Booking System based on Laravel Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Booking System based on Laravel Assignment

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The use case of the laravel environment to develop a booking system for a salon is the agenda of this research paper. The development of the system has been devised to manage the data that the salon generates from its bookings and its point of sale system. For booking an appointment with the particular salon that has been considered for the purpose of this project, the customers particularly need to book the appointment using their credentials for registering on the salon website, finally going through the checkout process. To build the whole system, the methods associated with the same have been discussed.

Research Methodology

This particular research method provides the reader with the collective information that is specifically proposed for the system to do the workings of the same. The specific system that is particularly meant for making the usage of interactive interfaces simple and very easy to use, by owners of salons, and customers that use the specific salon services. The specific requirements for the system that is proposed are primarily fragmented into two sub-projects. One part of the project is specifically for the purpose of the owner and the other part is particularly developed for the purposes of the customer, the is for the use of other people. The companies and the people have to particularly have to register themselves in the required system. These people and the respective companies would have to provide their respective passwords and ID. These related people would require their credentials to do their system login (Muchtar and Munir. 2019). The actual part of the particular project is that the system being developed for the project would have to be a one-stop-shop for the service that is being provided by the salon. In this practical system that is being developed for all the services that are being provided by the salon, specifically, add their user location when they try to login to their website, and choose to book appointments for the services that are particularly being provided by the salon (Muchtar. 2019).

Quantitative and qualitative research

To be a client of the particular salon that uses a traditional model to book appointments, the person has to remember a whole lot of things, such as selecting a salon over all the other providers of salon services that are available to them (Mulia. 2020). They would also have to make a call to the salon they have chosen to fix an appointment with them specifically, and that must be according to the salon’s business hours. Thus, taking care of all of these processes online over the internet pose a challenge to the clientele. If this kind of experience people usually go through it practically becomes a hassle for them.

For the same purpose, the one-stop-shop system has been developed for the project. This is specifically being a platform that is live online that helps connect salons with their clients. This platform would specifically be used to access all the user information that they would specifically need in one place, making the whole process very seamless and convenient (Sukarsaet al. 2020).

The practical issues that are predominantly being faced by businesses as such are that the particular time to wait for these services requires a whole lot of time. Post calculation of minimum time limit by customer spent in a for the service in a salon average at about 30 mins. for basic services that are hair cutting, hair washing and trimming. If the particular services being inculcated increase, the particular wait time for the client following the previous one increases that same. The online system 'check in' that is being developed for the salon saves a whole lot of time for the clients.

Research design

The challenge that is particularly being faced with the ongoing process of salon management that specifically requires a lot of paperwork and manual intervention (Ganeshaet al. 2020). Usually, in traditional salons, people have to particularly wait in a queue for their specific turn but the online system that is being developed for this is specifically meant to reduce this specific problem, though these clients would preferably be able to make an appointment directly with their choice of salon and can manage appointments that suit their schedule accordingly.

Functional requirements

For the development of this proposed system Laravel and PHP, both have been used to build the interface with functionalities of advanced databases. To build the database PHP has particularly been used in the Laravel environment (Sariet al. 2021).

The purpose of using PHP is to have the option to run the website that is hosted on a particular server. This specifically comes under the list of scripting languages that are used on the server-side. A developer who specifically uses PHP finds it particularly easy to implement the same. To build particularly dynamic web pages, using PHP helps to make the process a lot easier. Another important features of PHP are that available resources could not only help to save time but also human labor (Saputra. 2020).

For scheduling an appointment, a calendar application that is specifically driven by PHP is particularly used to integrate web, Calendar. This web calendar has to be specifically installed that runs locally on the Laravel environment, giving the proposed application to customize and control websites post integration in the program. The particular web calendar would use Laravel tables to store data to develop this sophisticated system. It could also be the case that Google calendar is being used, for this particular case the user would require to be an existing Google user and must have an existing account with Google (Sariet al. 2018). 

Management Methodology

The system management of the salon is particularly the development of a website that specifically provides the salon with the functionalities of discovery and search of various services. It particularly provides the customer a particular platform for evaluation of choices the clients could have for a great salon.

  • Product - the particular management system of the salon would specifically require a website that shows the services that are being offered by the salon to their clients. This whole system specifically allows the booking of appointments that is done online. On the development of this online based system, it would particularly provide the user with the salon images, their details, services, rates, and a section for 'customer feedback', that could specifically be used by the client to drop their comments regarding their experience that they had with a particular salon.
  • Exposure - for the development of the system, the salon's owner would have to input their details on their salon's website and the associated system would primarily help them for the acquisition of target audience.
  • Platform - this particular system would be accessible by the clients using Android, Windows, and IOS operating systems (Rasikhah and Adriansyah. 2022).
  • Physical evidence - the service provider of this particular system particularly offers a product that is not theirs. In place of product, the platform specifically provides a look and come for the best possible salons that are particularly located nearby, that are providing the related services.
  • Process - using the management system of the salon, a client would particularly need to sign in using their registered email address and phone number. One could particularly browse the services provided by the salon, detect the location of the same, and booking of appointments. The process of payment could be done either by online method or in cash. This particular site even asks for client feedback post the service is completed (Turnip and Turnip. 2020). Therefore, the whole process could be made convenient for the user for them to have a seamless experience.

Gantt chart

 Gantt chart

(Source – Created by self)


The result that could possibly be drawn from this project is that a successful prototype that is high definition has particularly been taken under consideration for the management of the salon. Implementation of the same for this particular use case is particularly achieved, which is an interface that is user-friendly and particularly enhances the experience of the user (Khanet al. 2021).

Pre-scheduling for the customer could possibly be the best benefit for the application and appointment booking for the selected salon. Clients particularly cancel and book appointments according to their choice and also drop reviews regarding their experience. This particular system development is a one-stop shop for all the information that is related to the salon, that includes information of contact, salon search, and management review. All these particular functionalities would specifically give the clients a great experience for booking the salon. For the scope that is practically proposed for the system of various colleges and universities. Integration of tools that are open source haveto be particularly crucial that is practically used in order to create specific tasks that could be updated automatically for the calendar that is hosted on the web. This specific system could possibly help the saloons in order to pitch businesses that are particularly underneath, having space crisis to run businesses.


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