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BA3UK32O – Academic Performance

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Assessment 1: Educational Artefact

Academic Performance

Assessment 2: Individual Case Study Report


Effective management of time not only increases the productivity level, but also reduces the stress among students. The concept of effective time management helps in prioritizing goals and attaining greater results within the least possible time. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the greater importance of effective time management for students’ success. The discussion will be made in the context of determining the importance of time management and personal research will also be demonstrated by seeking the tutor’s feedback for ensuring further improvement.

Justification and argumentation

According to the views of Shchetynina et al. (2019) effective time management is a very crucial concept for all the students because it allows the students to accomplish maximum number of tasks within the least possible time by focusing their attention towards the defined goals and eliminating unnecessary distractions. Students can get engaged with their learning and could take out more time for pursuing their hobbies such as spending quality time with their friends or families, playing music, sports, etc. In support to this defined argument, Demirda? (2021) reflected that the effective management of time can enable all the students to bring the best of their capabilities and enjoy the greater satisfaction of goals’ attainment. The time management concept is closely linked and associated with greater academic performance and reduced level of anxiety among students as they learn and practice of developing as well as maintaining the standard balance between their studies and day-to-day lives.

It has been reflected by Nicola et al. (2018) that many students lack the crucial understanding about the importance and benefits of effective time management and hence they end up wasting their lot of time in using various social media applications including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more. Another major reason that is being identified by Miertschin et al. (2015) due to which the students face difficulty in managing their time is the planning fallacy. Due to this particular reason, the students underestimate the concept of effective time management and 25 % of the college students have tend to become chronic procrastinators which means that due to some unfavourable reasons, the students feel like hanging out with their friends. Some of those reasons include the fear of failure, uncertain priorities and lack of motivation. 

Aryanti and Adhariani (2020) determined that 48.4 % of the college students don’t get enough time to complete their coursework because of wasting their lot of time in surfing different social media websites. Also, 88 % of the college students are seeking for embracing their capabilities of managing limited time with greater effectiveness and efficiency. Based on the research conducted by Sethi and Gyan (2016) the students should realize the importance of effective time management so that they can increase the efficiency of their performance, increase the level of productivity, relieve higher stress, improve their ability of making reliable decisions and attaining the greater sense of fulfilment. In addition to this, it has been further researched that 48 % of the students possess the ability of managing their studies, assignments and meet the deadlines by maintaining the personal calendar.

Importance of effective time management to successful study

It is very essential for all the students to develop and possess effective skills of time management so that their tasks and assessment activities can get prioritized and they can manage their studies in a well-organized manner (Ekinci, 2014). The students can feel more confident and focused towards their studies and learning. Also, the students can avoid the procrastination issues and thereby can get saved from stressed behaviour, frustration and poor grades. The college students studying in the international universities can attain their defined goals and grab favourable career opportunities by learning time management skills and becoming a multi-tasking individual. Time management skill is considered as one of the most essential skills for embracing personal and professional success (Cirillo, 2018).

Personal research and feedback from tutors

Based on my personal experiences, I feel that the students must feel encouraged and motivated in learning the importance of time and developing time management skills. By learning and developing the effective time management skills, I have become able to increase my focus towards the targeted goals and complete all the assigned assessments and tasks before the deadlines. I have received the positive feedbacks from my tutor for possessing the time management skills because I not only possess theoretical understanding about the importance of time management; but also apply suitable strategies in the real life for managing limited time and leading successfully towards my studies (Polyakova and Zueva, 2021). I have further experienced that the time management skills have been greatly helping me in stressing out my level of frustration as I have been able to maintain standard balance and save more time for doing my hobbies. Therefore, my tutors have appreciated me for scoring good marks and doing the studies with greater efficiency and effectiveness. I would suggest all the students to learn and develop time management skills by watching videos, reading books and learning from some practical examples from the tutors.

Conclusion/ Recommendations

It can be concluded that the effective time management skills play a very important role in making the studies successful and making the students more focused towards their goals. In this report, the key arguments and discussions have been supported by citing the researchers and personal experiences have also been shared for reflecting better understanding. The feedbacks received from tutors have also been discussed. Some of the following recommendations can be adopted:

  • Developing project plans
  • Developing systematic schedule
  • Avoiding the multi-tasking activities
  • Reducing distractions
  • Taking regular breaks
  • Starting the assignments early
  • Keeping systematic records of the upcoming assignments and setting deadlines


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