Sentence Starters for Essays
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Sentence Starters for Essays

Sentence Starter Essay: A Comprehensive Guide And Tips

Writing a high-quality and effective essay is important for every student. Because it is important for both your academics and self-development. Despite many attempts, you are not able to craft the finest essay. Surely there may be infinite reasons behind an unsuccessful essay. But do you know where you struggle the most? The answer is with your sentence starter in the essays.

A sentence starter is very useful in writing, especially in your academic essay writing. You can easily draw attention or increase the level of curiosity of your readers by using proper sentence starters. Unfortunately, writing is not everyone's cup of tea. Many of you can not understand the right use of sentence starters in your essays. That’s where we come in.

In the upcoming blog, we will discuss What Are Sentence Starters, how to use them and their types in a brief. We will explore many aspects related to essay and sentence starters. So don’t leave your screen for a few more minutes and read further.

Why Sentence Starter Is Essential For Essay?

Before understanding the importance of sentence starters, you need to understand what they are. A sentence starter is a group of words or phrases that help in starting your content. They are unique and engaging and that’s why they are important for your essays.

Sentence starters as the name suggests you use at the beginning of our essay. They are used in such a way that readers can get an idea about upcoming paragraphs. They can be exciting or connect with readers' thoughts. You should understand that these sentence starters are the game changer.

There are different types of sentence starters you can use in your essays. For example, you can use transition words, unique phrases, relatable questions, prepositions, etc. Now that you have understood what a sentence starter is and why it is important for essays we will move to the next point.

How Should I Start Sentences In An Essay?

Beginning an essay is not complicated when you know the type of essay you are working on. As each type of essay fits a different pursuit and requires a different writing style. All you have to do is give words to your creative mind. In the upcoming context, we will discuss some types of essays and the formation of starting sentences. Read further to get into the details:

  • Descriptive Essay: This type of essay contains a description of a person, situation, event, emotion etc.
  • Sentence Starter Examples: Out of the blue, Suddenly there was, The air started to, etc.
  • Narrative Essays: In this author narrates a story from their personal experience. They are almost similar to descriptive essays.
  • Sentence Starter Examples: Long ago, When I was little, Let me explain, On the contrary, etc.
  • Argumentative Essay: Writers can present their argument on a particular issue through this essay. It also contains facts and evidence to prove the claim.
  • Sentence Starter Examples: To be exact, This piece of writing addresses about, To view the essay, etc.
  • Critical Essays: It is counted as academic writing that evaluates, analyses and challenges the information.
  • Sentence Starter Examples: According to the text, From what I see, Looking carefully I can see that, etc.
  • Analytical Essay: In this, the writer has to present an argument, evidence and claim for what they are analysing.
  • Sentence Starter Examples: In the following case, To illustrate, As an example, etc.

Various Examples Of An Essay Starters

We have organised some more examples of different types of starters for your convenience. You can use them to enhance your essay writing. Also, you can effectively capture the attention of your reader from various starters. Read further and understand which starter is suitable for your sentence.

Opening Sentence Starter: A word or phrase for starting the sentence is an Opening Starter.

  • This essay explores
  • Experts who agree that
  • It is undeniable that
  • It is clear that
  • It may be difficult to believe that
  • One reason why
  • This paper aims to
  • The essay focuses on

Winding Sentence Starter: You can use a winding sentence starter to finish or close your essay.

  • In the end
  • With the conclusion
  • Summing up
  • To conclude
  • In the final analysis
  • Thus
  • Finally
  • Lastly

Elaborating Sentence Starter: These starters are used to expand or give more clarity to your sentence. They are very useful in essay writing.

  • Additionally
  • Furthermore
  • Moreover
  • Just as important
  • On the other hand
  • Even more important
  • Another way to put it
  • In simple words

Comparing Sentence Starter: When students want to compare and contrast two different things they can use Comparing/Contrasting Strater.

  • Similarly
  • In addition to
  • For example
  • The first claim
  • Along those lines
  • The flip side is
  • Then again
  • Complimentary to this

Sequence Sentence Starter: You can show the sequence of previously written text from this starter.

  • Eventually
  • Next
  • Secondly
  • After that
  • Move on to
  • First of all
  • After a while
  • To begin with

Effect Starter For Sentence: These words are used to show effects in your sentence.

  • Because
  • Consequently
  • As a result
  • That's why
  • In that case
  • So that’s why
  • The reason for this
  • This is how

Some Useful Facts About Essay

As we discussed earlier there are different types of essays. Similarly, the length of each essay is also different. An entire book has been written on what are essays and how are they written. For now, we are giving you a short overview of different essay lengths.

  • One Paragraph Essay: 100 to 300 words (Middle school/High School)
  • Three Paragraph Essay: 500 to 700 words (College)
  • Five Paragraph Essay: 800 to 1500 words (College/Undergraduate)
  • Extended Essay: 1500-5000 words (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Additionally, while writing your essay always give a good structure. Include an engaging introduction, two to three informative paragraphs and a conclusion. And if you can’t do it then let us handle your essays.

Write The Best Sentence Starter Essay With Us

It is not necessary that every student can make the essay the finest one. Many such things make the essay work difficult for them, like the Sentence Starter of the essay. However, it is the most important asset to make an essay engaging. But everyone can’t do it right. At this moment they search for experts who can help them write a perfect essay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sentence starters suitable for all types of essays?

Yes. Sentence starters are suitable for all types of essays. However, they are most valuable for non-fiction essays. Sentence starters help a writer to grab the attention of readers.

How can I avoid overusing sentence starters in my essay?

You can avoid overusing sentence starters with the following tips:
  • Avoid repeating the same words.
  • You can use transitional expressions and infinitive phrases.
  • Use sentence starters only when needed. Write a short introduction.
  • Always make different structures for sentences.

Can I use the same sentence starter in different paragraphs?

Yes, you can use the same sentence starter in different paragraphs but it would be great if you use various sentence starters. These are used to draw attention, build tension and create suspense for the readers. Therefore using different sentence starters can increase the engagement of readers.
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