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Hello Students. I am Emily Manningtree. I complete my education at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am a professional academic writer for the Humanities. If you are searching for help in humanities paper then you have reached the right place as I can help. I have a good experience with dissertations, assignments, essays, etc.

Published: 29 Mar 2023 | 23 Pages, 5529 Words

Introduction of Equality And Human Rights Commission Assignment Get free written samples from expert assignment writers and academic writing services in UK. The work comprises a critical discussion on the Equality Act 2010 and the judgment given in the case of Chandhok vs Tirkey case. The discussion is based on the term “caste” and whether or not it should be adde...

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Published: 9 Mar 2021 | 8 Pages, 1758 Words

Introduction Of Human Happiness In Cpm And Hrm Assignment Sample Get free samples written by our Top-Notch subject experts for taking assignment help services. The essay will be aiming to demonstrate the role of Certified Public Manager (CPM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) in the development of an organization and their respective contribution to society and humanity. Ce...

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Published: 2 Jun 2022 | 21 Pages, 5090 Words

Global Business Environment Assignment Get free written samples by our Top-Notch subject experts and Assignment Help team. Introduction to Globalisation, Business Environment, Decision Making and Sustainability at Tesco  Continuous development of technology and Globalization has enabled businesses to open a corridor of massive opportunities (Martin et al., 2021). To fun...

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Published: 8 Jan 2020 | 8 Pages, 1815 Words

Environment Scan Part A Introduction The business world is full of a large number of uncertainties and both internal and external business environment factors contribute to it. If an organisation wants to thrive in the market, then it has to consider those factors. This report will be covering the effects of the external environmental factors on the business. The organisation...

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Published: 22 Apr 2024 | 15 Pages, 3552 Words

Assessing the Strategy of Oxfam GB: An Analysis Using Strategy-Making Models and Concepts Assignment Oxfam GB is a well-known UK-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that is focused on fighting poverty, inequality, and injustice worldwide. The organization has a rich history of over 75 years, during which it has played a significant role in addressing some of the world's ...

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Published: 23 Feb 2024 | 28 Pages, 6868 Words

Experience Of Pregnant Women In Prison In The UK & US Chapter 1 Introduction of Public Service's Evolving Role in Supporting Vulnerable Groups In the case of this project, the discussion has been made on the evolving role of public service which has supported vulnerable groups within society. Various kinds of research have said that different kinds of countries have assem...

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Published: 3 Jan 2024 | 22 Pages, 5398 Words

Introduction Of Human Growth and Development Assignment Get tailored assignment help solutions from New Assignment Help , a dedicated UK company focused on academic excellence. Human growth and development refer to a particular study that includes the different stages of all human beings. The principal aim of this study is to provide a detailed description of the different ...

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Published: 20 Dec 2021 | 5 Pages, 1223 Words

Introduction Of Reflective Essay Get free written samples by our Top-Notch subject experts and Assignment Helper team. Reflection is one of the important building blocks for human learning as it helps the individuals in reflecting on their experiences and helps them in understanding about the pros and cons of particular experience (Wain, 2017). In the present report, the...

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Published: 12 Mar 2024 | 13 Pages, 3202 Words

Introduction Of Real-Life Case Study-Individual Report (CW1) Assignment New Assignment Help is your one-stop destination for impeccable academic support. Our assignment writing help in the UK caters to diverse subjects and topics, guaranteeing thorough assistance for every student. Explore our Free Sample to kick-start your assignments with confidence. CafePod is a coffe...

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Published: 14 Mar 2024 | 22 Pages, 5409 Words

Introduction Of Project Environment & Planning (Pep) Module Assignment Project management refers to the temporary management environment which aims to use resources efficiently and manage waste as well. It needs coordinated activities with a definite starting and ending point. Project managers have the responsibility of team collaboration and making it successful. Planned ...

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Published: 11 May 2024 | 17 Pages, 4024 Words

Introduction OfIntroduction To The Built Environment The UK economy greatly benefits from the building sector, which creates jobs and propels economic expansion. Construction projects come in a variety of sizes and levels of complexity, and they have an effect both locally and nationally. The Crossrail project, one of the most prominent building projects in the UK, will be the...

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Published: 7 Jan 2020 | 10 Pages, 2260 Words

Environment Scan Part B Introduction The success of an organisation is directly dependent on its interaction with the external environment. Organisations have no or little control over those external factors. Therefore, it is significant for the company to identify them and devise its decision-making process and policy accordingly. In this report, a critical evaluation of the...

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Published: 12 Feb 2024 | 12 Pages, 2998 Words

Gendering The International Assignment Sample Introduction of Gendered Dynamics of War Legitimation in Afghanistan The concept of a turn such as the linguistic turn, constructivist turn and mostly recently the aesthetic turn indicates that a new set of issues emerges and the previous ones start to wane away. This paper is going to examine "the role of gendered language, ...

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Published: 17 Feb 2023 | 41 Pages, 10156 Words

Introduction of Recycling And Waste Management: A Case Study Of Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi Assignment Get free written samples from subject experts and Assignment Writing in UK. Chapter 1:  The study is to examine the effect of initiating the cause of plastic waste management on the overall sustainability of the environment; a case study of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Plastics ha...

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Published: 2 May 2024 | 12 Pages, 2977 Words

Introduction Of Critical Analysis Of Possible 1.5 C Compatible Emission Pathways The percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere generated due to human activity is rising to great levels, such levels are threats to the environment and to human health. The distribution of carbon particles all over the environment is a chief cause for the change of global climate vastly and e...

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Published: 28 Mar 2023 | 17 Pages, 4114 Words

Assessing Ecosystem Services For Sustainable Urban Regeneration Introduction of Assessing Ecosystem Services For Sustainable Urban Regeneration; A Case Study Of Birmingham Get free written samples from expert assignment writers and academic writing services in UK. The considered research work will mainly focus on evaluating the ecosystem services for sustainable urban regene...

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Published: 29 Dec 2023 | 17 Pages, 4205 Words

Introduction of Mental Health And Wellbeing In Public Service (Unit-2)Assignment Get tailored assignment help solutions from New Assignment Help, a dedicated UK company focused on academic excellence. The covid-19 pandemic has affected health professionals' personal and professional environments. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers' mental and physical wellbeing ha...

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Published: 30 May 2022 | 12 Pages, 2984 Words

Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment Assignment (L4)  Get free written samples by our Top-Notch subject experts and Assignment Help team. Introduction Of Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment L4 Assignment Sample The factsheet focuses on highlighting the various organizations and their organizational function to meet the goals and objectives. In th...

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