Facility and risk management for Hospitality Operations Assignment Sample

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Facility and risk management for Hospitality Operations Assignment Sample


This report comprised two parts that were crucial for the completion of Assessment 2. The part one covered the 'venue design analysis', wherein various design principles were discussed in the context of a small cruise ship company- Magistic Cruises. In addition to this, the stakeholders' interests were also analysed. The second part discussed the venue condition assessment. Based on certain references from a research paper, the basis for such conditions was prepared.

Facility and risk management for Hospitality Operations Assignment Sample


This executive report will focus on the venue design analysis and venue consideration assessment of Magistic Cruises which is a small cruise ship operating in Australia. As it is currently focusing on a luxury restaurant in the Sydney Harbour with a seating of 350 people, the company will carry out the facility condition analysis (Tripadvisor.com., 2018). The whole dining area will be analysed in two parts. The first one will cover the venue design and the second will talk about the facility conditions. Both of them will be assessed based on the data collected from the supporting literature.

Part One: Venue Design Analysis

The Magistic cruise ships are well-designed ships due to their modern and picturesque looks. The luxury restaurant which has the seating capacity of 350 people. In addition to this, the restaurant has special areas for bar and buffet system. The social facilities offered at the restaurant comprises food ordering area, bar, buffet area, store, toilet, live sports entertainment area, dining area, etc. The buffet area is at the end of the restaurant area near to the exits. The dining area covers the largest portion of the total area (Bartley, 2018). The bar is located at the entry gate. Therefore, if a person comes only to enjoy a few drinks instead of having dinner, then he/she does not need to walk through the whole dining area. This would reduce the congestion.

The bar counter is large with two service areas. The counter is made up of marble that matches with the scattered and sleek tile design. The drinks are showcased in the counter, thereby making it easier for the customers to select their choice of brand. To get the liquor served, the minimum age of the patron must be 18 years or more. To add more to the comfort and make the experience of the customer more happening, the cruise hold live music sessions from some of the best singers in Australia.

To elaborate more on venue design analysis, the whole process is divided into two categories i.e., internal and external design analysis.

External Design Analysis

  • Building Maintenance: Due to exposure to humidity and sunlight, some cracks have appeared on the wooden ceiling. This is visible only when somebody looks too closely with focus. The bathroom doors have been swelled up and do not fit to the frame completely. Humidity has also affected the texture of wall paints and they are losing their glitter. Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized twice a day (Lyu, et.al, 2017).
  • Location: The picturesque surrounding of the cruise restaurant adds to the positive experience of the customers. Being a luxury restaurant on the Sydney Harbour, the night view will definitely attract more and more people in or across the town (Bowen, et.al, 2014). The only problem that the restaurant may face is the parking problem. Since the parking is only for 50 cars, this creates a high congestion in the locality. This has been criticised and opposed by the people living nearby.
  • Flooring: The flooring is a tile flooring and this makes it sleeper to walk on. No doubt, tile flooring looks appealing but one has to be attentive while walking on it. The wet tiles can make people slip over and injure them. This may lead to a negative experience for the client and can injure the company's image. In addition to this, there are three steps to enter the restaurant. This may sometimes cause inconvenience to the customers.
  • Access: The designing of the cruise-based restaurant should consider the accessibility of the handicap and physically challenged customers. The restaurant should provide the infrastructure for the same (Bowen, et.al, 2014).

Internal Design Analysis

  • Maintenance: The lightings and electrical equipment need regular maintenance. The exit lights and the corridor lights were not working. This was decreasing the grace of the venue.
  • Furniture: The quality and uniqueness in the furniture increase the appeal of the restaurant. Furniture loses its essence with time. Any kind of ruined furniture should be replaced at the earliest.
  • Dance & Music: Patrons often look for the quality music and dance arena to enjoy. The size of the dance floor should be big enough to accommodate the willing customers who want to dance. It is missing in the case of Magistic cruises. This lead to negative customer response.
  • Aesthetic Theming: The internal theme of the venue seems eye-soothing if the colours are complementing each other. Another issue identified in the venue was the colour contrast of the carpet and the walls. The designs on the carpet were not complementing the designs on the walls (Hosany and Witham, 2012).
  • IT-Compatibility: In today's time, the IT-compatibility has become a catchphrase in the cruise sector. Customers seek online booking facility as a part of technological innovation. Magistic cruises are providing guests with a simplified experience of cruising through the use of technology.

Part Two: Venue Condition Assessment

The reason for carrying out venue condition assessment is to establish and analyse the current existing conditions. In simple words, VCA enables the owners to have a better understanding of the company's assets and their health. There are two important objectives of carrying out the venue condition assessment in the cruise industry:-

  • To determine the underlying dimensions of the customer's experience.
  • To research out the relationship between cruisers' satisfaction, experience, and intentions to recommend the brand (Lyu, et.al, 2017).

In addition to this, it also aims at setting up the benchmarks for future evaluation. It involves the following deliverables:

This consists of an evaluation of the following elements of the cruise ship (Hosany and Witham, 2012):-

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • Life Safety Codes
  • Building material
  • Structure
  • Furniture, crockeries, and Air conditioning
  • Entertainment, foodservice, and retail
  • Electronic and mechanical systems
  • Security Electronic systems
  • Roofing

The venue condition assessment is based on a certain set of questions and the evaluator should assess on their basis only:-

  • Is the space provided fit for the proposed facilities? If not, then how much more are would be needed?
  • Is the future systems' installation considered while selecting the area?
  • How are Magistic Cruises' facilities different from the rest of the cruising competitors?
  • How to make the best out of the capital investment in order to accomplish the organisational needs?
  • What recommendations are needed by the company for future scenarios?

To answer all these questions, a regular assessment of the venue conditions are needed. The facility managers are hired in order to maintain the necessary Facility Condition Index (FCI) for every facility provided. But, the major challenge that the manager faces is tracking and managing the historical data related to FCI.  

Here, the condition of Magistic Cruises venue has been assessed.  

Identified Problems in Design Features

Effects of the Problem

Alternative Solutions to the problem

Strengths of Suggested Solution

Weaknesses of the suggested solutions

Setting up the priority of the suggested solution in the report

Maintenance of the venue

Damaged paintings

Repainting the ceiling, structural elements, and walls.

This will help in making the venue visually appealing.  

The overall cost of this alternative is quite high.

Looking into the priority list, the following solution should be ranked 4th in the list as it is seen only from the inside, not from the outside of the cruise.

Damaged structural elements

The revitalisation and re-concreting the structural parts.

This solution will add more strength to the overall stability of the venue

This is a very expensive solution as the company has to hire a contractor and purchase concrete.


Impacts the customers' experience due to traffic congestion, parking problem, accessibility, and safety.

The venue should be operating where the locality is safe for the passengers, proper accessibility is provided. In addition to this, the venue should have a picturesque location (Bowen, et.al, 2014).

Properly managed traffic caused by the arrival of the passengers won't create any congestion on the road at the time when the cruise is about to sail.

Nearby residents may get annoyed due to the disturbances triggered at the time when the cruise is about to sail.

It is placed at the 5th position in the priority list as shifting the location is not an easier task.


The wet tile floor is risky

Lay down some rougher alternative.

It will increase the movability even in the wet conditions.

Cost of labour and material is high

Looking into the safety aspect, it is placed on the 3rd position

Interior Theming

The interior does not complement the essence of the venue.

Repainting the walls and purchasing the contrasting carpet and furniture.

It will increase the overall appearance of the venue (Camille92blog., 2018).

It is also a costly option

Looking into the importance of the theming factor, it is placed at the 2nd position.

Venue Resources (glass washer, freezers, crockeries, store room, AC, TVs, etc.)

The life expectancy of certain resources is low.

Purchasing the long-lasting resources.

It will increase the long-term profits.

These long-lasting material are costlier than the existing resources.

Looking into the importance of the theming factor, it is placed at the 1st position.


In this report, two important aspects of venue management were discussed. The part one covered the venue design analysis in which various design principles were discussed in the context of a small cruise ship company- Magistic Cruises. In addition to this, the stakeholders' interests were also analysed. The second part discussed the venue condition assessment. Based on certain references from a research paper, the basis for such conditions was prepared.


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