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Introduction Of English language Assignment

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Stage 1: Conception


The organization which has been chosen for this project is Proper which is a UK-based snack preparing organization that is famous for its special vegetarian offerings which are highly rich in nutrients and have low calories. The specific product chosen is the new development of the new recipe of popcorns which are termed as "Propercorns” (www.proper.co.uk, 2021).

USP for the product

Propercorn is a delicious form of popcorn that is very delicate and soft and can be easily chewed and eaten up by people of any age. It is also the crispiest popcorn around the whole British land and it happens to be:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Under 136 calories (considered the best by the nutritionists)
  • No palm oil used
  • 100% natural and real ingredients (Tested by B corps)
  • Full course support from BBQ's to picnics

Proper is the first B corporation certified snack company in the UK and the idea of proper corn came into the minds of our food processors when we heard people of Britain saying Popcorns are getting riskier for health and costly as well . The very next day people started the testing and planning and within a month the new recipe was ready. The product has already gained the trust of the nutritionists and now is the time to gain the trust of the public.

The target customers are people belonging to the age group of 5-45 years of age but specifically, the main target audience for this product are the people belonging to the age group of 18-30 years of age. This is because the people belonging to this age group are observed being involved in the processes of snacking for at least 3 hours a day and the real and healthy ingredients of Propercorn make it a product that can satisfy their needs of healthy snacking easily especially in this condition of a pandemic.

Proper is growing very quickly. It is an up-and-coming direct-to-consumer snack company and sells almost 30,000 orders per month and due to the online ordering scenario because of the pandemic issues, the organization is planning to move up with 40,000 orders per month with the next 3 months (Hossain and Jayadeep, 2020). Based on the past sales data, Ad campaigns conducted by the company, and the snack market condition this new product will bring increment in the volumes for the organization. Since the country is going through a lockdown phase, therefore, online ordering is at its peak and this the reason the stocking and inventory management is also very high, it is considered to be 100,000 units in the stock for fulfilling the order requirements.

Resource and supply

Materials that are required for the development of this product are corn, potatoes, lentils, and different organic spices. Different types of flavors like chocolate, caramels, different nuts, and organic butter are used for the development of the product.

The manpower who are involved in the development and the production of this product range is 30 people. The manpower involved vary in their skills and talents like 8 are highly skilled and experienced in popcorn developing, 12 are semi-skilled and 10 are unskilled people who are involved in the development of this product for the company (Rajhaet al. 2021).

The financial investment for the development of Propercorn is £7 million for the year 2020. The increase in the number of people working for the organization to satisfy the snacking need of the people and the increase in the orders from last year indicates that Proper needed a higher investment. They earned a profit of 140.8 thousand in the last year and this is the reason the investment has been increased for this new product range .

The Proper snacks have a very well developed and operates a multi-purpose office in London as well as a manufacturing facility in London. These are the land resources available for the organization.

There are several equipment and facilities which are used by the organization for the development of Propercorns and lentil chips are listed below:

  • Extrusion cooker and the extruded snacks are always created in a very innovative way which includes various shapes which can attract the eyes of the children as well.
  • The expanded snacks are highly rich in fibers and nutrients and this process and equipment are only used for making low-calorie snacks. For example, lentil chips, potato sticks, some sweet and flavored popcorns, etc (Joshiet al. 2020).
  • Nut processing system which includes sorters, blanchers, roasters, and coolers.
  • Microwave and gas ovens for Frying, baking, and drying the snack items.

Transformation capabilities

The owner of the organization is itself an example of an entrepreneur and the name of the owner is Cassandra Stavrou. The organization has highly skilled managers who are working for the organization and also uses the ERP software for planning and managing their resources and production yields. Proper snacks use the FlexiBake which is an ERP software specially developed for baking and snack products.

The design and development of the Propercorns are maintained in a very unique way. The design palette contains distinctive colors with new bold illustrations for different product flavors. It provides the idea about the taste and creativity of the firm to attract more clients (Pagoropouloset al. 2017). The luggage-style shelf-ready packaging is the new development that the organization is bringing for this new product.

The organization is working actively in recent times for its nationwide marketing. Propercorn is touring the country in a 33ft pink cement mixer which provides the idea about new products and their flavors(www.proper.co.uk, 2021). The engagement of the shoppers through Instagram and Facebook is used for social media marketing. Largest digital campaign through YouTube and story polls.

New retailers are being approached for easy availability and also connecting with Amazon for delivery and logistics support.

Stage 2: Implementation


Planning is necessary for Propercorn to amp out their way for achieving their goals.

Team members

Owner, managers, workers, and executives, and delivery and logistics supports.


  • Small-scale supply to the customers in London (Short-term)
  • Supply across EU through SIP support (Long-term)


Computational and in-drive documents of each business process.


Stakeholder's approval after scheduling the project.


Hossain, A. and Jayadeep, A., 2020. Analysis of bioaccessibility of campesterol, stigmasterol, and β-sitosterol in maize by in vitro digestion method. Journal of Cereal Science, 93, p.102957.

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Pagoropoulos, A., Maier, A. and McAloone, T.C., 2017. Assessing transformational change from institutionalising digital capabilities on implementation and development of Product-Service Systems: Learnings from the maritime industry. Journal of cleaner production, 166, pp.369-380.

Rajha, H.N., Debs, E., Abi Rached, R., El Khoury, K., Al?Kazzi, M., Mrad, R. and Louka, N., 2021. Innovation in cannon puffing technology for the homogenization of bulk treatment: Half?popped purple corn, a new healthy snack. Journal of Food Process Engineering, p.e13695.

www.proper.co.uk, 2021. Propercorns. Retrieved from https://proper.co.uk/ [Accessed on 11th May 2021]

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