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The main purpose of this report is to justify and present my superstructure design. The aspects which I consider are legal requirements, location and construction good practice, requirements of planning and to get the good investment return for the need of the clients.

My Design & Rationale:

Design by me is of the building of two-story which includes the offices, for workers limited space of garage in office, small is for shopping but shops that are not commuters.

The parking is limited which is because of the commuters and out of the complex town parking travelers another park in.

The office toilets are located in the area of the office and the public toilets will be located in the area of shopping.

As it fits station size due to which the building is of two stories. There is modern architecture and the design fits with the new station of Cross Rail which specified by client. Its less likely for getting permission for planning the big building but in the future, building can be extended.

For the reduction of the consumption of energy the structure of steel-framed is used & carbon emissions. Its adaptability and flexibility and environmental impact also reduced. About safety, it is of good quality and it is at a reasonable cost.

Building shape was chosen based on the things considering like for all the users the access will be pedestrian comfortable. The consideration is also taken for learning or physical disabilities, impaired sight, and wheelchair users (Mesa et al, 2016).

The designs of shops are to make access easy and offices are of mixed rooms and communal areas with space of open plan (like each floor with a kitchen).

My recommendation is if possible to have the solar panels for the electricity use or at least to have panels for heating water. It requires storage space for internal and its installation is expensive but if see it for the long term it will repay it in the form of cheap energy and the carbon emission will also reduce as there will be no need for gas or oil boilers.

To get heat in the winter there are double glazed windows and in summer it keeps heat out and reduces the outside noise. The design should include walls with insulation in them and the upper ceiling of second floor under of roof, for keeping the heat at the time of winter. To reduce the noise so between stories it has sound insulation.

In materials selection, preferences are given to materials in which the carbon footprint is very less in the manufacture, which can get recycled, and whose maintenance will be low. Lighting is included in this and from windows where natural light does not come, so to minimize the use of electricity designed (Nguyen et al, 2016).

Plans & Sections superstructure design of the multi storey

Fig 1 the Ground Floor (garage and shops)

Fig 2. The First Floor (shops and offices)

Fig 3. The (offices) Second floor

Fig 4. The Section

Fig 5. The East Elevation

Fig 6. The North Elevation

Fig 7. The South Elevation

Fig 8. The West Elevation

Superstructure design in 3D view

Fig 9. 3D view

Superstructure design in color wash

In form of a Gantt chart, a detailed program design are shown below RIBA plan is of the consultation work and superstructure design of the project

Provide and Analyze data of financial supporting and cost implications justifying at the design stage for the only superstructure of the project

Table of the indicative ranges of cost based on the gross internal floor area



GIFA Rate (£/m2) BCIS Index 100


 short spans, Low rise, easy access, sections/ repetitive grid (steelwork 55kg/m2)

101 - 122

 long spans, High rise, repetitive grid, easy access (steelwork 90kg/m2)

169 - 191

long spans, High rise, irregular grid, complex access, complex elements (steelwork 110kg/m2)

191 - 226


metal decking, Composite floors, and concrete topping lightweight

61 - 95

concrete topping with composite concrete floor core precast if Hollow

101 - 142

Protection from Fire

intumescent Factory-applied (resistance 60 minutes)

14 - 20

Intumescent Factory-applied (resistance 90 minutes)

16 - 29

Frames Portal

single Large span building storey with eaves low (in m 6 to 8 )

75 - 98

single Large span building storey with eaves high (in m 10 to 13 )

86 - 118




The table and pie chart showing which total cost proportion of building each part process likely is. It also varies in actual proportion. The design team and the company estimator work together so that they can match the design with the requirements of the clients within the agreed or reasonable budget. That the cost or the budget may go up due to the problems it shows and there may be a change in the design and increased in the estimation. This design on the development level of design and at the document construction level the changes of the designs are made. Many factors depend on the actual cost.

A stringent policy of management of supply chain within the design of superstructure works supported the flow chart in detail, all appointees include:

The supply chain construction

The policy of supply chain management in the construction is described in the formal arrangement, working way in positive and companies collaborative manner that you 'buy from' and 'supply to'. Construction nature is based on project work where many varieties of parties involved like surveyors, constructors, and designers, etc. all are normally the different member of chain supply of different projects. For resolving this, systems of supply chain management are aimed at working fully for the interest of the client project (Badi & Murtagh, 2019) Supply chain management is managing the whole flow of the distribution channel that supplier to the end customer.

The supply chain stringent system has three benefits: material flow, product improved, financial flow enhanced and information flow improved.

For the material flow, the system of SCM allows the companies for creating accurate forecasting of sales and demand and improving the management of inventory to avoid any underproduction. The goods movement can also be traceable, customer time increased and waste of the process removes (Kim & Nguyen, 2020).

In the flow of information, the system of SCM gives the uninterrupted and real-time response and in today's time, this is to expect to have. Through this, the information quality can be analyzed by the companies which they share, and if there any missing information it will help to fill those gaps. It allows a timely, relevant, and accurate flow of information which helps companies to risk mitigate and avoid any opportunity missed and also creates good relationships with the stakeholders of the supply chain. The collaborative environment in turn also fosters and ensures business repeat and stability between the customer and supplier relationship.

In the financial flow, the system of SCM is beneficial because it makes predictable and cash flow streamlined system, and cost effective process also made. Invoices in thousand are involved in the value chain and payments in the given year (Nguyen et al,2019). This creates a variable and convoluted system through which planning becomes harder. Through the implementation of SCM, companies can easily fight with slow processing which is due to the manual invoice processing, processes, and cash flow unpredictable because there is no timely information there and it identifies the revenue hamper due to weakest links.

Ultimately to make the industry more responsive all benefits together come. This response to the user needs and the clients better, and also creates the profitable, cost effective, timely work, and higher quality. This also creates a higher level of satisfaction of customers, improved reputation, and repeat business (Kim et al, 2016).

The objective and aim which BIM wants to achieve in the superstructure context of project design

Building information modeling is the development of process and uses the model of simulation for design, planning, operation, and construction of the building. It uses the rich data set and all parts information during the life cycle of building and ultimately communication collaborative and intelligent. This process is of managing and creating the information digitally for the life cycle of construction building (Matthews et al, 2018).

The building information modeling is the multi-dimensional model of simulation of building geometry, quantities, geographic information, and building components properties and each other with intelligent communication. In this design, technology is the new approach, building management, implementation and coordination, and high quality ensuring whilst.

Therefore this technology helps in decision-making so to improve the operation and construction (Gao et al,2019). The BIM is three-dimensional which is CAD that is connected with databases and it operates through resource sharing information between stakeholders of the supply chain. From construction to the design team. Sometimes the BIM is designed to just analyze and visualize the maintenance and safety of the building project. The process of BIM is designing and making or building the model which consists of the intelligent components which represent the doors and windows, beams, ceilings, stairs, wiring, air conditioning, etc (Ghaffarianhoseini et al, 2017).

Furthermore, the BIM model of three dimensional is effective in achieving building sustainability. It also predicts the consumption of energy, daylight use, emissions of green gas, water use, and natural ventilation, etc.

Objectives and Aims of BIM while devising the solution of engineering for building superstructure:

  • To compare the scope, functionality, and cost of the project of building of multi storey, thereby supporting decisions of investment.
  • To ensure the delivery of the project on time.
  • To ensure the project stays within the budget and cost-saving identify opportunities while the project working. The system of BIM is accurate enough to determine the materials amount which are needed in the construction which brings less waste (Chan et al,2019). The system will identify any duplication which will be in the construction of the specific building and saving money, therefore.
  • To ensure the building gets produced in high quality. This system will help in the manpower error reduction, and ensuring the overall building high quality.
  • To ensure the working environment will be safely produced. The simulation model of the project which is given is close to the reality, the system of BIM will help in isolating the building areas where are high risks and also fire escapes there and the materials which are not suitable there.
  • To compare and analyze the environment data and energy to select the solutions of design which will create more sustainability and a building with energy-efficient (Yin et al, 2019).
  • To share and show the design studies of the superstructure on building before embarking on it. This result is ultimately a more end project successful, the client will also able to find the carrying solutions of three-dimensional for the engineering the building of multi storey and it will give the input in the design of construction before it started.
  • To ensure the quality assurance improvement and exchange of data in the process design, which will create a good effect in turn and efficient building of office.
  • To make the use of data effective throughout the building construction and maintenance and operations of the superstructure (Arayici et al, 2017).

Identify the financial, social, and political engineer's constraints face of the stage of design along with the sensitivity to failure of the project:

Financial constraints

If the contract gets signed by the client then it will become hard for asking the more funds from the client so to make the design plans so sure that in practice this will meet all the requirements of the client as in the form of personnel needs, materials, and construction time which will spend.

Political constraints

The political constraints include the rules of local government which are from the finish and start times (above). The national project is a cross rail and the national governments don't want the local people to get conflict amongst them because they vote (Giang, 2020). If the building cost will go up then the voters may get angry and the government will pay more and the voters pay in the form of tax

Social constraints

The social constraints are the access need of the local people to stations and roads around them. The big Lorries in the building site are going and coming with material bringing and waste taking away. That is from the finish and start times on the weekends and weekdays. Some people who are local want quickly finished the project and want to work in the evening and some of them want to be quiet in the evening (Fincham, 2020).

Project Failure

The project failure can happen due to common reasons (like timely completion of work or the budget go above) which include the management of supply chain poor, skilled workers shortage and the lack of support of organization which caused often due to poor teamwork and poor communication.


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