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Introduction To Information Technology Assignment

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To learn about information technology, knowledge about computers is necessary. Some brief analysis about computers needs to be analyzed first before discussing information technology. Computer is a Latin word; the actual meaning of computer is calculation. This is basically a machine that actually runs by the help of electricity. This is mainly devised for making the calculations and also to reduce human efforts from any kind of calculative work. This is having some logical term in it that is why computers help to control the operations. In main this can be said that a computer has been made to achieve the output or the result that has been desired and as per the instructions has been provided in it. Applications of computers have taken up a huge area in current society and are being used in all the sectors like the education industry, in government, and also in all industries, medicines as well as in all scientific research. Technology that can be defined as the action and systematic knowledge that is actually being used in industry processes and in any kind of recurrent activity. In order to provide action techniques and tools, the technology draws the knowledge base in the current theory for compact and impact practice. Mainly technology is codified and the communications can be done to solve the problems. This technology is mainly general leveled and the technology can be different as a definition of doing anything. On the other hand this can be said that this is actually the communicable procedure to make the solution of the provided problem.

Literature review

According to Manfred Kochen, there are three stages to impact. In the first case this actually enables the process that is currently being done and that can be in a better way and also can be in a cheaper way and also faster (Benckendorff et al. 2019). In the second case the author has observed that it actually enables something that is not lovable or does not have the energy to do the task, but in this habit people get energy to do that job or that particular task. And the third case that has been observed by Manfred Kochen is that technology has changed the lifestyle of each and every person.

The term information technology is a comprehensive and recent term. The term information technology describes the storage, and process for generation and the process for transmission also in order to retrieve the information that is being processed. An attempt has been made to analyze the components of information technology. And also the elements that can be identified that really matter in the investigation or in order to implement some new technologies for information in the service and system of information technology.

According to Thong 1999 information technology owns the performance of SME context like the owner’s commitment and the strategy also the external technologies. In this review the author has observed and identified that there are some characteristics that are playing a huge role in the technology named SME performances and also having some organizational characteristics about the knowledge of employees and the size of business. This is the important process to use and in adoption. Husan et al 2002 in the United Kingdom this research has been supported and also indicated that the adoption of technology completely depends on the internal knowledge of the technology as well as this knowledge needed to be in a higher order. And if this did not happen the team and also the outsider experts might get into the danger ( , 2021 ).

King and Ismail (2006, 2007) both analyzed the importance of the information of the accounting system and also discussed the processing capability of the provided information. The conformity that is actually present in between the capability of the information process and the information system is the process of that particular information system. By this the information takes the provision of management with some necessary reports in order to contribute to the SME performances, which is being developed for the economics. From that reason this can be said that there are some strategic uses of information technology that makes the term value to adopt some new information that is mainly based on the strategies of business. The conformity in between the information that is required and the information of the accounting system has been provided to the management with some reports that are necessary in order to contribute to some SME performances to develop the economics. Therefore this is the use of some strategy in technology and in addition to information technology to make the value of the firm and also to adopt some more information to the strategies that are based in the strategy of business procedure (Watrous-deVersterre, 2019). To make the improvement of the efficiency, and the performances. Some medium and small sized companies have the small enterprises like SME in order to make some new technologies, and some information systems as well to use some wide system of accounting information. This is the paper that will seek to understand the points that are normal and general in order to consider similar system adoption in the SME workflow that is being extracted in this literature. The relation that is being generated in between firm performances and in the AIS information to play the role of making decisions in marketing management. Information technology is mainly the process of being used and being expressed with some new technologies. All the new features in the applications that are being used in mobile phones and in the computer application are being installed. Also these are the processes to bring the new technologies to human life. All the applications which are usable for human life nowadays are made by these processes that help to reduce the human effort and the sums and all the calculations are being done by these technologies. Relationship in between the AIS system and in firm performances is being considered in order to light shedding to the points of leverage. The information which is based on the detailed report has been produced easily with the use of AIS. This AIS is actually helping in making all types of decision makers, in internal auditors and also in planners of auditors ( , 2021 ).

According to Thong, Organizational characteristics are having an impact on the information system and on the implementation, which has been proved by literature. Author has also added some information about the small and the medium enterprises, that there is a competition in the information intensity and all the sectors that are having similar systems and also they are implementing some similar systems. Smith and Thong (2011) has suggested the working procedures for small and medium enterprises regarding this information technology. These small and medium enterprises should implement an information system that will be able to compare to changes of environment. In the competitive market these organizations can make their profit as well as can make relations with technology users. Thus the business in every sector or in any platform can be different to process the information according to the needs and also the approach will be at a different level and also according to the needs of the information system. Some positive influences can have by the organizations that are the positive point of AIS. With this positive approach the organizations can make the environment change and also can manage all transactions. Information flow speed also can be developed in between the possibility of provider information and different levels of staff. And information of external information can be improved for the relation in the current firm. Mainly for the customers who are foreigners actually helps to increase the performance of the current firm according to (Delen et al 2013). Also there are several studies that add the AIS acts for the mechanism of the facilities to implement those strategies of organization and to increase the mechanism and make it flexible for the small and the medium enterprises has been analyzed by Soudani, 2012.


Some analysis is being done on information technology like processes that are followed by the technology. Also some technology is being involved in day to day business. Some common examples are being analyzed below.

  1. Upgrade in servers. More than one data center is at the end of the maintenance and operational lifecycles. Procore replacements of the servers are selected by the IT staff in order to deploy and configure some new servers, and only these IT staffs can take the backups from the procedure of computers and can run the servers to some new applications. Only the staff can validate all the new servers and can check the access to check if the servers are working properly or not (Turel et al. 2021). Also they can dispose and decommission the servers that are old or outdated.
  2. Monitoring the security: All businesses have the employment of the tools and can monitor and can check about the logging activity about the applications, whether anyone is added or buffering in the current website or not this can be checked this is mainly known as the monitoring of the security. The IT staff that is connected with the application can check the access and an alert are provided to them to check the security access. They actually get alerted by the potential threats and some non compliant behavior. They get notified if someone is trying to access the files that are restricted or having some source file. This actually happens in the driving changes and in some cases improvements of security to posture that prevented events.
  3. New software’s: some new mobile applications are required to determine the business. And this would have to be allowed to some new customers to provide the access and can log into the account. In order to access the account information or conduct some other transactions with some new devices or tablets. That will help the developers to make and refine some applications that are refreshed and can be planned in a roadmap. Post staffs of the operation have each iteration in some new mobile applications (Turel et al. 2018). To make the download file of that iteration and to deploy the components that are back ended in the application of the infrastructure of that particular organization.
  4. Improvement of business: business actually needs more ability from the crucial application. This application helps in continuance revenue of the business. Information technology helps the business to grow more efficiently and to make good relationships in the market. Supporters who actually support information technology to make the business highly clustered. Applications on that particular organization or in the business structure helps to make it more familiar to the public. Applications are made up to ensure that the applications can make the continuous functions of some single outage. Some enhancement might be paired in the data storage to recover and keep the data protective.
  5. User support: Developers of the applications are making or building the major upgrades of those applications to show more attractiveness. Infrastructure is more important for any kind of application. And the main attractions come from the logo of that organization that needs to be done in a perfect shape and should have a nice appearance. Then comes the next procedure: people will visit that application and can get to know about the organizations, as well as get to know about the service that is actually provided by these organizations (Theis and Wong, 2017). Some limited beta testing can be done by the developers of the website. Some new versions can be added to the website to gain the advantage in this current competitive market. Some beta testing and the deployments can be done by the IT supporters to try some new version of the application.

Mainly there are two types of software taking the place in the market. All the applications and the system software. Computer programs are accomplished by this system software. The system software is used to manage some basic functions of computers.


Information technology is basically associated with all the applications of current technologies that are connected with the business issues. All kinds of businesses are taking the advantage of information technologies, to provide the services there are several IT companies are available in the current market to help in the business. The technologies are developed toward the workplaces that are helping in the business to make the relationship in the market. The workforces of information technology have been oriented to the technologies that are developed like the hardware systems, all the software applications and all kinds of operating systems. Information technology requires the proficiency to identify the software components and the hardware components that are being used to enhance the specific business procedures (Rainer and Prince, 2021). Variety of technology is used to pros the workflow of the organization for that the technology and the IT staff are working for. Such as the operating systems and the communication devices and the devices of communication and the software applications. Some basic courses that can be pursued in software and in hardware systems to be familiar with Information Technology. There are some subjects that can help to acquire knowledge about information technology like business analysis, management of projects, as well as telecommunication is also a subject that can help also there are some more options such as network administration, design of database and one more option is database management.

Most of the IT staffs having the different responsibilities in the term to break into some areas and several keys that includes:

  • Administration. Administrators are actually the admins of the software that is being run in the system. Only they have the authority to operate and monitor the software of the organization. The admin can give the instructions to the employees and can provide some training to the new joined employees; this is the main reason to make the different portfolio of the software (Rahmelina et al. 2019). Only the admins can perform the range and can make the management of that software license and place the security and can handle the business processes. And finally admin can set the employees and can manage the IT environment as per the requirements that are the main point to implement an administration section in the software or in the information technology.
  • Support: some specialist of that particular organization is needed to support the customers. Some questions might occur while suffering in the application; this is why one contact or support section is needed to be added in the section to help the customers. To gather the information about the particular organization. To direct some efforts of troubleshooting for the hardware and the software. IT assets and the management are being changed by that IT support. Admins get help with that procurement and the handless are backed up by some other performances. And tools are monitored by the following support to establish the workflow and the process.
  • Applications: software on business rely performs the work. There are some applications that are actually developed for third parties or this can be said as there are some others who can access the website and can visit on that application to get some information. But also many organizations are having to retain the staff and can create the developed applications. And the interfaces are improved by the IT support and the staff. Developers, who are directly connected with that organization, get the tasks to create the business interactive websites that come under the information technology infrastructure. And the websites are built by the programmers, in some cases this can be accessible in mobile as well as there are some web browsers that have been made by the IT staff and the programmers. The trend that is going on in agile to continue the development of the development paradigm that is required to the developers and also this has been involved with all the IT operations, as well as the deployment has been done to monitor the applications (, 2021 ).
  • Compliance: Business is being obligated to the servers in order to observe the government that is verified and the data that has been driven in the requirement of the regulator. A major role has been played by the IT supporters for getting the security and to get monitored access of the business confidential data and about the applications that are under the policy of government surveillance. To acquire the files and the data some resources have been used to establish the government policy of regularity requirements (Hendela, 2019). All the IT staff are very much helpful and they are deeply involved with every security task that is needed to build a website. This process has a great impact to detect and prevent and to investigate all the possible breaches.


An introduction on the topic Information technology has been given in the above discussion. The entire positive and the negative points have been analyzed about the topic. The introduction part contains some background and some information has been provided. In the second part of the file that is literature review, some points on information technology have been discussed by some different authors. The procedures that have been actually followed by the medium and the small organization are done; these all points are briefly discussed in the literature review. And the thyroid point about the analysis part has been discussed. Monitoring the security, improvement of business, support and new software and up gradation of the software, these five points are analyzed in the analysis section of the research. And the final point is the discussion part that contains the Information technology functions and components. Like how the IT service has been entered in each sector of business in the current days. Some points on Information technology have been discussed in the discussion part. Some examples can be provided like the compliance and application and the supportive facility and also the administration section has been discussed in the above discussion part. This is how the entire research has been done.

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