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Digital Technologies Assignment Sample

Introduction of Digital Technologies Assignment

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Digital Technology refers to the technology or systems used by any organisation for story processing and generating different types of data and information. Digital technology devices help many companies innovate new things. With the help of digital technology, an organisation can improve and develop connectivity. A better communication system is established in the organisation with the help of electronic tools and devices. For this task, Starbucks has been chosen.

Starbucks was developed in 1971 and the company has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. More than 14000 employees work in the company as per the data found in 2021. There were more than 35000 employees working in the company as per the data of 2020 (Starbucks, 2022). Therefore, it can be stated that there is a huge decline in the number of employees in the company. The company had a revenue collection of 240 million euros generated in 2020 (Statista, 2022). The company has been greatly affected by the copy 19 pandemic is the main reason for its 33% fall in the revenue collection. In this work, the main focus will be on data analysis using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods that can show the customer provision of the company. 

  • Discussion of qualitative and quantitative data sources

Qualitative sources

Using the qualitative sources the necessary information regarding the customer service provision of Starbucks has been collected. The main goal of Starbucks is to increase the brand image of the company so that customers all over the world can recognize the brand of Starbucks. The company colleges high quality-based coffee to enhance the satisfaction level of the customers and this is how the company contributes to a large extent to the community and society (Nindiani et al., 2018). The company also has another objective to obtain environmental sustainability and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Providing the products which are based on the requirements of the customers. Customers' attention is focused on Starbucks for providing a good experience to the customers by maintaining a good quality of the coffee.

Customer service provision


The company listens to the customers' requirements and needs. 'My Starbucks Idea' program was launched by Starbucks in 2008 (Starbucks, 2022). The main goal of this program was to provide customers and easy access to share their requests and concerns in a good place and then in a suggestion box.


This customer service can help the customers provide different ideas which they prefer for enhancing the experience in Starbucks. It can also increase the brand image and brand reputation of Starbucks. With the help of this strategy, the company can implement necessary strategies that can help in overcoming various problems identified by the customers.


There are also some advantages to this customer service provision.

Promotional offers

Starbuck always welcomes and values custom promotional products and items. The company has invested to a large extent in the branded merch of Starbucks for enhancing the brand image and providing the customers with a better service and experience. Starbucks provides discounts to customers (Starbucks, 2022). This is how the company tries to attract customers and maintain their satisfaction level.


It can attract many customers to the product and services of Starbucks. The customer base of the company can be increased. New customers can be generated and also the company can be able to retain the old customers (Pandey et al., 2021). It will also increase banned awareness for Starbucks.


Many rival companies can use this strategy to attract customers. Competition in the market can increase. It will be a problem for Starbucks.

Handcrafted beverages and fresh food

The company has also used various handcrafted beverages like fresh-brewed coffee, Frappuccino coffee, hot and iced espresso beverages, and many more. By introducing this range of various products, the company tries to attract customers to various Starbucks stores (Starbucks, 2022). Various foods like sandwiches are also introduced in Starbucks that can attract customers by meeting the level of their expectations.


The main advantage of this type of customer provision is that it can abstract any customers by increasing sales and revenue collection for Starbucks. Handcraft beverages can create a good impression of the brand among the customers.


Customers' health consciousness is rapidly growing in the entire world for which the fatty and sugar foods are mostly awarded by the customers. It, therefore, can hamper the entire revenue collection of the company and the cells can also decline at a rapid pace (Marion, and Fixson, 2021).

Community service

Starbucks has supported a variety of charity causes, including a ten-million-dollar deal with Closed Loop Partners to develop ecologically friendly cups that do not end up in landfills (Starbucks, 2022).

Nonetheless, this is only one of the ways Starbucks gives back to the community. They've also chosen to collaborate with Feeding America to provide unsold sandwiches and salads to the homeless.


This customer service has a huge advantage because it can increase the sustainability of the company. It can also enhance the customer experience and satisfaction. This is how the provision to become environmentally friendly can have a huge significance for increasing the brand image of Starbucks (Ramesh et al., 2019). Moreover, it can also develop sales by attracting many customers to the service of Starbucks. As the company is sharing meals with many people, it can increase its blind reputation among many other customers which will increase the customer base.


Without a proper waste management system, it can increase land pollution. Food waste can also be another disadvantage regarding this customer service provision if no certain regulations are maintained.

Quantitative sources

The quantitative data sources have provided information that Starbucks has achieved great success because of these customer service provisions and implementing innovative solutions to attract customers. quantitative sources data source shows the growth level and income level of Starbucks will be provided. The fluctuations in the income and revenue collection of Starbucks in the Covid-19 pandemic have also been shared in the quantitative data sources.

Sales of Starbucks from 2003 to 2021


Product sales of Starbucks from 2003 to 2021


Social media data

Different social media platforms are used by Starbucks including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The company has around 360 million followers on social media platforms (Starbucks, 2022). The organizational members share the product details and other information regarding the stores of Starbucks and its products through this social media platform. They also try to acquire the feedback and comments of the customers regarding their products and services. They also figure out the problems and challenges the customers face and their expectation levels, satisfaction, or dissatisfaction regarding the products and services of Starbucks. More than 1000 activities are performed on the social media platform like tweeting, replying, and getting feedback.

Social media information about Starbucks


The key findings of the entire qualitative and quantitative data analysis of Starbucks are described in the following:

Starbucks has been operating its services in more than 80 markets around the world (Starbucks, 2022). It, therefore, indicates the programs of diversity and inclusion followed on the premises of the company.

The company provides huge attention to maintaining customer satisfaction and expectation. Various programs are launched by Starbucks to increase the satisfaction level of the customers and enhance the brand image (Starbucks, 2022). The company is also in a good profit margin position that highlights good revenue collection. Though due to the pandemic, the company has made a significant loss and many employees have also been dismissed from Starbucks.

Product variation and product innovation are also major areas that have provided enough opportunities to start back to develop and grow. Innovation is at the heart of Starbucks (Nindiani et al., 2018). The company continuously tries to maintain innovative development to improve its customer satisfaction.

The findings also focus that the company needs to develop fresh and organic food products which can attract many health-conscious customers too.

Environmental sustainability has also been given huge attention in Starbucks. As per Ramesh, Saha, Goswami, and Dahiya, (2019), by maintaining Environmental sustainability, Starbucks can also deliver its corporate social responsibility which is very crucial for enhancing brand image and brand popularity.


Throughout the discussion of this task, it can be stated or recommended that the company needs to develop its innovative strategies. The company can use artificial intelligence and machine learning which would be beneficial for Starbucks to identify the needs, requirements, and problems of the customers (Rathore et al., 2021). The company can also identify the buying patterns and buying behavior of the customers. It will help build a robust relationship with the customers.

Company leaders can also identify and figure out the areas of improvement at Starbucks that need to develop. Digital technology can be used by the managers of Starbucks to develop good and robust relationships with the customers and thereby improve the customer service provision with the help of the comments and feedback of the customers (Kaur, Mishra, and Maheshwari, 2020).

Innovative product development is also important to maintain customer satisfaction. It is also important that Starbucks is developing fresh organic foods to increase its sales of the company.


The qualitative and quantitative data sources have become good sources for collecting relevant information about Starbucks and its customer service provision. The company has a huge brand image around the globe that has increased the number of customers in all the stores of Starbucks.


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