Introduction Of Environmental Sustainability Assignment Sample

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Introduction Of Environmental Sustainability Assignment

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Environmental Sustainability is the process of conserving the natural resources as well as the ecosystem for today and the future for the upcoming generation. In this process of environmental sustainability, humans need to care about the beauty and the existence of green plants and diversity in our environment. The environment is conserved by the awareness of planting trees, conserving natural resources, educate the upcoming generation about the importance of the environment in their daily life. Environment sustainability is very important for the existence of life on Earth. This study tells us to conserve our environmental sustainability.

Demonstration of the Issues

Care for the health of the ecosystem for the long-term by conserving the plants, foods for the next upcoming generation. By avoiding less use of fertilizers in our fields, stock and care of the available genetics of the birds and the animals can be considered with the help of special care of them. Apply the appropriate decision over the consumption of the resources. The use of renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources can be considered a beneficial option for the safety of the environment. As an example avoid the burning of coal by using natural gas as well compressed liquid gas. Use energy over solar energy and wind energy for saving our natural resources. Prevent the cutting of forests day by day for making land areas for living and for establishing new industries (Verma and Raghubanshi, 2018). Protect species and ecosystems to avoid polluting our environment by avoiding unnecessary use of automobiles, avoiding less use of CFC producing machines, and making people aware of the use of solar energy and wind energy. Cutting down trees day by day causes global warming, lack of water resources, untimely changes in weather, and excess temperature. Avoid polluting our environment from the pollutants such as C.F.C, extremely dangerous gases of the industries and companies. We need strong economic decisions for our upcoming generation. For example burning of coal gives us short-term benefits but the smoke pollutes our ecosystem and imposes it on the upcoming generation (Posthuma et al. 2019). Extremely polluted areas may cause health-related illnesses in humans that are not able to go outside without wearing masks for the prevention of illness. We have to care for our oceans and the life of aquatic animals living in the ocean by avoiding the dumping of the waste materials of the industries and companies.

Impact of the Issues

The main impact of issues of environmental sustainability is rapidly changing climate and global warming affect the living of humans by difficulties in temperature (Evangelista et al. 2017). Acid rain and photochemical smog create a big impact on the environment acid rain affects the historical buildings, and affect humans by skin cancer. The waste materials produced by industries pollute oceans and all living organisms. All the dangerous liquid and solid wastes are flowing in the oceans, which badly affect our oceans and endangered the life of all aquatic animals, are living in the oceans. People have to save their environment properly by saving what is already present on the planet for people's future and people's upcoming generation. Strong economies promote the growth in environmental sustainability while people are taking the environment climate change such as pollutions and much other environmental change is getting very injurious for their health. A huge impact of issues in environmental sustainability is extinction of species and the wildlife because of pollution and extremely changing environment. Many wildlife animals are not able to survive in the extremely changing environment on the earth due to affecting the environment and may affect the living of humans (Wang et al. 2020).

The above graph is showing the moderate and higher pollution rate of the areas of the UK between the years 2011 to 2017. In the year 2020, the average will increase by more than 9 points (, 2021). All the main resources required for the living of humans are depleted due to the impact of the issue of environmental sustainability. Forests, water, and food are very important for the survival of life of humans. Without water and air, we cannot imagine life on the earth. All types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution affect our environment as well as the living organisms on the earth (Doiron et al. 2019).


The study of the Environmental Sustainability report concludes that life is possible on earth because of the natural environment. An effective environment is very essential for our population and the economic growth of the UK. In an effective environment, we need to use solar energy and wind energy. We need to create strict rules against all types of pollution. Environmental safety programs need to be organized in the country for the awareness of environmental safety.

Reflective writing

Sustainability improves the quality of people's lives they are living in today's world. It protects from an ecosystem and stores natural resources for people's future and upcoming generations. Go green is not only helpful for the companies, but it also makes the best use of the environment for more time. People need to take care of the environment by planting more and more trees for fresh air using a small number of polybasic and many other things, which are harmful to the environment. There is some example of environmental sustainability like renewable energy in renewable there are solar energy, wind energy, crop rotation (Olay Aburumman et al. 2020).

Importance of learning

The learning may be important for people in environment sustainability because it reminds them what problems people are facing on a planet they have to stop this issue by renewing the resources like crop rotation in this we have to harvest their crop it will improve the growth rate of harvesting. Fossil fuel is an example of non-renewable energy in this people has to plant solar panels and windmills to produce natural current and fresh air through these processes. The issues are environmental protection in this they have to give an opinion on how to improve the air quality index to provide clean air. Economic development in this people has to provide such facilities through which they can enjoy better financial benefits. Social development is the way by which they can fulfill others whose are suffering from hunger, poverty, we can provide them food, education, healthcare support, and add them to the way they are living this lifestyle to make them feel happy. Therefore, they have to improve water quality and sanities the area, which polluted. Without taking any action, they cannot be able to survive on this planet and they cannot be able save any species for an upcoming generation (Gustafsson et al. 2020).

Learning process

In this learning process, I am going to use future study and development plans. In the development plans, the society needs to improve their lifestyle the way they are living in the environment. While people improve their lifestyle, everything will be improved automatically like health life, incomes, etc. People need to plant trees for fresh air to breathe air pollution is a big issue it affects their health they need to work on recycling and renew the energy. Awareness people need to be aware of major and minor problems, knowledge is the process where they gather the information about environmental sustainability and learn to add new ideas in the projects and add them in their ecosystem need to learn about how to work n the plans for upcoming future and how they help me in this environment. By participating and giving the involvement in the society what they are going through and some of them are suffering from the problems and provide the needs what they want this the way I have learned how future study and development plans work (König, 2020).

Personal development plans

Academic Skills


Future implications

In this study the aim and skills, I am going to be focused on how people can improve their environment by go green plans, renewable energy, recyclable energy, crop, rational, and there are many plans on which I have focused in this study. I aim to work on these issues and some problems, which are faced by the people in this environment people, need to keep the focus on these plans.

I have taken these plans seriously which is important for people in their daily lives and as well as for people's upcoming generation. They need to work on the issue on the problems they are facing and go through them. I take the actions to how to develop the plans. people have to make their environment clean by not throwing wastes and garbage’s here and their people need to establish dumping plants to dump them and make their surroundings clean.

The three different points are to be included in environmental sustainability.

1. Creating problem-solving people who are punctual, understand their duty well, and do the work.

2. Forward-thinking people who can share their knowledge in no time and the decision on the skills

3. Strong leadership can make their stand in any projects, which are going on and take their stand

The leader needs to lead all the plans on which they are working.

Table 1: Personal Development Plan


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