Fy026 - Preparing For Success: Knowledge & Creativity Assignment Sample

A comprehensive guide covering new MS Word features, personal SWOT analysis, development plan, paraphrasing techniques, academic resources, job hunting strategies, and future job market preparedness for university students.

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Fy026 - Preparing For Success: Knowledge & Creativity Assignment

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ARTEFACT 1: New Features of MS WORD (RM Unify version)

Dictate Function

The dictate function of the MS word is known as an important function where taking the audio from the microphone of the computer that will convert into the text. There is a availability of dictate function in the online version of MS word and office 365. It is said that the online function of dictate is more accurate.

Immersive Reader

It is one of the reading enhancing tool that are available in office 365 that will work with word and outlook. This will speak in the choice of voices that are wanted that will allow in viewing text in variety of font.

50-words reflection

I feel that these two features of MS word such as immersive reader and dictate function helps in making the work much easier. These features help in converting the speeches of various voices in the text. These features are available in all the options of office 365.

ARTEFACT 2: My Personal SWOT Analysis (as a student of BNU)

STRENGTHS (strong points)

WEAKNESSES (weak points)


Capacity of critical thinking that is required along with in depth research that helps in strengthening the knowledge


Tendency of easily getting distracted and losing focus from the work.


There is an excellent communication skills that helps in approaching people easily


There is no proper time management that has been observed and prioritizing the skills.


Abilities of grabbing various new concepts as there is a tendency of extraction of new opportunities.


Have a tendency of losing track on the career development

OPPORTUNITIES (potential gains)

THREATS (potential losses)


Various opportunities that will help in learning various new things.


There have been restrictions on various languages.


Gaining essential knowledge about hospitality and relevant subjects.


There is a difficulty that has been observed where it is difficult in adopting education of Canada in Japan

50-words reflection

Ans: The SWOT analysis of the students helps in determining the strength of the student that will help in grabbing the opportunities that will help in getting jobs. Similarly, losing focus and getting distracted might be the reason for losing out on many opportunities. Learning varied new aspects will help in getting jobs in various sectors. Yet, the threat that haa been observed is the education system of one country might not match with that of another country.

ARTEFACT 3: My Personal Development Plan (to become an employable graduate after 2024)






Short attention span

It is important that professional help requires to be taken that will help in increasing the attention span. Moreover, it has been observed that meditation has been another way that helps in increasing attention.

Resources such as psychological support such as meditation

2 to 3 months

Expected to achieve within 6 months.

Difficulty in writing expressions

It is important more books requires to be read that will overall help in developing the required knowledge about writing

Various books available for improving writing skills

3 to 4 months

Within 5 months the person will be able to adopt good writing skills

Difficulty in retaining

Efforts requires to be given such as more time to retain and memorizing that will help in overcoming the issues.

Tutors along with academic resources are required which will help in retaining capacity

Maximum 2 months

Within 2 months the person will develop retaining skills

50-words reflection

After going through the entire weakness, I have found out that there must be efforts to increase attention by mediating with the help of professionals. Taking lessons from various books that will help in increasing my writing skills. Thus, advancement of technology has helped in getting the jobs much easier. I feel that it is important to overcome the issues by taking proper measures that will help in getting employment much easier.

ARTEFACT 4: Paraphrasing Log 1


The Value of Formative Feedback




The best way a formative feedback that can be taken from the lecturers are the informal draft requires to be submitted to the lecturers where there will be feedback that will be shared through email or verbal way.


Feedbacks that are received from the lecturers will help in identification of the strength and weakness of the student. However, it helps in achieving stronger grades in the universities. It also helps the student in developing the knowledge on a particular subject and improve the performance of the organization.


G. (2022)


says:, G. (2022) The value of formative feedback, London School of Science & Technology. Available at: https://www.lsst.ac/blogs/the-value-of-formative-feedback/ (Accessed: December 7, 2022).

50-words reflection

I have learned that formative learning is known to be the pillar of learning that helps the student in learning and understanding the position where they are standing. The strength and the weakness of the students will be understood when there is a formative feedback received.

ARTEFACT 5: Paraphrasing Log 2


When the LSST student becomes the lecturer



Discussion has been made on the fact that LSST has helped students in achieving their dreams. It has been acting as a barrier remover where all the students get opportunities in doing something positive in life. However, it has been observed that positive feedback has been received that helps in benefitting the students. One of the students Levy who has been promoted from student to lecturer has helped in sharing a few tips such as they are maintenance that will be linked with the academic world. Getting engaged to the social media of LSST and there must be a constant learning process.


E. (2021)


says:, E.W. (2021) When the LSST student becomes the lecturer, London School of Science & Technology. Available at: https://www.lsst.ac/news/when-the-lsst-student-becomes-the-lecturer/ (Accessed: December 7, 2022).

50-words reflection

I have understood that there are various opportunities that are received by the LSST students. It helps in unlocking various opportunities that are being received by the organization. However, I have understood that the students are required to keep close contact with the institution.

ARTEFACT 6: Resources for Job Hunting (Linkedin.com)



Linkedin .com is known to be undoubtedly the best social media site for the job seekers in seeking jobs. According to Jobvite, it is an important place for job seekers to get jobs. Thus, 92% of the recruiters will get jobs through this social media site. Thus, I feel that it helps in getting verified jobs in much easier way.



? It helps in providing employment opportunities

? It is very professional

? It helps in skill assessment of the employees

? There are potential spammers

? Help in getting job alerts

? It takes time

Conclusion (Will I use it?/ How will I use it effectively?)

Ans: It is important to be strategic and that will help in job hunting.

50-words reflection

Ans: I have been able to learn that it is important that there are strategic ways such as certain premium accounts are available through which the connections can be made.

ARTEFACT 7: My Favourite Bucks Graduate Attributes

Bucks Graduate Attribute

Importance of the attribute


It helps in bringing out the best among the employees that will help in the development of the organization. The team members are motivated by the leaders who help in bringing the best among the team.

Self development

It helps in enhancing strength along with improving mental health and relationships.

50-words reflection

I have learned that leadership helps in motivating people that will help in bringing out the best among the employees . On the other hand self development helps in enhancing strength among the individuals.

ARTEFACT 8 : Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Name of the Academic resource

A short description of the resource



1. Module Handbook

They contain information about any topic

It helps in providing many information

There are limited information

2. Lecturers’ PowerPoint slides with the speaker’s notes

It contain information to explain to the student

Certain main points are available

The description about the job is not given

3. University E-Library

There are books that are issued by the library is present

All the books related to the subject taught are available

The books cannot be read physically

4. Coursework

It helps in solving the example

It provides clear depth knowledge

It does not clear the concept

5. Coursework Guide and video guides

They help in making the required improvement in the ademics

It helps in clearing concepts

Many topics are not yet being cleared

6. Coursework Template

It helps in practicing

Clearing the concepts

Time consuming

7. Samples of previous submissions

Helps in generating ideas

Makes the work easier

Lack of creative ideas

8. Formative feedback

Helps in understanding the mode of education

Identification of strength and weakness

People becomes over confident

9. Summative feedback

Helps in correcting mistakes

Identification of mistakes

Details are not given

10. Turnitin

Helps in identifying the plagiarism rate

Provides knowledge about copy paste

Instant checker

11. Lectures

Helps in delivering knowledge

Clears concept

Book oriented knowledge

12. Tutorials

Helps in coaching

Extra support

Time consuming

13. Group work

Collaborative working

Provides confidence

Increases confusion

14. Academic Support Team

Provides academic support

Helps in clearing academic doubts

There is a limited knowledge


What resources will be most useful for me?

How will I use them effectively?

Ans: The academic support team will be pretty useful that will help in providing effective support that is required.

50-words reflection

Ans:According to my Knowledge, I feel these elements such as lectures and tutorials are an integral part of the learning. The context that are present them it helps in sharpening the knowledge that are present within the children. However, there are certain disadvantage that are associated with it. Yet, they are pretty beneficial for the students to shape their future.

ARTEFACT 9 - Blog – How to Prepare for The Future Job Market?

Examples of Job Description and Personal Specification (screenshots)

Example of Job description:

For the position of the program analyst

Personal specification:

The employee must be aware of all the programming language that are available



Olds, C. et al.(2022)


Davis Olds, C. et al. (2022) “Employee workload and retention in an environment of unpaid labor: Acknowledging and supporting ‘Women’s work.’” Available at: https://doi.org/10.4135/9781529797275.

FULL References:

50-words reflection

I feel that the description that are present for the employees who are trained as a programmer will help in getting job. I feel that these job posting will help the employees in getting the job much easier. There are criteria that are mentioned for the job that makes it much easier.

ARTEFACT 10 : Blog – How to Prepare for The Future Job Market?

Q.1 How will new technologies change the future job market?

Ans The best possible way that helps in changing the future of the job market are the various digital talent transforms that help in improving match between the jobs and the workers. There is transparency and efficiency that are created in the labor market that helps in raising the GDP.

Q.2 What would be the new job opportunities available in the future?

Ans Various opportunities that are expected to be in the market are in programming, business development and counseling where serious skills are required. Thus, skills on It, data analysis and engineering are some of the important parts that are required.

Q.3 How can we prepare for those new opportunities?

Ans It is important that the courses that are available for IT and related engineering courses require to be enrolled that will help in developing the skills. Thus, it will help in getting jobs in future.

50-words reflection

I have gained knowledge that various digital platforms are used that helps the person in getting the right job according to their matches. Moreover, I have understood there are opportunities that have been observed in the field of engineering and data analysis. Thus, required skills requires to be developed that will help in attaining the position.

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