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BMLW5004 Legal Research Assignment

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Introduction of BMLW5004 Legal Research Assignment Sample

This is identified that legal research is one of the most important factors which must be considered through which the legal practice and associated skills are identified. The use of the laws and the legislation includes the legal information that is considered to be relevant for the creation of the research. This has been identified that the foundation of the arguments must be put forward primarily so that it enables the users of the research to understand the factors related to the research. This includes the factors where the users must be up to date about the developments that are related to the factors and the research.

It is identified and research in simple terms means a systematic investigation towards the factor of identification of how the process is investigating a factor of a problem where it includes acquiring the insights that are related to finding a solution. It includes legal research where it may include identification of systematic loss at a particular point and making of advancement in the larger area taken into account. Generally, the researcher is considered to be having an identification of online resources where the users are considered to be having the operational face shades where it also includes the understanding about the systematic investigation that includes legislative policies as well.

The research will include the identification of various factors that will help in analyzing the risk and the benefits that are related to the online resources at the time of conducting that search. It is taken into consideration that various forms of online resources must be considered and the time of researching this resource policy is that it would help in meeting better results.


Background of the research

This is identified that the critical analysis of the risk and benefits of online resources must be considered. The research would help in identifying the factors that are related to the essential part of legal practice. This must be considered that this must be located where these would be considered to be one of the most important factors at the time of identification of the resources at the time of conducting legal research. This is identified that the research is conducted due to the various factors where it is very much important for the users to tackle the resources that they are using whether the resources that they are using as under arrest or are considered to be having a benefit for creation of research. It is always not trustworthy to identify any factors that are related to the research that must be considered to be up to date for the development of the area of expertise (Delco, et. al., 2017).

It is very important for identification of the various aspects that the foundation of arguments must be put forward in the court where it enables the organisers of the organisation to inform their clients about how the practitioner stays up to date for the development of the areas of expertise.

This is identified that does not operate in a vacuum it has reflection related to the social values and attitudes related to the behaviour. While considering that there are various societal values and norms with side, directly and indirectly, related to the north of the country where law also includes the end a was related to the mould and control in these values include identifying the attitudes and behavioural pattern so that they can properly perform that. That has been made by the users where the prevailing social situation of the relationship to be formal processes (Gaus, 2017). Therefore the law influences the other parts of the social system. This proceeds as a symbol to the public and is also considered as a social control over the social changes. This is taken into consideration that there are various forms of legal system norms that are required to be considered for the creation of the research and these mice were considered through which the organisation will be generating a better result and search would be providing the best outcomes. Vishal selfie with the identification of the various dimensions based on the legal system their legal system is considered to increase the social systems related to the organisation and it is very important at the time of conducting practical legal research to identify the risk and the benefits of online resources will be should be considered in the mammal that helps in maximizing the performance. It is also identified that the legal system is an aggregate of legal norms which are raised based on typical questions. This includes prominent factors related to how the law is generated and what are the factors which must be taken into account to create the existence of the legal application (Gieldon, et. al., 2019). There are various forms of the interrelationship between the formal rules and non-legal rules that would help in shaping a law that has social control over the other systems. Here it is identified that traditionally the first dimension of the legal system includes the identification of the norms where the domain of academic lawyers are taken into account. This also includes the social behaviour that is related to the social largest where social anthropologists are also considered as some of the factors that are related to the same. It has been identified that the three dimensions of the system of law include ultimate analysis where the nominative character of the law and social context of the law is taken into account. This has been accounted that with the use of the various forms of law in the plan and social-economic development there are various contemporary modern states and I was that are required to be accountable for the social-economic transformation and helps in energy saving the constitution and also includes the catalyst roll through which it helps with striking and being up a transformation through a cluster of social welfare (King and Gillard, 2019).


Literature review

It is identified that the term research has various forms of very meanings and explanations where it includes an ordinary sense of the terms that are related to the knowledge. This also includes an advanced learner dictionary where it includes the research as a careful investigation are an inquiry that is specified through the search of new facts that are related to the branch of knowledge of the business organization (Levac, et. al., 2018).

The issue or problem is identified by the researcher then literature is to be articulated for the relevant topic in the research report. Any student of law or any learner always referred to some standard textbooks, reference books that are having some headings or topics as risks or benefits of online resources for legal research. The initial stage for any law student is acquiring basic knowledge through foundations classes of law during his undergraduate degree of law. It is an essential part of his learning because he attains some fundamentals or concepts regarding the law. Many things are involved in this as the manner of conducting legal research, introducing precedents, and method of utilization of legal research platforms. They implemented all these skills and knowledge to get sharpen their acquired knowledge for legal research. Some vocational training sessions are also conducted for them in which they are trained more efficiently for conducting legal research (Matamala, 2017).

In the training period, students are practising with their legal knowledge and learning about the basics of legal research, with citation and anatomy of law reports. Along with this some methods are also to be learned by students as the manner of using legal research platforms and searching and locating the documents, different databases, and house and some legal authoritative legal information. All these things as training, knowledge development, and many other things help students for a better career. Any student or learner needs to build more efficient legal skills that can be implemented in different areas of the training process. It is considered very important to have legal research skills specifically for the trainee (Pill, et. al., 2017).



A four steps research method is implemented in this research report and each step is formulated to cross-examine the further step of research. A combination of the quantitative and qualitative methods is adopted for research and impacts of this research are identified, detailed in the research report.

As various secondary data is available hence the use of secondary data was done to maximise the performance of the research. Here this is considered that the secondary data includes various aspects that are defined below.

At the initial stage, three exploratory semi-structured groups are prepared for knowing about legal research more precisely. In these groups, students were involved in London universities. All students were from different education stages and degrees so they can provide their different experiences with legal research knowledge, vocational education, and training inside and outside their country. It was considered in such a session as students of similar stages have also different experiences during their learning time regarding legal research (Recchiuto and Sgorbissa, 2018).

After that, a survey was conducted with staff and students of law school so both kinds of experiences can be measured easily learning as well as teaching in legal research. In this survey total of 152 responses were received from 65 universities across 15 jurisdictions like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and the United States of America. In this survey different kinds of people were involved as they are all were having different designations as 60 law students, 40 staff members, 30 library staff, and 12 academic staff members, and 10 were not responded for any reason. Apart from this, some other interviews were conducted via telephone with some law librarians and members of academic staff from universities in the U.K. these interviews were conducted regarding surveys that were done with these people (Turcotte, et. al., 2019).

At last, again a survey was conducted with some law students to verify the results concluded from the first survey and conducted interviews. In this survey, 60 responses were collected from law students at 25 universities across 8 jurisdictions. So, in this manner, some research methodologies were implemented for attaining some effective research.



Under this research report, some issues were found out regarding legal research for law students and many other legal researchers so they can easily find out the issues and resolve this kind of issue for their better research. Better outcomes can be achieved from this research as improvement in present legal education and its procedures. Some methodologies for research were also implemented there as an interview with law students, survey with some law students, teachers and librarians, and staff members so their distinct experiences can be measured for the legal research. The main aim of conducting this research was also described in this research report. Issues were identified and experiences were collected from different people for the research. A literature review was also detailed out regarding the benefits and risks of online resources for legal research. Background of research is also described some prior issues that were faced by law students or staff members and impacts of online sources that are implemented in legal research.



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