Circumstances Surrounding The External Forces Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Circumstances Surrounding The External Forces Assignment

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The range of the essay shows the deliberate knowledge about the stated technologies to emphasize the motive and innovation of different positions. The entitlement of the essay has different object in energizing the managing condition with thorough circumstances. The environmental policy of the festival stands through different object and sides of profiting in different time circumstances. The surfing of conditional output goes through the different situations in evaluating macro theory. The delivered approach through which the study belongs depend with the different pace and knowledge. The commodity and credential factor equalize the specification of different parts to sustain the over ethics on environmental policy.

Nature causes the condition of the environmental conditions that theory down the land of different quality and profit. The quality ensuring of the report shows the quality of different objects in this project. The terminal condition of this technology is also in different objects such as the driving of implications and bracing on the contextual factor. The factor that goes through the obtaining condition can be stated on the significance of the working capacity. The function that delivers the different objects can define the secondary condition and state of development. The output manages the frequent work and acknowledges the variety of working in opposition.

The working condition which is evaluated with the credential factor of the momentum in different phases has also different circumstances in the environment (Pulh, 2022). Condition of focusing the future decisions is also trending in the implementation of the external force. The festival controlling event of the country has the growth function efficiently

The circumstances surrounding the external forces

Sziget Festival is an event that is been directed by different conditions and borrowing of different controlling and variety of opposition. Where about the festival can through rectify its need in the country for secondary benefit. The working liability of good culture in economic fate considers being the differentiation on the country's work. The power of the changes in work has a different growing ability. The merging condition of the festival depends on the situation that has simultaneously notified.

The influences factor of macro-environment

The factor that influences the macro-environmental policies is considerable through the research and their work that has given the value to increase the environmental policy. The effective policy that supports the external forces of working helps to encourage and solve the efficiency that leads to the economic factor of the environmental policies (Chien, et al. 2022). The environmental condition has ethical performance which has an adequate standard that has the impact with whose support it can tackle and deliver the progress that helps in the production of the social outcomes that are valuable. They can also help in making successful environment condition with the help of the macro theory and valuable policy that affect the rules and the regulation to follow; as a result, it affects the condition of making the utility and make the festival component level and progress of working. The high performance and the commodity presence can be embedded over time which helps in making the environmental policy that helps in the lowering of the system knowledge (Zare, et al. 2022). The basing of the environment can give the output on the stability of the country's function.

Success around the festival

The policy can involve the extent of both the social outcome and adhere to the relevant festival of the country that helps in maintaining the efficiency and entertaining the rules and the regulation that are required for making a successful environmental policy. The accommodation is faced by the decision-making during the formation of the strategies that are required for making the bills passed and it focuses on primary policies and secondary policies (Niu, et al. 2022). The internal and the external policy of working in the environment play an important role in the workforce. The environment helps to determine the rating policy and the commodity function that is being required to circulate on the festival.

A macroeconomic policy of the festival

In a static environmental policy, the overview of macro economy shows the object of inside knowledge of ailing the progress of different conditions and variations of environmental policy. The environmental conviction of the Sziget Festival on the basic need is the formulating the growth and information the function and collecting the process of festive opportunity. The Sziget festival has also a pictorial policy taking in different places of that country (Cueto, et al. 2022). The impressing of different development of the festival is managed by the credential work. The starting position of different workings in the festival content can be elevated by the different opinions of the country.

Developing function

In the system of polishing a festival more efficiently, it evaluates the controlling power of different entrepreneurship. The outcome relates to different challenges and authorities in the work progress and statement of different components of the festival Sziget. The authorial policy of the country enhances the mean of function stability and establishment to improve different functions. The consistency of the festival develops the significance of opposite directions and controls the basic knowledge of working (Raffay-Danyi, and Formadi, 2022). The festival culture concaves different working stability and functions to intend the quality phase. The festival entitles the different aspect on ranges of goods for the country. Therefore, the development can sustain the power of stating progress than the previous time. The component of development can emerge the more costing and quality.

Growth sustaining

The support to enhance the upcoming growth and reliability festival rise its quality. On different mode enhancement, it is also required to late the country more frequently the festival of different components. The country is Hungary is also enhanced by the different layout and conclave the path for energizing a program (Giovanni, et al. 2022). The different parts of the function can be also controlled by the power and countries system which is also different entrepreneurship. The component system craves down through the positive controlling of growth on the festive season. The aggregate quality of work can be included with the surrounding of the festive season (Gharagozloo, et al. 2022). The components of the commodity enhance its culture to oppose differently through the idea of country people. The festival courtesy has also depended on the variety of possible features and states the work that can develop the frequent needs. The evidential need takes down the festival in implementing the condition of enhancement.

The analysis of festival

The point of enhancement of the festival evaluates the distinct need and proportion that can be included in another view. The feature of the good capability of introducing the festival gets a followed gratitude. The merging feature of the country festival can be involved in the range of probable buildings. The system of the festival narrating includes the music therapy and opposes the littering feature of growth. The festival can be analyzed through the different country focus and also the hell right which is the largest culture of the festival (Lynch, and Quinn, 2022). The interdependence of the culture is fair friendly to the greater people. The people do know the college, the stock woods and history to hold a bridge of the festival. The prior opportunity of the life festival is also raised in the musical stage of the world. At this festival, the opportunity to cross out the different focuses of processing happiness.

Importance of macro-environmental factors affecting the development and management of international events

Macro environmental factors are considered to be the inner environment of the economy itself. It is referred to as having effects on the operation, performance, decision-making along with the strategy-making procedures as well. It is also considered to be dynamic which can be described by the constant changes in the process of execution (Da Silva, A.L. and Castañeda-Ayarza, J.A., 2021). This includes the factors that are out of the control of the organization however these harms the performance of the organization. The main factors that are included in the macro-environment are considered to be the factors that are related to the economic aspects, demographic forces, technological forces, physical and natural forces, forces that are related to the legal and the political aspects as well as the social and the cultural forces also.

Economic Factors

 The environment of the economy can be considered to have an effect on two important aspects that include the production level of the organization along with the procedures of decision-making among the customers. Interest Rates that are applicable in the execution of the business are referred to as important for the environmental aspect of the organization (Shtal et al. 2020). The rates of exchange also play an important role in the execution of the business along with being considered as an important economic factor. Recession rate or the period during which the recession has happened is considered to be important for the execution of the business. The rate of Inflation is considered to be an important economic factor that affects the growth of the business concerning the growth of the GDP. Taxes along with the other legal aspects are also considered to be essential factors that affect the economic expansion of the business followed by the growth of the organization. The rate of Demand and Supply within the emerging market impacts an adverse effect on the execution of the business along with driving the growth of the organization also.

Demographic Forces

Every part of the market gets affected through the universal forces that are considered to be demographical. These are referred to the factors such as age, level of education, characteristics of the culture that are present in the location of the execution of the business, region of the execution of the business along with the global ranking among the other countries across the globe, lifestyles of the people that are present in the country and many more(Dickson et al. 2020). Important variables are considered to influence the business through the number of income variables. Besides that, the variables that are related to the age factors along with the ability to affect the execution of the business. Moreover, variables that are related to the geographic regions also affect adversely as a part of the demographic factor. These variables are also considered to be the factors that drive the level of education among the people of the country where the business or the International event is being conducted.

Technological Factors

Technological factors are considered to the skills and the different abilities that are related to the implementation of the production along with the technologies and the materials that are required to make the proper execution (Baariu et al. 2021). These factors are referred to harm the efficient execution of the business. This tends to boil down the basic factors that include the types of maintenance trolleys used for preserving the tools along with the equipment for a longer period of time. Automation of the business process includes effective knowledge about the technologies that are required to be used in the process of execution of the business (Raffay-Danyi, Á., and Formadi, K., 2022). Moreover, the effective range of Internet connectivity is also considered to be important for the monitoring of the business processes along with sharing the required amount of data efficiently. Advanced technologies such as 3D technology are used mainly in the packaging section of the products for appealing to the customers followed by increasing the demands among the customers. Using the advanced kind of technologies, the speed and the level of accuracy of the methods of executing the business can be enhanced along with making the process of business execution more effective (Küçükakça, 2018). Technologies are also used by the organization in order to maint the performance level of the engines along with the effective efficiency of those engines through regular monitoring methods. Technologies also include wireless charging which is considered to be highly advanced as this provides efficient power to the required devices that are considered to be important for the execution of the business.

Natural and the Physical Forces

Execution of the business needs to be balanced with the present resources from the environment along with maintaining their security. Renewable resources are considered to be the forests as well as agricultural products whereas non-renewable are referred to those resources which include coal, minerals, oil, and similar kinds. Both kinds of resources are strongly related to the maintenance of effectiveness of the production process in order to maintain the efficient execution of the business (Pavlukovi? et al. 2019). Moreover, these natural and physical forces are considered to be the climatic changes that drive the execution of the business in various ways. The pollution level of the location where the business is getting executed or the location of the International Event or Festival also plays an important role in driving the efficiency of the business operations. Weather conditions are very important for the execution of the business as adverse conditions of weather do not support the efficient execution of the business which later on leads to losses also (Barrer, P., 2021). Therefore it is very important to know the condition of the weather of the particular place for executing the business. Availability of both kinds of resources is important for effective management of the production procedure which leads to the effective execution of the business. While executing the business it is important to understand the environmental laws of that particular location in order to have a smooth and effective kind of execution. At the time of execution, it is also essential to maintain the safety of the biological species along with not hampering their survival ability for the sake of business execution.

Political factors

Effective execution of the business depends on the political situation along with the legal environmental factors of that place of execution. Therefore it is essential to remain up-to-date about the political forces of the particular place where the festival is getting conducted as well as for the execution of effective business decisions. These political factors that drive the execution of the business include the law of copyrighting. The employment law of the location where the business is going to be executed is important for managing the workers and motivating them to work effectively. Fraud law is effective in order to control the instances that include fraujery via different means. The Law of discrimination helps to maintain the level of equality among the top-line and bottom-line members of the organizations. Health and Safety law helps to remain effective during the execution of the business along with maintaining the proper safety and security for the workers who are mainly responsible for the effective execution of the business. The law of Import and Export helps to maintain the regulations that are imposed by the government at the place of business execution.

Social and Cultural Forces

It is important to understand the impact on the society that is imposed due to the introduction of the product. Therefore it is very important to limit all the hazardous practices that provide an adverse impact on the sustainability of society. Moreover, it is also important to deliver the following social responsibilities in order to make people aware of the introduced product. For effective execution of business, it is important to monitor the purchasing habits of the customers that are localized with the area of business execution. The level of education of the localized people also needs to be monitored to assume the range of swelling of the products. While thinking about the effective execution of the business it is essential to know the religious beliefs and practices that are followed in the area of execution. Other than that, the rates of emigration and immigration and immigration also play an important role in the effective execution of the business. Different kinds of lifestyles that are present in the localized area also play a vital role in order to maintaining the balance for effective execution of the business.


The essay concludes about identification and the impacts of the technology in the environmental factors of the nature. The evaluation shows at the macroeconomic factors focus on different circumstances of the event festival in Hungary. The festival of frequent working of large scale is also the maintaining on the capacity terms and progress. The stating shows at the global attention media affecting on completing and sustaining the technology.

The options implications for the future of the event it is necessary that more distance on different context and factors should be developed. The policy that affects the environmental condition should also recognize the rational stating of the festival. The opposition takes the according to components and features toward the differentiation and crossing the circulative knowledge of the positive reason. The completion of the theory and change on the over viewing state of different functions. The evaluated knowledge about the study can be opposed with different knowledge and different criteria this is been also valuated with the function of the economic theory. The outcome of the dependable project can be also evaluated by the function and the theory of networking this is the circumstances where it is found on different eligibility and probability. Sourcing of this project can be also even allure on a different surface or state the function of different evictions and control of different good hoods. The condition can also conclude different object which states the objection festival and its importance. Therefore this essay is the study of the knowledgeable output of the Sziget Festival.


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