Memory Cues For Repeated Activities Thesis Sample

Routine Reminiscence: Unveiling Memory Cues in Daily Repetitions

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Memory Cues For Repeated Activities And Lifetime Periods

Introduction of memory store of a human's whole life

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Everyone wants to store their memory in their mind but the mind is not a machine, which stores all the memory of a human's whole life, but everyone wants to store it for the future. In the future, when the person is getting old or the person will spend their free time alone or with their family members. Everyone wants to store their memory. It gives a person a colorful or happy future when the person sees the memory of his past. The old family photos, childhood photos, some traveling memories, special family events photos, first time winning trophy photos, first day of school life, college friends photos and many more memories a person gains in his whole life. So storing the memory is very important for the future and for getting some information in future life also. Old memories of a person's life always make a person happy in future time or any leisure time of a person. Any person wants to see his past memories, so here a website was designed to store the old memories for future use. Any time when a person wants to remember his old memory the person is able to do that. A complete website which was to revise the person’s memory, talk with his friends by chatting and a very good facility which is video conference call, so these types of facilities are in this website. For this website a person cannot feel bored and the old people stay happy in the last moment of his life and the person can share the happiness with others to make the other person also happy. So for the security there are some steps also taken in the security purpose like a login password id system. Anytime anyone can connect with their old memories and easily go to their past moments.

Background of study

It covers the life time memories of the people through an online platform. In this site a person can invite the other person who is related with this person and talk to them by chatting. And tier is also a another facility is available in this site which is the video conference technology, let a person who is very old sudden the person wants to saw the old memory of his own life and the old family photo which were the person clicked five or ten years ago, so here is a chance to get is memory by following some simple steps and the person can easily get the old memories of his life (Conway et al. 2018). A person has so many old type of memory like as school time memory, college memory, the person’s working field memory and the office stuff memory and the most important the family photo which is the best memory of a person life and also most valuable for that anyone try to protect terrier memory for a long time and very safely. So the website brings a chance for a person to easily get their old happiness moment and find some emotional happiness from it. As a example a student or a person who is working abroad, in his leisure time suddenly the person think about his family and the person very much executed to talk with his family in this situation the person can go to the website and then for a security purpose there was a password id system after put the password the person easily go the website and open his own account and easily chat with his family and if the person wants to saw his family on this time , the person or the user can easily connect his family by a video conference call and talk with his family easily . There is no time limitation while talking with his family. So this website can make a colorful memory and also a happy future life by using this site. Everybody especially stores their childhood memories (Conway et al. 2018). This memory can bring happiness anytime for any person so storing those memories in mind is not possible for a human so in this case the website brings a huge benefit for the users and the users also easily store their old school photo , family photos here by following some simple steps. For getting the facility only some procedure will be following by a user, which is opening an account on this website and putting some users information which is related with the user’s personal information after that the process is done and the account on the website is open and the person scratch is family person, school friends, college friends, office stuffs and easily connect with those people and store his old photo and the this time photo for the future. This site also helps to store the photos which is information type, like pan card photo, visa or passport photo etc, those are also very important for a person so if the person forgot to carry this documents in this situation the person open the website on his Smartphone and temporarily shown the documental for the verification of his identity in any emergency purpose (Conway et al. 2018). So here it seems this site is not only used for old memory, it also helps a person to store his documentation as an image for a mate (Conway et al. 2018). And this site has a low data consumption method for this a person can easily connect with his family or friends anywhere by his own Smartphone without any data buffering or the connecting problems about the network purpose.

Research aim

Research aim means the main goal of the research or the main approach of the research. So here the main goal of the research or the site is to cover people’s lifetime memories in an online platform, where a person can easily revise his old memory and connect with his friends or relatives by a chatting platform or through the video calling facilities (Janssen et al. 2018). So research aim is a part where the main goal is to find and fix the goal and overarching the purpose of the research project.

Research Objective

  • To cover the old lifetime memories of a person
  • To connect the people by chat or video call in the leisure time of a person
  • To store the old memories for a long time on an online platform
  • To talk with relatives or friends in the sad or happy moments of a person
  • To easily find the old photos on an online platform
  • To share the happiness with family or friends in a person’s old age
  • To connect a group of people by a video conference and make them happy in their free time.
  • To store some special memories.

Research Questions

i.How can memory be improved by using this website?

  1. What are the benefits of using the online platform?

iii.How can a person open an account on it?

iv.Is it usable for all kinds of people of all ages?

Research Hypothesis

The study shall examine the structure based on the development of the hypothetical statements which are given here:

H0: Uploading the photos and updating the version can improve the website.

H1: Uploading the photos and updating the version cannot improve the website.

H0: Covering old lifetime memories is the main benefit of the website.

H1: Covering old lifetime memories is not the main benefit of the website.

H0: By putting in some personal information a person can open an account.

H1: By putting in some personal information a person cannot open an account.

H0: it is usable for all kinds of people of all ages.

H1: it is not usable for all kinds of people of all ages.

Research Rationale

In this part of research, discuss the importance of the research or why \the researchers chose this topic for research. So the main purpose is to cover the lifetime memories of a person’s whole life. Researchers always think about the benefits when the researchers are working on this topic (Janssen et al. 2018). So the researchers think that there are not any specific applications or websites where a person can store his old memories for a lifetime purpose and easily see the lifetime memories when the person wants. So there was a lack of sites which are memories of a person's old life and the family friends and old moments also. So the researchers are hardly trying to find and want to implement a website where a person can store his photos for a lifetime and safely. In the present days all people are busy with their own work so there is no free time to remember their old memories by seeing their old photos in the album. So after some years a person easily forgot his old memories and got busy with his own working life so there was a very low chance to remember his old memory (Janssen et al. 2018). And it was very difficult also. And at the end of a person life , when the person become older on that time a interest is growing on the mind of the person which is seen the old memory and being happy , so in this situation this website works as a god gifted thighs for this person and give the person a great smile and provide happiness. So after some years the new generation are feeling depressed because they all sink non their working life and the people are forgot to communicate with his family (Janssen et al. 2018), friends and his special person, so this situation will coming in our life, for overcome this type of situation and bring the happiness and relaxation in the people life the researchers are chose this topic which can give a good and important benefits in human daily life and make them happy anytime.

Research significance

Research significance means the importance of the research. It means why researchers are researching this topic, what is the result of the topic and why a researcher chose this subject. So here the research subject which is selected by the researchers is a very important topic (Conway et al. 2018). This is actually a need of human life which is to revise the memory. It is a very important part of a human's whole life. Without the memory of relatives, friends, past moments a person cannot live, so every person has a good and colorful memory in his whole life cycle (Conway et al. 2018). So it is very important to cover the lifetime memories of a person, so a person can store his lifetime memories in an online platform and easily want to see the photos of his past situation anywhere anytime. It is very important to keep a person mentally happy and healthy. In this website a person adds his favorite people and talks with them by chatting and video calling. This is a good step to connect the people with their family or friends in this busy generation. So there was security also maintained in this site, by using a specific password and user id a person can enter in his own account and upload his all favorite’s moments photos, which can give a happiness in the user's made. So it is a good thing about human life (Conway et al. 2018). So the importance of the topic in one word is to cover the lifetime memories of a person and make him happy in that situation.

Research Framework

Here in this part of the research the steps will be discussed which are taken during the research by the researchers. So each step is very important to complete the whole research and also get the good and right result (Bairdr et al. 2018). So researchers are first starting from the base level by talking with the person who was feeling very lonely and wants to remember their past moments, for this if the person feels much better so there is no issue or problem will occur about this site. So researchers also investigate the issues and the similarities of the other online storage concept applications like WhatsApp, vibe and telegram etc, which were seen by the researchers before designing the website (Baird et al. 2018). In this project the discussion site is the main goal of this research which can cover the old lifetime memories of a person and easily memories of the moments of his past life in his old age and anytime of a leisure period of a person. Because old memories always make an emotion in everyone's mind and the person always stays happy by seeing his happy old moments of his own life and his family, friends and some achieving or winning situation in his life (Bairdr et al. 2018). The person easily uploads his old memory in this online platform and after some years the user can easily see his old memories and easily talk with his related friends and family anytime anywhere by using this website on his Smartphone or his laptops or other electronics devices. So this is the main aim of this research topic.


So the whole topic covers the memories of a person's whole life. It is always a necessary part of a person's life. Old memory revision is a good part. If the person wants to easily remember his important valuable gifts from the special person, historical gifts from families, first winning trophy, childhood memories photo, special family events photo, memories of school photo, university or office memories photo so the person uses this website to get the benefits of these. So in one word a person can easily remember his lifetime memories through this online site. Memories always make a person happy so users can use this for their happiness and refreshment.

Chapter 2: Literature Review


In this literature review chapter it will discuss the dependent & independent variables, empirical study, some theories & models as well as the literature gap. This research is mainly focused on the user engagement who wants to review their nostalgia of various stages of the lifespan that reassure those of their significant gifts through special people, cultural presents through families, first winning championship title, teenage life memories pictures, special family activities pictures, remembrances years of schooling, campus, as well as university, etc. so that they could capture, observe, as well as appreciate their life situations on various years with specifics of that time frame. In the direction of making this simple, one special type of software which is known as the Axurerp. With the help of this software it has been created a website which will help towards user interaction for getting more familiar with their memories. This encompasses a person's lifelong experiences via an online network where they may meet some important individuals as well as speak regarding such moments via chat or conferencing video call on the way to express their delight, joy, as well as experiences of that moment. Since the globe has transitioned within a digital environment in which individuals post their individual as well as group pictures. There have been so many experiences, but for a specific occasion, this requires a long time on the way to search for that recollection, which makes this difficult for individuals to do. The main motive of this research is to create a website where individuals could communicate as well as arrange group calls about that occasion, wherein individuals may enjoy their great shows at any moment.

Empirical Study

Memory & cues in cognitive psychology

According to the author Doménique et al. (2017), Lifetime spans (e.g., becoming a teenager), broad occurrences spanning days to months, or event-specific information for activities ranging up to hours at most could all be maintained (Burgess et al. 2022). Memories come to the notice either intentionally (e.g., seeing a vase as well as afterwards attempting to recall how users obtained it) or involuntarily. Involuntary memories therefore require several forms of evocation, whether through ideas, behaviors, or external things. It has been discovered unintentional cueing occurs one to five times each day depending upon diary research.

Clues have been most typically exterior (e.g., objects), while others are internally, with just a few sensory cues (e.g., sound, scent), or have no discernible cues. Regardless of the lack of knowledge of the cueing mechanism, this is presumed that there are several associations among a memory as well as a possible cue. Uniqueness, relative frequency, regular repetition, or proximity towards an extremely emotional occurrence can all help a viewed object recall a memory (Friedrich et al. 2019). Other brain operations, meanwhile, combine in the direction of modifying the consequences of a cue: one could check a picture frame multiple times without being conscious of linked thoughts. Such revisionist history demonstrates the importance of incentives, as well as current stimulation of linked recollections. Certain individuals have been more susceptible to being unintentionally aroused throughout everyday activities (for example, cleaning), maybe because they have been more susceptible to stimuli.

Memory Cues For Repeated Activities Thesis

Memory cues in interaction design

Further from the related study of Doménique et al. (2017), it would want to emphasize a few projects which have taken advantage of the capabilities offered via interface design for unintentionally cued reminiscence. Fragrance is a rare but obvious reflexive trigger that has the power to bring back memories if a gadget becomes conscious of personally relevant odors (Garlitch and Wahlheim, 2021). Numerous compositions adopt a probabilistic sampling strategy for unexpected results. Pensive investigated the usage of digital memories via sending email reminders of previous social media posts. Photos, a dinner table picture projection system, designed on the way to stimulate discussion through showing randomized photographs across social network feeds. Cue used a similar strategy to facilitate parent-teenager dialogue by randomly displaying digital photographs on tactile things. Meerkat and Tuba likewise chose for spontaneous digital content display inside the home, foregoing controllability in favor of surprises (Göldi et al. 2019). Deciding what to convey as well as when to provide it necessitates a clear awareness of what is personally relevant, as well as concerns of curiosity inside this activity.

According to Petrelli et al . (2017), the reflecting value of a remembrance derives from reencountering as well as re-evaluating the attitude towards that object as well as its associated emotions. Echo employs this approach to stimulate contemplation upon previously collected stimuli (Kauttonen et al. 2018). Digital Treasures accomplishes something comparable via placing confusing digitally enhanced things inside the family environment that, when seen, can prompt introspection.

The author Mols et al. (2014) stated that, Groups have traditionally preserved keepsakes; objects retained as a remembrance of an individual, location, or event. Techniques of remembrance generation have been continually evolving, as seen by the widespread availability of digital photography. Nonetheless, it has frequently produced memories for important events such as weddings or vacations. Aside from such landmarks, though, people treasure specific ordinary encounters. This research discusses a cultural probing study that looked into which daily memories were important. The research shows that apparently insignificant events may be meaningful (Lewis and Bendor, 2019). A memory has been considered useful if this had been routinely replayed, had social worth, remained within the present, affected existence, represented typical personality, or demonstrated a difference. It is extremely difficult on the way to identify the point at which memories become important, since media of regular life events are frequently scarce. The ramifications of such findings for constructing technologies for producing keepsakes of ordinary life are discussed.

According to the author Hoven and Eggen, (2014), Memory cueing has been involved with raising a subconscious condition towards consciousness, as well as this has been a complicated connection within itself. A cue has been a situation or item of data that enables the memory to recall things that were not remembered naturally. This holistic view demonstrates that a recall cue could take numerous forms as well as dimensions, & that the cue as well as environment of cuing has been both crucial (Schreiner et al. 2018). The purpose of this study is to have a greater comprehension of what a cue is as well as whether a cue or cuing may be altered by architecture. Extra memory cues have been physical or electronic clues inside a palpable manifestation that have an intrinsic influence by the side of memory restoration. Individuals, settings, as well as things are all examples of different external storage triggers. Objects are most important to the goal of this study because they could possibly be developed autonomously. Extensive examples of such external physical signals include a birthday present through a close friend, a heritage artifact, a souvenir, the color of a cloth, as well as the customary Christmas picture book.

This paper would discuss special memories, such as autobiographical as well as temporal memories, including how they could be recovered voluntarily or involuntarily. The emphasis seems to be more explicitly upon daily recognition memory that researchers describe as recalling personal experiences in real life, inside the actual world, as compared to recalling under lab circumstances (Wahlheim and Zacks, 2019). Such scientific tests have been quite beneficial for investigating one or two variables in depth & they frequently include acquiring synthetic information under artificial conditions with such a uniform study population. The commonly used "open memory" model may not be as independent as it seems, in that individuals have been assigned the job of recalling relevant details, as well as the items-to-be recalled, such as the "cued recollect" model, have been tied to newly delivered data which had to be remembered.

It's considerably distinct from ordinary recalling, that might occur anyplace, at any moment, by anybody & with any potential recovery trigger. The remembered recollections could happen throughout their whole, could directly mirror the genuine experience, as well as are not restricted simply recalling words. Such sort of memory seems genuinely free, as well as it may occur both voluntarily along with involuntarily. Memory cues, as well as the mechanism of memory cuing, have been vital yet are still poorly understood. As a result, they have continued to be very significant themes within memory study.

On the other hand, the study focus is mostly by the side of the psychology underlying everything; so, this paper proposes an alternative viewpoint, notably that of design, as well as specifically interface layout (Waldhauser et al. 2018). The basic assumption underlying such a design viewpoint would be that the display of recall signals as well as how they are presented has an influence upon recalling. As a result, what is fascinating for designers wasn't so much the inner cues as it is how those are being employed as well as represented inside the actual world. Eventually, researchers hope to use such understanding on the way to create features which help with daily personal memory.

According to the author MA Conway 2018, memory cues are to revise the memory with sms review is a process to to revise the memory of the old past (Lamont et al. 2018). This process is very modern and based on IT technology where a person can revise his memory with the old past of his school days, college days, and the first achievement of his life, first time sports achievement like this. So in the present days the modern technology wants to implement a modern technology in the online platform where a person can easily store their memory and see this memory when the person wants to saw this memory the person easily revise his memory and also a feachers are there to contact the person who are related to this person and talk with the persons by using the sms, which is called chatting with others(Lamont et al. 2018). If a person in her old age feel very lonely and cannot able to visit anywhere because the person was getting old and he feel very weak ,there are no strength in his body so he can not avail to go the the outside in this case the online storing facility is helps the person to make happy by seeing the old pic of his life and the person also feeling happy in his made and go to the past days by this memories application which is store in a online platform(Lamont et al. 2018). So this platform very easily remembers a person's old happy past. In this application a person can easily enter and easily open an account to store the memory of his life. When a person opens the account at first the person puts in all the information which the application actually wants and after that the person easily opens nhis account in this online platform and stores his lifetime memory. In the present days this type of application is not sufficient, so researchers are thinking to identify these problems and implement this type of online platform for the present generation. If any person who lives very far from the house or works abroad, if the person wants to remember his hold memory in this leisure time, in this case the person can easily login to her web page and easily see their old memories in this online platform. Also some extra opportunities are there which are video calling technology and chatting technology. So in the leisure time the person can easily connect with his relatives who are in his friend circle(Baird et al. 2018). The person can also send the friend request to his known person. If the person accepts the request of this person, then the two people can connect and talk with each other by using this web platform. Anyone can easily connect with the other by using this online platform, for that a Smartphone or any smart device like computer system, laptop is needed to make a video call and also for chatting with friends and relatives. This research topic talked about the sms process, which is also a very easy and useful process to communicate with the person who is in our relatives circle. Memory storing capacity is mainly three type which was working memory type storing capacity next is short term memory and other one is long term memory. working memory and the short term memory are used to store and use the temporary information which is use in daily life and all type of organizations are use this in there working process and work on it , but long term memory is holds the long-life memory, here in this online application long term memory is used to store the old memories for a long days and after so many years the users can easily see the old memories by using this application(Baird et al. 2018). So this long term memory is used for storing the memory in the storing data application which stores the lifetime memory of people. There was a very easy process to store the data and use the data for future purpose. In the long term memory the person can easily store the information for the future, if the memory is stored in the short term memory in this case the users are cannot seen the old photos in the future because short term memory is not capable to store the information for a long time so here the long term memory is used to store the data or the important information in the memory. When a person stores the memory in the online platform obviously there is a security system which helps to store the data securely. Here a strong security is used to store the lifetime memory of people in an online platform. Without a security service the data is or staying safe and three a threat that happened in this case. Although this is a long term process so the users have a great confidence in this site so the person stores the data in this site for this the web page obviously shares a good security service and keeps the information safe for the users. So many online sites use the block chain technology to store the information safely. Many organizations while implementing this application use this technology. Here a user id and a password is needed to enter the online page and login in this page. After completing the login process the user can easily store the photos in his private account and sort all types of documents photocopy in this application. If the threats occur in this case the whole information is stolen by the thieves and the user failed in the difficult condition to recover his data or past memorable photos, for this the organizations use the block chain security in the present days to store the information safe. Depending on the unique encoding context, self-generated cues may have peculiar information. In order to identify the representation of the target memory from other ones already stored in memory, they are also likely to make special use of distinguishing characteristics of the information to be encoded(Baird et al. 2018).

According to A Baird 2018, it has been shown that listening to music can trigger autobiographical memories in individuals with Alzheimer's disease, although it is unclear whether listening to music can trigger memories more powerfully than other everyday cues. Music is a best of the memory ques to revise the old past and it is also a therapy to recover a mental patient to listen to the music of the old time or what the patient wants to listen to recover their own self. Also, storing photographs is the vital part of this online platform. If a person feels very boring or sad in his present life, the person is far from his family, friends, or relatives, so in this case music is the best medicine to relax the mind and keep the mind happy. So the person can easily store many kinds of old or new songs which the users want to listen to or the user’s favorite. And also the photos storing capacity is present there to store every kind of photo of the people and store the photos of the people in this online platformBaird et al. 2018). Music is very important to relax the mind so storing the music and listening to it in your leisure time is useful to keep the mind happy and the person can easily concentrate on his work without any depression. So in this application by login on the web page the user can open a account to this online site after open the online account the person download the song from the internet after downloading the songs, the user can easily store this songs in the online platform and make a proper folder to find the songs source where the person save this songs. After saving the song the person easily plays the song by this online platform multimedia player (Lamont et al. 2018). A huge storage capacity is provided by this online platform where the user can store so many songs and listen to the songs whenever the person wants. This process is very necessary and important for the users to keep the mind safe and relax (Baird et al. 2018). On the other hand, the photo storing capacity is also a good part of this online platform. The interaction between identity, social relationships, emotion, and memory that music fosters has been linked to well-being in a variety of ways. We looked into the phenomena of "couple-defining music," wherein two people choose a song to collectively represent their relationship. A CDS was reported by 200 individuals who are presently dating and who range in age, relationship status, and length. The origins, significance, and any recollections or feelings sparked by thinking about the music were all described by those who reported a CDS. Participants also answered questions on how intimate their relationships are and how much they enjoy music. Intimacy and higher levels of music appreciation were shown to be connected with CDSs, which were also found to be rather common and specific to romantic relationships. The majority of CDSs were bought. So in this application music storage capacity and the photo storing capacity is discussed (Baird et al. 2018). And person cannot stay without mind relaxation so music is the one of the best medicine to improve the system of the mind function, here music do this great work and this online application helps this system to store the music and protons for lifetime purpose of a person happiness, here also a security service is used to help the total system. A huge storage capacity is needed in the system to store the huge amount of data so in this application this type of storage capacity is available to store them. If any threats are not attacked in the system there is a specific security system in performed in the system to protect the whole system, because this is the golden type of memory of a person so the information is very important for the person, if any threats are occurred in the system there are all important information is stolen by the thief so security service is very important in this case to protect the music and the photos of the users who store the lifetime memories in the online platform. And also a specific system handles the whole system to run this system in a proper way (Baird et al. 2018). So the music is also a good memory type thing which makes a person happy and takes the person into his past life and memories of the old moments of family, school friends, college friends, job life, and best moments with relatives etc.

C Turkmen 2018 defined that using the memory ques in the medical science purpose there also huge revolution has occurred in this case medical science and treatment purpose. In this web application so much data is stored in the application so many medical organizations also use this application to store the data in the medical reports purpose (Baird et al. 2018). A huge amount of data is needed for medical science and treatment purposes. A patient has so many reports on the treatment purpose, diagnosis of patients purpose, operation purpose are stored in this online platform. In a hospital there are so many operations that occur and also many patients come there to get treatment so there is a huge amount of information created in the organization. In the hospital patients go for a good treatment so there is good treatment provided by the hospital; management tries to give the patients better treatment. In this case the total management system follows a particular rule to store the information. But for a long time this type of system has not worked properly. So a long term memory is needed in the hospital management system, here in this topic the researchers are using this technique in the treatment purpose. When a doctor provides a treatment to patients at this time the doctor knows about the disease of the patients but for a long time the doctor cannot remember the disease of the patients. This is very impossible for a doctor so if the hospital authority stores the data of these patients in an online platform, then the doctor can easily see the previous report of the patients there very properly and provide a specific medicine to the patients (Bairdet al. 2018). Sometime the patients are also forgot about his treatment process and what were the medicines which are provided by the doctor, so if the patients make a profile in the online platform so the patients can easily open the profile by using a proper login id or pass ware and seen the old records of his prescription and get a proper memory of the treatment process and told the doctor what is the patients feeling after the previous treatment, it is very helpful for a doctor also who can easily identify the disease and provide the better treatment to this patients(Kubit et al. 2018). In other hand the hospital authority also provides better service by providing the exact amount of treatment cost and other purpose cost. Memorizing all patients' treatment purposes is impossible for the hospital authority, so if the authority stores the information in the online platform, the authority can easily figure out the total bill and also store proper information about the patients. For any purpose the patient wants these documents so at that time the authority can easily show the bill to the patient party and get a specific idea about the billing information. Like that so many patients are there in a hospital so storing all the information of all patients is a vital role which is played by hospital authority by using the memory storing capacity application on the online platform. Adverse childhood experiences are frequent and may predispose affected people to a range of health issues, including alcohol use disorder. Although there is a known link between ACE and AUD, the various mechanisms by which this link operates have not yet been fully understood. Given that relapse is clinically significant in addictions, the significance of these pathways with regard to relapse risk is of special interest. The purpose of this study is to longitudinally evaluate the contribution of clinically relevant characteristics, such as stress sensitivity, emotion processing, cue reactivity, and cognitive functioning in the link between ACE and AUD in relation to relapse risk. So the whole process is very important which is used in the treatment purpose (Lamont et al. 2018). As an example after so many years if a patients attracted by some critical disease so in this time doctor wants to operation to solve this problem of this patients so in this time a proper information is needed about this patients because without know the past condition the doctor cannot start a diagnosis on the patients, so this time the doctor wants the previous report of this patients. If the patients open the account on this online platform and upload all the problems on this online platform then the doctor can easily get proper information about these patients. It helps the doctors to identify the patients’ health and know about the patients that the patient can take the operation easily or not, so this type of important information can be provided by the memory storing application, which is very helpful in many vital situations to treat patients well and provide better health in the future (Kubit, et al. 2018). Every population has a high prevalence of adverse childhood experiences, which is a serious public health issue. Childhood adversity events (ACE) are described as potentially traumatic incidents. It is significant to highlight that ACE can present itself in a variety of ways, including emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, physical and emotional neglect, as well as problems at home. 300 million kids between the ages of 2 and 4 are thought to be subjected to physical or psychological abuse, according to the World Health Organization. Numerous studies have shown that ACE has long-term effects on the developing brain as well as physical and mental health. 6 In actuality, an array of psychiatric conditions, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and, in particular, attraction to the aim of the study. So this lifetime memory store online platform can store all types of medical related data or any kind of health related data which is stored by the patients, doctors, researchers for in the future and get benefits from this online platform. This platform is very helpful for the future which can provide a better service to the people in the information storing purpose for lifetime and also provide a better security service to keep the information safe.

Memory Cues For Repeated Activities Thesis

Theories & Models

Social cognitive theory is described here which influences the individual experience and the actions of others. The theory connects the people by the digital platform (Baird et al. 2018). So people can easily connect with each other by using this online platform and the most important part is to store the old photos in this site for the lifetime. This concept can easily remind the memories of the people and make a proper structure about his past life (Baird et al. 2018). These theories mainly focus on its goal which is to cover the lifetime memories of any person and then the next one is outcomes expectations, which are also more important from research and informative outcomes can help a community and the whole process of the site making and using the site for the storing purpose is a great process.

Literature Gap

This project is done through research work. The whole research is facing some problems during the working process (Shum et al. 2018). The researchers face various problems during the research. The whole research cannot get a proper structure due the right data collection. The whole research is hampered due to this research gap and all samples which are collected are not totally right and informative so there were some problems created for this purpose. So researchers are facing the problems (Shumr et al. 2018). This research is based on secondary data collection so collecting the data about the topic is very difficult and the wrong information is figuring out a wrong output about the research topic. Unanswered questions are meaningless, and incomplete data sample tables cannot be filled. This false information may cause problems for the researcher. The amount will not be delivered in a correct manner. For the purposes of this research, the research gap has been identified as a challenge.


This topic is about the memory store website on an online platform, Where a person can store his lifetime memories. This online platform can easily recover the memory of a person. The past memory is always emotional and colorful for a person so the memorization of these old memories is very good for a human and it gets satisfaction in his mind. So this site brings an opportunity to store the memories and also connect with the family and friends by chatting and video call. This type of website can bring happiness in an old age person’s life and also a normal person's leisure time.

Chapter 3: Methodology

3.1 Introduction Of Research Method

In the methodology describe the procedure of the research topic, in which way the total research is conducted everything is discussed here and discuss a brief introduction about the research topic. This part is always about the research method which is discussed through method outline, research philosophy, research approach, research design, research strategy, research method, data collection method, research ethics, research limitation and at last the conclusion. Every part of this topic discussed the research process, how the data is collected and in which way the total research is done everything is discussed in this part. In the research method outline part told about the hole research structure and what is the approach of the research, what is the main goal of researchers are clearly discuss here, next in the research philosophy told that which research process is used in the entire research, there are three type of research is their so which type of research philosophy is used and how it is used by the researchers, this is discussed in this part. Next is the research approach, here the main goal of the research, what is the aim and what is the achievement of the research which is identified by the researchers are told here. Next is research design, here the whole research design is discussed. In this part discussed how the researchers have done this research, in one word what is the main design of the research that is discussed here. Total research figure is explained here by the researchers. In this part I talked about the two types of design and what is properly used in this research topic. Research strategy told the process of how data is collected from the base level, here the researchers are told about the research information collection technique and how researchers go to the participants and collect the effective information to the research area. Also many parts are here in the methodology part, one of them research methods, the research is based on which process is discussed here, three type research methods are in the research process, so which research method is used here that is discussed in this part. In the data collection method there are also types of processes and here told about the research process. Next is research ethics, research limitation and conclusion , those parts are also told about the research process and the researchers plan about the research and what is to be developed in the research and what are the issues that are told in the research limitation part. So this introduction part of the methodology told the whole research process of the memory cues which is used in storing the purpose of the lifetime memory of the people through an online platform.

3.2 Method outline

The research will follow a methodical process from planning to collecting appropriate data depending on the already specified objectives. During the research's planning stage, many methodologies and strategies are identified and determined. Should be carried out to achieve the necessary objectives and fulfill the research goals. Based on the research approaches, research objectives, data collection process the main approaches are declared in a research. Data collection from the most crucial stages and after the collecting the data identify the type of the data and which specific type of data in useful for the research is desired by the researchers and what is the appropriate technique to do the research is identify by the researchers and make a proper structure of the research and answered the research questions and test the hypothetical statements which are truly develop the research are identified. In this part which is called method outline mainly indicates the five crucial stages in the research which are research planning, identification of the research topic, appropriate method which are use in the research, approaches of the research, strategies and resource of the research objectives and the research data, data collection and data analysis and at last the result of the research. In this topic which is based on storing the lifetime memory of the people in an online platform, here how the researchers collect the data and how to implement the research technique and what is the main goal of the research , everything is told here by the researchers.

3.3 Research Philosophy

Different research philosophies that support achieving the strategic goals established in accordance with the issue and study's aim might be the foundation of a study. Finding a research philosophy facilitates deciding on other parts of the research's development. Such as the methodologies, approaches, or strategies. Various ideologies can be used for researching using methods such as “constructivism, objectivism, interpretive, and positivism and practicality”. Here in the research philosophy part the research follows the positivism philosophy since the outcomes of the research which was based on the testing and analysis of the hypothetical statements and the research questions which have developed the research and also provide qualitative explanations about the background of the research. In this part which is based on positivism philosophy the research is properly based on the testing and analysis of the research to make the research proper and specific and make an informative result of this research topic which is lifetime storing capacity of the people's memories. This topic is based on the proper observation and perception based analysis of resources and data to fulfill the research and figure out the proper outcomes of the research result. In this part researchers make the research based on the different research philosophy to reach the research goal or the approaches which clear the issue and make a proper information research result based on the research topic research by the researchers. Here the researchers are identified to implement a software or an online platform where a person can easily store the ole memories like photos, and also another benefit is here to connect the person who is related to this person through a video calling or by the chatting facilities, which make a person happy in his old age or any person’s leisure time through a Smartphone or any other device like computers, laptop etc.

3.4 Research Approach

Different approaches are used in the research to perform the research and conduct data analysis. The two most prominent approaches are followed to conduct any research which is deductive approaches and inductive approaches. The deductive approaches focus on obtaining research which is based on the existing research theories. Here the information is collected from the other research theories to fulfill the result and make a proper result of the research. And the other one is the inductive research. In this process all research is completely a new setup. Where everything is conducted by the researcher own self. From the data collection process to the result analysis process everything is done by own. This topic is also based on the inductive approach. All theories and the result is new in this research method and the research is also done by the researcher himself, So all the techniques which are used here to reach the goal of the research are done by the researcher himself. Researchers are making a proper identification about this topic because in the present days this type of software is nowhere to store the lifetime memories of the people by an online platform. So the researchers chose a great topic to connect the people and memories of old pictures which make a person happy and relax the person’s mind.

3.5 Research Design

The research design is classified into two parts one is qualitative research design and another one is quantitative research design. Qualitative research is focused on the observation and perception based analysis of resources and data. And quantitative analysis identifies the statistical and measurable results of the research. Research design is based on the philosophy and the approach of conducting the study. This research is based on the positivism philosophy which develops the observation result and the perception based analysis of the research topic and all the information is based on the inductive research approaches which is chosen for this research topic. In this study qualitative analysis is performed to figure out the result of this research topic. Qualitative analysis is performed to supply the limitation of this analysis by providing sufficient outcomes. The researchers collect the data from the base level and know the demand of the people and which is helpful for the people to use this software. After a proper observation and analysis the researchers decide to implement this type of online platform where a person can easily store the memories such as family photos, friends photos, school life photos, job related photos or any type of achievement related photos of the person’s life etc and in the future the person can easily show the old memories by entering this online platform with use a proper user id and password.

3.6 Research Strategy

Research strategy discussed the technique which is used by the researchers to do this research properly and read the approaches of the research goal. A research study can involve various strategies which help the researchers to gather and analyze a wide range of data concerns to develop the outcomes of the research topic. A researcher how to implement the research, from where to collect the data after the collect of the data implementation technique, and simulation process everything is discussed in this part. Overall the technique and the approaches and why the researchers are finding this topic for research is properly discussed here. This is dependent on the positivism philosophy and based on the inductive approaches which are totally done by researchers himself. The entire process is based on the primary data collection through survey which is specifically conducted using the survey and interviews.

3.7 Research Method

Three different types of research methods are used to conduct research. “Mono method, mix method, multi method”. The research is based on the storing capacity of memories of many people. This topic is based on the qualitative research analysis because the researchers are make a proper observation about this topic and analyze the result of this research topic here this research is perception based analysis of resource and the data so this research analysis is properly qualitative research analysis and here all the research is done by the researchers own. From the introduction to collecting data, analyzing the process and short out the information for this specific research part, there analyze the data, implement data, and make a proper online platform everything is done by the researchers so this research is based on primary data collection process. Here all the criteria are fulfilled by the mono method process so this research topic is absolutely based on the mono method research process. In the mono method technique the research needs qualitative analysis, the primary data collection process, so every criterion is fulfilled by this research so this process is mono method research which is based on storing the lifetime memory of the people in an online site.

3.8 Data Collection Method

According to how the overall analysis will be conducted, the "data collection of the research describes the resources" approach and the process for gathering pertinent data must be followed. In a research data collection method process there are two types of data collection process is held throughout the whole research to conduct the research. One is primary data collection, and next one is secondary data collection method. The primary data collection methods focus on the observation and perception analysis of information and data which is collected by the researchers himself and the total data collection process is done by the researcher himself. All the collecting data from the base level and identifying the data which are implemented in the research to develop the whole research topic is decided by the researcher. Meanwhile, the secondary data collection process is based on the various scholarly journals, websites, articles and the company reports. The specific research related information which is collected from the other journals or website and use the process to figure out the research and make a proper result is totally based on the secondary data collection. Here in this topic the whole data collection process is based on the primary data collection method. All the data set is new and the theories are created by the researchers himself and the result and analysis part also figured out by himself, no data is collected or used from the other journals and websites so this research topic is properly based on the primary data collection method.

3.9 Research Ethics

The many steps of the research process have taken into account the ethics and values required to uphold the norms and practices of doing research. The ethical factors listed below have been properly taken into account in this research:

  1. In this research all the research data collection process and analysis is done and all the policies are followed in the research.
  2. The data collection process involves the local people to know about the current situation and what type of demand is made by this software. Researchers are taking proper knowledge about this to create this type of survey and getting knowledge about this survey.
  3. The study must also abide by the rules on confidentiality and the privacy of the information provided by survey participants.
  4. It has been ensured that this research survey that creates no harm on the community or the environment during the research process is conducted. Researchers are go the base level to meet the people and take a knowledge about their thoughts and if the researchers are implement this web application what advantages are taken by the common people, for learn this type of knowledge the researchers are go to the base level of the research and complete the research data collection process without any harm on the environment and the community.
  5. The rigorous prohibition of any type of discrimination among the participants has also been stressed by the research process as a whole.
  6. The research must be conducted with complete honesty and integrity, which forbids any type of data manipulation on the participant responses or the analysis's findings.

3.10 Research Limitations

This research is very important and necessary in people's lives, because a person can easily relax his mind to enter in this site and revise his old memories like old photos, videos or by using the chatting and video call fidelity. But here so many issues come out which are not able to complete this research properly, so researchers should follow some research limits which are discussed in this part of the research topic.

  1. Total research is based on the primary data collection process but in the information collection situation so many problems are faced by the researchers, because for doing proper research sufficient information is needed but the researchers maintain a limit in the research because of slime issues. Like as when the researchers are go to meet the common people some of time the common people are could not avail to give the proper information about the research and which type of information is actually needed this type of information are not given from the people by the researchers so in this situation researchers arte cannot create any pressure on the common people so in this case the researchers are follow some rules and collect some information from the other journal or other website so there are some limitation is comes out to take the information from the other theories.
  2. There are some money related limitations also. For this research a proper amount is declared to research on this topic, but when the research is started there are so many obstacles and researchers hardly try to overcome those situations, in this purpose so much money is spent and the resurrection does not get a proper structure for the lack of money. If so many money will spend in this research the research will get a complete structure and the researchers are also satisfied to do this research, but there was a limitation is created by the authorization about this research so lack of money the researchers are cannot get a proper research result or cannot develop or modified the research because of a limitation is there about the sufficient money.
  3. Also an issue here is time. In a research the researchers are grt a time for the research and in this specific time the research should complete the whole research. In this sufficient time the researchers are complete this research but if there or extra time is given by the authorization the researchers are do this research better and also make a better performance on this research but in this case a time limitation is there to complete the research so researchers are could not show their activities on that research and cannot develop the research also not able to make the research more informative. So there is a research time limitation in the research topic which is based on storing the memory of the people for lifetime.

3.12 Conclusion

This chapter discussed the whole research methodology part which was done by the researchers properly and made a proper decision on this topic. The whole research methodology part discusses the research method, research philosophy, research approach, research design, research strategy, data collection process and the research ethics. In this whole process research method discusses the research outline where the researchers take the plan and the procedure of the whole research which are followed by the researchers and what is the research figure after they complete the research so it is called research outline. After deciding the research outline the research philosophy is discussed where declared the research follows which research philosophy , here in this topic the research topic follows the positivism philosophy to make a proper result in this case. After that the main part is discussed which is research approaches. Here the main purpose of the research and what is the goal of the research or the achievement of the research is discussed. So this part is very vital in this research topic. And then research design, in this research the whole research is followed by qualitative analysis because here in the topic the researchers do this research based on observation and perception based analysis of resource and data. The research strategies are discussed, here which research technique is followed by the researchers are all discussed here and all techniques which are very important are briefly told here by the researchers. Then the data collection process where primary data is collected to complete the whole research process and at last discussed about the research limitation ,what are the limitations in the research topic which are followed by the researchers so after doing all the procedure the whole research methodology part is done completely.

Chapter 4: Result and analysis

This essential part of the research conducted this chapter of the research study. The primary research is obtained in this chapter. In this part of the research topic researchers implement a software and structure it properly for the people to use and try to provide a better service to the community. Qualitative research analysis is also conducted in this chapter. Besauce this chapter is based on observation and perception based analysis of resources and data. So it is based on qualitative data analysis, and this chapter follows the primary data analysis because the whole data which are collected are all implemented by the researcher himself . No information is collected from the other source or website or other journals. So it is properly based on the primary data analysis. This part of the research is to figure out a proper web page which helps the people to store their memories in the online platform. A lifetime memory always makes a person happy, so this site helps the community to make the person happy in his inner mind and give relaxation to the entire human body . All the information which is based on the software is discussed here to get proper information about the web page design technique and the working procedure of the software.


In this web page design defined the proper structure of the memory ques web page which is used to store the lifetime memories of the people and store the memories of the people. In this web page a proper structure is designed which helps the people to make a proper service of their memory in this web page. As a result here the researchers design this web page where the three different options are available. Video call option, voice call option and chat option. The user can easily use any option to connect with relatives or friends or family. This communication system make easi to communicate with the relatives of the user (Gilbert et al. 2018). In the voice call option the person can easily communicate with any person with the call option and and talk with the relatives by his voice. Next option is a chatting facility. Here the person can talk with any friends through a chatting facility. Here the person easily chats with his relative circle by type in his smartphone or computer system. Also at the corner of the web page there are three options available, the first is the home option . In this option a person can find anything which the person wants to need to search. When the person cannot find any option in the web page the person can easily press the home button and come to the main page and again he goes to that page what he wants. This web page is very easy to handle by the people because here all oppetion are in one page which was carefully designed by the researchers and the web page maker (Gilbert et al. 2018). Next option is a gallery where the person can store his memory and see the photos anytime when he wants. In this gallery there are so many options which are based on photos, like photo edit, crop, rotate, filter etc. so the person can easily edit what he wants and save the photos in his gallery properly. In the gallery there is an automatic function which saves the photos date by date and also the location option there (Gilbert et al. 2018). This option is very helpful because if the person wants to see his old pic and wants to know the place or the location of this photo, in this case the person can easily see the location and the tik\me or date of the photo, which gives the person a proper knowledge about his old memories. Next is shere which options are very important in this web page. When the person sees his old picture at that time, he wants to shere the old photos to his family or relatives or friends , so he can easily share his old memories to others. Other hand if any person loses his old photos in this case the person can talk to his friends or family to send those pictures and his relatives can send those pictures by share option on this web page. This shere option is a vital part of the web page (Gilbert et al. 2018). By this option a user can easily share anytime photos to another user. Next and last option is his help. It is also a vital option in this web page. If a person falls into any kind of problem which is web page or any kind of account related then the person can easily go to the help oppression and chat over the authority of the web page and also talk with them about his problem. The user can also launch any kind of complaint about this software and claim against the authorization. So this web page helps people very easily. Here in this research topic all information is collected by the researchers himself so this is based on the primary data collection process and the whole web page is designed in the axure application to make the web page perper and specific (Gilbert et al. 2018). First, create a new project and design the whole page in this software and make a proper structure of this web page.


In the analysis part the whole process is discussed about the research topic which is based on storing the lifetime memory of the people in the online platform. The whole software part and how to implement the software and the working procedure is discussed in this part. First for making this web page ,here a software is used which is called axure and designed the whole web page here. At first create a new web design page and arrange the all components which are actually need to build this web page, and then one by one set up the buttons , boxline, headings, link buttons, and images to create a proper web page and make it properly for the users, because if the all functions are not there in a one page there are so many problems is created by the users and there are a difficult conditions is create to operate this application and the people showing less interest on this web page. So creating a proper and informative webpage is very important for the common people. Then give the buttons a proper size and shape for a good formation and showing a proper web page which was designed in the axure application. This application is very useful to make a proper design of a web page (Logie et al. 2018). All options which are needed to draw specific software are here. So researchers have no need to find any option in this software for a long time. There are four options which are important for the people which are home apption, gallery option, share option and help option. In the home option a user can find all the things that he wants to need in the web page. Any item that a person needs to search for can be found in this choice (Logie et al. 2018). When a user doesn't discover any options on a web page, he or she can quickly press the home button to return to the home page and then navigate to the desired page once more. Because all of the options are on one page and were thoughtfully prepared by the researchers and web page creator, this website is incredibly simple for visitors to utilize. The person's memory can be stored in a gallery, where he can view the pictures whenever he wishes. There are a tone of photo-related options in this gallery, including photo edit, crop, rotate, and filter. The gallery includes both a location option and an automatic feature that stores the images date by date (Logie et al. 2018). This option is very useful because it makes it simple to see the location and the time or date of the picture, which gives the user accurate knowledge about his earlier memories, if they want to examine an old picture and want to know where it was taken. Here are the options on this page that are next in importance. In order to readily share his old memories with others, the person wishes to share the old images with his family, friends or relatives when he sees his old picture. This share option is very important to share any type of photos to the other (Logie et al. 2018). And there is also a stable security system to solve the problem of threats. When the person stores his lifetime memory , a stable system is very important to work on the photos of the users. So the user gets confidence to store the photos in this online system is very important besauce when a person stores his important photos for a longtime in this case security service is very important. So this software provides a security system to the users. The web page is useful for any kind of person of any age. Everyone can easily operate the system and use it properly. The web page is designed in a very basic way so that an old person can easily handle this app and a student can also easily control the whole application by seeing the options in the webpage and easily uploading the photos. There is also a vital part which is voice and video call and the chatting facility. A user can easily communicate with his relatives by its video call options and voice call options (Logie et al. 2018). And there is also an option which is chatting options. It is very helpful for the users when a person is busy with his work. The person can easily communicate with his family through a chatting facility and get happiness in his inner mind. So here the total software design is discussed and analyzes the working capacity of the software and how it is controlled by the people also discussed here so this web page design is very workfull for the users which was designed and implemented by the researchers (Logie et al. 2018).

With the option of login, login page can be opened. As shown in the diagram below, login can be done through facebok, instagram, gamil accounts. These options can lead to the login credentials page. In the section below, image of the login credential page is given.

This page is for welcoming the user in the memory keeping application. For existing users and for new users there are tabs. Also a user can skip login and enter to the event page directly.

The login credential page is asking to provide input in the fields called ID and password. After that home page can be obtained.

The Registrar page is showing registration form for the new users. After submission the page will directly take the user to login page.

After choosing the event, the website will show a page like this which mainly contains description of the event and images regarding that. Here several options are present that contains request for video call, chat and help options.

This page is designed for creating a new memory. Here several options are given like choosing video, choosing image, inserting date and other credentials.

This page shows the successful creation of a memory after inserting all the credentials in the memory creation page.

The event collection page mainly holds all the events of a person. Here a search tab is present through which a person can search an event by its name or by its date. In the section below, favorite memories are shown. From this section, a particular memory can be selected. In this tab, the birthday party memory is selected.

Here birthday party event is chosen. A gallery is present that is showing all the images of this party. Here also a section present for commenting in the image. In the right hand side options are given for group chat, group call and many more.

In the section below, two personas of the members are attached. In that, their details and views about the application are mentioned.

Discussion of Findings

Primary analysis

The whole research is based on the primary analysis. Whole data collection process which is obtained in this topic is a totally primary data collection method. Whole data of this research topic is collected by the researchers from the base level and when the data collection process is on so many problems are faced by the researcher and also facing some issue. This is a qualitative data analysis. All data which are researched by the researchers are collected from the research which is based on observation and perception to analyze the resource and data. So this process which is used in this research topic is based on the primary research analysis (Ferland et al. 2018). The "data collection of the research describes the resources" method and the procedure for compiling relevant data must be adhered to in order to carry out the entire analysis. There are two different sorts of data gathering processes that are used in research data collection methods and are used to conduct the research. Primary data collection is the first, while secondary data gathering is the second. The researcher conducts the entire data collection process himself, with the main data collecting methods focusing on observation and perceptual analysis of information and data that are gathered by the researcher himself. This software can bring a revolution in modern technology to build a memory revision system of the old memories of a person's life related situations. Every person who uses this app can get happiness when they use this application. There are some basic procedures to open this application by providing some basic documents about the users (Ferland et al. 2018), the user can easily open the accounts in this software and use it for storage purposes. There are so many research methods available to create a research method.To do research, three main sorts of research procedures are used. "One method, two methods, three methods." The study is based on the fact that many people have large amounts of memory storage. This topic is based on qualitative research analysis because the researchers have made careful observations about it and have examined the findings. Here, the research is perception-based analysis of the resources and the data, so the research analysis is appropriately qualitative research analysis, and all the research has been conducted by the researchers themselves. From planning to gathering relevant data in accordance with the predetermined objectives, the research will follow a rigorous approach (Ferland et al. 2018). Numerous approaches and tactics are chosen and chosen at the planning phase of the research. To accomplish the required aims and realize the study objectives should be conducted. The major approaches in a research are identified based on the research methodologies, research objectives, and data gathering process. Data collection from the most important stages, identification of the type of data and which particular type of data is desired for the research, as well as the identification of the most appropriate research methodology, are all steps in the data collection process. Once the data are collected, the researchers create a proper research structure and respond to the research questions they identified (Ferland et al. 2018). So in this discussion part I talked about the research pattern and from where the data is collected and the research follow which process everything is discussed here. By using modern technology the researchers are implementing that type of modern online platform which helps the people in their busy working life and it also increases its demand in the future and if any one uses it for a business purpose it can increase the profit in the business and the profit of the business (Ferland et al. 2018). But some issues are facing the researchers which are also a very vital part in this topic. For this limitation the research can get a proper development if there are some changes implemented. The research can get more informative in this research topic which is based on storing the memories of the people for lifetime.


This chapter provides a detailed discussion on the primary data collection method and makes a proper structure during the survey. The data is used here for performing the primary analysis using the primary data. This part in this topic told the whole process of the software implementation and result , analysis, discussion. This brief discussion helps the researchers and the people also get a proper knowledge about this research topic. Primary data collection method which is created by the research makes this research a new setup and develops the whole part newly and users are also get the benefits of this app by using this. people‘s old age this app brings so much happiness and makes the person happy by seeing the old days photos and it also helps to happy the person who is very far from home and easily seen his old days photos in his leisure time to make himself happy. Revising the old memory of the golden past is very important in present days , because in this situation people are busy with their work and feel very alone and sad so this app comes out with a great solution to make oneself happy anytime anywhere with a smart phone with good internet connectivity.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

The conclusion part of the research is provided with the final result and the whole summary of the research topic. Which way the research is starting and after starting the research which process were followed and getting the knowledge from the existing theory, and research methodology, doing the software part and find out the result and analysis the result everything which are happened in the whole research, the total summary of the research is discussed in the last of the research which is research conclusion. This chapter outlines the findings the connections with the objectives to identify the usefulness of the analysis and what is the main aim of this research what are the limitation of the research everything is told in this research topic which is summaries in this part for get a proper outline of this research and get a informative research result. Researchers are how to do this in which technique and in which way the researchers complete their approach; everything is discussed in the whole topic. In the literature review part there are so many existing theories discussed to get a complete ide\s about this research and in the theory and model part also discussed the better theory which is to develop the research topic and the research process and models are also told the usefulness and work fullness of the research topic. So after completing the whole research part here the entire summarization is discussed about the research topic which is storing people's lifetime memories in an online platform.

Linking with objectives

In order to validate the results of the analysis and determine whether the study successfully addressed all of the research questions on the basis of which it is framed, the analysis and findings can be linked to the "objectives and the research findings.

Cover the old lifetime memories of a person:

Every person wants to store his happy memory or happy situation in a photo frame to memories of the old days to see those photo frames in his old age in the future. So there is no app which can cover all the memories of a person for a lifetime. So in this topic the researchers are designed a software or a web page where a person can store his old ages memories like school time photos, family and friends photos, college life and job life photos and some special moments photos etc. in this online platform a person can upload his photos of lifetime memories to see the photos in the future time or any leisure time when the person free to relax his mind and also the person get the happiness in his mind. This webpage has a proper system to enter the online platform and easily upload the old photos. A person should put some basic information which is related to this person and make a account on this online platform and after open the account then person get a login id or a password which is provided by the web application system and put this id and password in the web page the person can easily open his account and upload the photos for the future. With a Smartphone, computer or laptop or any other devices the person easily revisits his memory and is happy in his inner mind and makes a proper idea about his past life. Ifv a person who is in abroad and busy in his working life in this case the person cannot contact with his family or his friends any time due to the working pressure, so using this application the person can easily show the old photos of of his family and friends and make himself happy in his little bit free time or any students who is far from his home for study purpose the student can also memories his families , relatives and friend by using this online platform in a small time and make himself happy.

Connect the people by chat or video call in the leisure time of a person:

In this web application here also important feathers are helping the people to make them happy, those are chatting facilities and video call opportunities. The photos storing facility is already in this web application but there is also fidelity is to provide a better service to the people to connect each other. Seeing the old photos is a good memory revision option but if the person easily connects with his family or friend by a video call or chatting facility there is more interest in the people who use this software, so research is to implement this option in this online platform. After opening the account in this online platform the users can send a friend request to his friends or his family who are related to this user. Same that person who is related to this person who uses this application can accept the friend request and connect through this application. In their free time the persons are easily connected with each other by this online platform and chatting with each other by using a Smartphone with good internet connectivity. The video call facility can easily connect the person with his relatives who stay very far from home and this is also helpful for students who studied abroad or far from home. When the student or any person feeling sad or bored in his mind they can open this application and easily connect with his family or friends by a video call or talk with family or friends by using the chatting option. Chatting facility is also present in this application which is a good part of this application. If a person is busy with his work but the person has to talk with his family immediately so in this case the person could use the chatting option to talk with his family person or his friends, so this facility is very helpful for both people. There is also a vital part in the video call facility, if the person wants to present in their family function or any programmers which were organize by his relatives in this case if the person cannot present there the person can easily take the happiness of this family programmer by attending the video call technology and present this program me digitally, it is very important part of this application and also provide a better service to the user so that the users are also attract by this online platform and join this platform by open an account in this web page.

Store the old memories for a long time on an online platform:

There is no software which covers lifetime memories of a person, for this so much space is needed to store lifetime memories in photos or videos from. This online platform can have the benefits to store unlimited photos of the person’s life and store it for a lifetime purpose. To store the lifetime memories so many space is needed so the software makers are implement a huge amount of storing software in this web application which have a proper limit, but this limit is sufficient for storing a person’s lifetime photos, so this application told that it have a unlimited space to store the lifetime memories of a person. For this benefit the users can easily store the information on it. There is no need to buy any external hard disk to store the memories or documents, in this case this online platform reduces the hard disk buying cost and provides a better storage space. Also a another problem is if a person store his memories in a hard disk so there are a issue is create about caring this or save this from stolen, so in this case online platform is very easy to use, anywhere a users can open it with a very good security service, there are no need to carry anything or no fear about threats, photos are keep safe in the online platform by a good security service and the person can easily memories his past photos by open this web page with a specific user id or a password any time by a Smartphone with stable internet connectivity, so this is very helpful for the users in his daily life to make himself happy. Storing capacity is very important for this web application because here everything depends on storing memories and providing a better memory revision to the people about their lifetime memories.


The scope for improvement in future study can be determined by evaluating the limits of the research that has been described in the methodological section. That part describes the issues of the research which make an abstract about the development of the research, so this research part told about some information which will improve the research quality and try to solve the issue which is described as limitation of the research topic. The first in the limitation part told about the data collection issue which is created in the data or information collection time. Sometime local people are cannot able to answer the all type of questions which the researchers are actually wants for the research but if the research is based on the primary data collection so in this case the researchers are tried their hard to collect the data from the base level from the common people, but the researchers are cannot get any pressure to the common people so this is a problems to complete the research properly here in this case if researchers are use the other journal, website or any other source to develop the research topic this is better for the researchers and also for the people. So there is a chase that should be given by the organization to the researchers to use the other journal or and website or other source to improve the research. After that money is also a vital part is a research because a sufficient amount of money can complete the research but if the community get a proper and develop work their some extra money will need to develop the research so some extra amount of money if the organization spend for this research there must be a better result is given by the researchers or the community. So these types of changes develop the research and make the research more informative or proper.


A proper summarization of the whole research topic is present in this chapter. The evolution on this research topic is strategically compared with the research questions and objectives that have been fixed during the early phase of this research. The whole data collection, analysis and discussion or the software work satisfy the research approach to understand the common people's demand and the usefulness in the market purpose. This research also highlights the issue which is creating in the research, if the issue were cleared by the researchers, the research can give a better informative result which was more helpful for the common people in the real life purpose. The future research also showed a way to develop the person's life better by using this technology. Overall the whole research completed with a proper result and a better future scope which help the people to store lifetime memories in an online platform.



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