Criminal Law Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Criminal Law Assignment

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This report explains the ability to discuss the case study problems. There are many skills and abilities are required to discuss and solve any case study. These skills include analytical skills, communication skills, decision making, application, and social skills. All these skills are elaborated in this report briefly and also explained as mandatory to discuss any case study. Any person who possesses these skills can discuss any case study with others and know, the experience to solve the case study. In the next part of the report, some abilities to write discursive essays are explained and described. These abilities are required to write an essay relating to basic knowledge of homicide and fundamental principles of criminal law.

Ability to discuss the case study

A case study analysis needs to investigate the business problem, evaluate the possible solutions, and implement the most effective solution with some supporting evidence. Many challenges can be confronted during the study of any case as generalization, validity, reliability, theory role, authority, dependency, and longevity of the case. (Hulaikah, M., et al 2020) The case study can be explained as the written record of the transactions that happened at a particular place over several years. Some details are included in the case study such as information about place or project, objective, strategies, challenges, responses, outcomes, and recommendations. It is required to study any case to read and evaluate the case thoroughly, concentrate on examination, discover the best possible solutions and choose the best solution out of them. (Roberts, K., et al 2019)

For solving the case study problems person must be having some qualities such as problem solving, decision making, effective communication skills, and the ability to perform work in groups. The person must have sound interpersonal relations and self management skills.

Some major skills may implement to discuss any case study:

Analytical skills

Case studies have both quantitative and qualitative data, after analyzing these data person must conclude any solution for the case study problem. For examining and drawing a conclusion from these data person must have some analytical knowledge and skills, so he can reach an effective solution. (Fares, F.,et al, 2018)

Decision making skills

In discussing any case study, it is also required to make some decisions after examining some conclusions. Any case study needs to identify the best course of action for an organization. Under this, some alternatives must have in knowledge and analyses all the collected options, after that one most appropriate alternative must be selected. It is also necessary to justify the reason behind choosing that one option. (Chouldechova, A., et al, 2018)


According to this person is also having some opportunity to implement the selected alternatives and methods in facts or figures of the case study. Implementation of the best suitable alternative or selected option is also very crucial in the examination of the case study.

Communication skills

For discussing any case study, the communication skills also must be effective and sound. While discussing any case study and its problem it is required to communicate the assessed problem and possible solutions for that case study to all colleagues or team members. A person must have definite answers to the questions asked about his case study analysis. Some justification must be presented for the decisions and selected alternatives with some strategic management. (Quintero, G.C., 2018)

Social skills

Social skills are also important to discuss any case study as when working in groups it is required to understand the whole case and possible solutions examined in the research. Social skills help in debates and discussing all relevant facts about the case, tasks, and solutions regarding the case. Some key steps must be followed while discussing and solving any case study as reading the case precisely, reading the strategic issues and questions presented in the case study, outlining the numerical data, making some rationale for any assumptions made in the analysis, and at the end concluded the issue.

Ability to write discursive essays relating to the topics covered in the syllabus

There are some basics to writing discursive essays as writing in a formal and impersonal manner, introducing every part in a separate paragraph, implementing topic sentences for each paragraph, elaborating well established paragraph, presenting some reasons and illustrations for each point, implementing sequencing, using linking words and phrases. The discursive essay writing presents and discusses issues and suggestions. (Rustamovna, I.U., 2022.) The main objective of this kind of essay writing is to convince or persuade someone that a specific course of action or conduct is required to present all sides of an argument. It is an essay of writing that tells for investigating a topic, collecting, reading, and examining the evidence and to shows the outcomes based on the evidence collected. (Komala, E., 2018)

There are mainly three types of discursive essays such as persuasive essays, research essays, analysis, and personal essays. There are some abilities for preparing a discursive essay for fundamental principles of criminal law as remaining unprejudiced, building the argumentations, writing the body of the essay, involving the topic sentence and evidence, keeping neutrality, selecting sources, and suggesting the opinion. Some skills must be held by the person preparing the discursive essay as research skills, logical skills, writing skills, and anticipating objections. It can be concluded that a discursive writing essay must present some logical arguments and points based on them another person can rely upon that the presented sentence is valid. (Alshakhi, A., 2019)


The abovementioned report elaborates the ability regarding discuss the case study problems and solutions for that. Some abilities are explained briefly in the report that presents the characteristics and main elements of discussing the case study. The person must have these abilities and skills to discuss any case study and its problem, evaluate the solution for that problem. Without possessing these abilities person cannot solve any case study and discuss it with others. In the second part of the report, some skills and abilities are presented for writing the discursive essay regarding the fundamentals of criminal law. the manner of writing a discursive essay and skills that are required to write up that essay is involved in this report.


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