for the Frankfurt VPC.

Subnet Details

Frankfurt Subnet List

Figure 4: Frankfurt Subnet List

(Self-made in AWS)

In the figure 5 the VPC for London office is highlighted where status id is clearly mentioned and the checked status is available. Here, VPC is listed and available within the website. Although VPC is a common private cloud which is a computing envirorment within a public cloud. The figure also showed that it is a traditional network that could operarte own data centre with the help of sacalbale infrastructure of AWS.

London Branch

Figures 5 portrays the creation of a VPC for the London office.

London VPC

Figure 5: London VPC

(Self-made in AWS)

Here is the list of four subnets that are created for the London office. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is an important component of cloud computing services. It provides a secure and isolated environment for applications and data to be hosted and accessed. VPCs are used to segment a cloud infrastructure into multiple virtual networks, each with its own set of resources. This allows organizations to control access to sensitive data and create secure networks for their applications. VPCs also provide an additional layer of security and can be used to control the types of traffic that can access the cloud, allowing organizations to better secure their data. Additionally, VPCs can improve performance and scalability by creating separate networks for each application or service. With VPCs, organizations have increased control over their cloud infrastructure and can better ensure the privacy and security of their data.

Subnet Details

London Subnets List

Figure 6: London Subnets List

(Self-made in AWS)

Subnets are an important part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). They enable customers to segment their cloud infrastructure into multiple isolated networks, each within its own virtual private cloud (VPC). Subnets also allow customers to control access to their resources, and to manage their network traffic in terms of performance, reliability, and security. By using subnets, customers can isolate their workloads and control which instances can access the Internet, other AWS services, and data sources. Subnets also allow customers to configure their networking environment to meet their specific needs, such as ensuring that their applications can maintain high availability.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

EC2 refers for Elastic Compute Cloud, or ECC. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in the AWS cloud allows adaptable processing capacity. You no longer need to make early hardware expenditures thanks to Amazon EC2, which speeds up the development and operation of apps. A limitless number of virtual computers can be launched with Amazon EC2, and connectivity and storage can be tailored. You can scale up or down with Amazon EC2 to meet changing requirements or popularity surges, enabling you to anticipate less traffic.

According to MMcloud specifications, the central office has a web server and a proxy server, while the Continental locations have a web server and a mail server.

EC2 for Mumbai region

Figure 7 demonstrates the process required to launch an EC2 instance for the MMcloud Headquarter branch using an EC2 instance in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) AP-South-1 region.

Web Server

Mumbai Branch EC2 Setup

Figure 7: Mumbai Branch EC2 Setup

(Self-made in AWS)

In the next image it shown that the web server is running. And it functioning well. It is built fro the Mumbai region office. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a secure, reliable, and scalable web server platform. With AWS, one can easily create and manage a web server, along with other services such as databases, storage, networking, caching, security, and content delivery. AWS also provides a wide range of tools and services for building, deploying, and managing web applications. These include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Route 53, Amazon EC2 Container Service, and AWS Elastic Load Balancing. With these tools, one can build highly scalable, secure, and reliable web applications that are easy to manage.

Web Server for Mumbai Office

Figure 8: Web Server for Mumbai Office

(Self-made in AWS)

Web servers are an essential component of Amazon Web Services (AWS). They provide the infrastructure necessary to host websites and web applications. They also provide the security and scalability needed to keep applications running smoothly. Web servers in AWS can be used to host applications that require high levels of availability and scalability, such as e-commerce sites, content management systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Additionally, web servers in AWS can be used to host complex applications that require a large amount of computing power and storage, such as big data and machine learning applications. AWS provides a variety of web server solutions, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Lightsail, and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. These web servers are designed to provide the highest levels of performance, scalability, and security for customers' applications.

Proxy Server

There is a requirement of a proxy server in the region office. The mentioned image is provide the evidence of the proxy server from the Mumbai office.

Proxy Server for Mumbai Region Office

Figure 9: Proxy Server for Mumbai Region Office

(Self-made in AWS)

HTTP Security at Mumbai Branch

The prerequisites for the headquarters is that just an HTTP connection be open. Only HTTPS security connections are allowed on the primary web server, as seen in Figure 10. For an EC2 instance, a security group serves as a virtual firewall, regulating both inbound and outgoing traffic. A proxy server is an intermediary server that sits between client devices and web servers, forwarding client requests to the appropriate server and returning the server's responses back to the client. In the case of the Mumbai region office of HTTP Security on AWS, a proxy server can help to improve security by adding an additional layer of protection to the network. By configuring a proxy server in Mumbai, the office can ensure that all incoming and outgoing traffic is routed through the server, allowing for greater control and visibility into network traffic. A proxy server can help to improve performance by caching frequently accessed resources and reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over the network. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where bandwidth is limited or where there are high levels of latency. Overall, a proxy server can be a valuable tool for enhancing the security and performance of the Mumbai region office of HTTP Security on AWS, and should be considered as part of any cloud security strategy.

HTTP Security instances for Mumbai office

Figure 10: HTTP Security instances for Mumbai office

(Self-made in AWS)

Part 2

EC2 for European Region

A web server and mail server are required for its European operations by MMcloud. According to Figure 11, the web server was constructed in the Europe (Frankfurt).

Frankfurt Branch

Web Server

Web server refers to a computer which saves software of the web server as well as the component files of a website like CSS style papers, HTML documents and others. A web server generally connects to the web and assists physical information interchange with some other devices linked to the internet. One of the web servers’ examples can be given here. The appropriate instance of a web server can be a “NGINX web server”. A web server holds several benefits such as it offers optimum performance as well as high level of protection. All the sources on the one server are arranged to the user when one opts for an internet server. It has more flexibility as well as control as the web servers give the user entire control across the server as well as the flexibility to evaluate it according to the requirements.

Frankfurt Web Server

Figure 11: Frankfurt Web Server

(Self-made in AWS)

As seen in Figure 11, the web server is currently operational in the Frankfurt region's availability zone.

Mail Server

Frankfurt Mail Server

Figure 12: Frankfurt Mail Server

(Self-made in AWS)

This is the configuration of the mail server from the Frankfurt office. As shown in the image, it is running.

London branch

According to MMCloud specifications, a second European branch will also need web and mail servers. The development of a web server for the London area is shown in Figure 13.

Web Server

London Office Web Server

Figure 13: London Office Web Server

(Self-made in AWS)

Mail Server

The mail server is currently running without any interruption shown in the figure 14.

Figure 14: Mail Server from the London region

(Self-made in AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a mail server in the London region, hosted on a cloud server. It offers secure, reliable, and high-performance mail hosting services, with options to customize the server according to user needs.

Figure 15: File System

(Self-made in AWS)

File System HQ is a cloud-based file storage, sharing and collaboration platform. It provides secure, reliable storage for business documents and files, with features such as versioning, synchronisation and access control. It also offers collaboration tools for teams, with real-time editing, comments, task management and more. With File System HQ, teams can securely store, share and collaborate on critical documents from anywhere.

Figure 16: Snapshot Settings

(Self-made in AWS)

The AWS Snapshot settings allow you to configure the frequency of automatic backups, the number of retained backups, and the retention period. You can also choose whether to encrypt the snapshots and which storage class to use for the snapshots. Additionally, you can specify the tags to be applied to the snapshots.

Figure 17: Image Folder

(Self-made in AWS)

A folder on a cloud server AWS is a directory that can be used to store files and other folders. It is used to organize and store files, such as images, documents, and other data. Folders can be used to manage and share files with multiple users. They also provide access control to protect the data within.

Mumbai branch

Figure 18: Mumbai Image

(Self-made in AWS)

The Mumbai branch of the cloud server AWS is one of the most active branches in India. It is located in the heart of the city and provides a wide range of services to the customers of the city. It provides services like cloud computing, storage, database, analytics, and mobile applications. The branch has access to the latest technologies and tools, which helps customers to stay updated with the latest trends. It also has a team of expert engineers who are always ready to help customers with any queries they may have. The Mumbai branch has also been certified with the ISO 9001 certification, which ensures the quality of the service provided by the branch.

Figure 19: London Image

(Self-made in AWS)

Frankfurt Branch

Figure 20: Frankfurt Image

(Self-made in AWS)


The Amazon S3 cloud storage service is provided by Amazon Web Services (Simple Storage Service). uses a web service interface to deliver object storage. You can store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the Internet at any time with Amazon S3, which offers storage through a straightforward web service interface. In a year, it promises to deliver 99.99% object lifespan and 99.09% dependability. Amazon S3 is a highly scalable, dependable, and secure cloud storage option for data and applications. Its goal is to make web-scale computing easier for developers.



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