How much should I pay for an assignment?
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How much should I pay for an assignment?

Writing an assignment requires students to go through the whole process of researching, writing, proofreading, and editing. All of it takes a toll on their mental and physical health. With the constant expectations to achieve excellent grades, students feel overwhelmed and finally knock on the doors of assignment help companies. We, at New Assignment Help, support such students who often struggle with writing assignments on the topics given by their professors. 

Hitherto, we have assisted students who lack time, writing abilities, critical thinking skills, and subject knowledge- everything that is required to come up with a high-scoring assignment. If you too are facing similar concerns, then you must take online assignment help. However, the question that hovers over your head right now must be & How much should I pay for an assignment?’ Well, the answer depends on some significant factors. The complexity and submission deadline of the assignment are considered mainly while deciding the price, however on average it costs around 5£ per page which may vary according to the requirements.

Here Are the Factors Influencing Assignment Pricing!

  • Complexity and Scope

The level of complexity and scope of the assignment largely influence the cost charged. If the topic consists of a lot of technicalities, then surely it would require more time for research and working on it. 

  • Academic Level

If a Ph.D. student needs help with his/her research paper, then surely the experienced writer charges more than writing a basic history assignment for a college student. Thus, the academic level does matter in this case too!

  • Urgency and Deadlines

Is the assignment deadline hovering over your head and you need a writer to work on your project? Well, urgency is also a factor that determines the pricing for an order. If the writer has enough time on hand to do the project, he/she may not ask for more. 

Introduction of Pricing Models in the Assignment Industry

Fixed Pricing vs. Bidding Systems

As the name suggests, fixed pricing is a model wherein the assignment service providers set a predetermined price for their writing assistance. And, this price is fixed after determining the factors like the complexity level, word count, deadline, type of assignment, etc. It doesn’t contain any hidden charges and also prevents situations like negotiations and haggling over prices. 

On the other hand, in the bidding system, students post their assignment writing requirements and service providers compete against each other by bidding on the project. In this approach, students can get engaged in negotiation but there’s a huge question of quality and reliability. 

Additional Services and Add-ons

There are some assignment writing solution providers that charge additional costs for services like urgent delivery/rush orders, proofreading, editing, and revisions. Also, they take extra money for sending a plagiarism report with the order. 

Researching Assignment Service Costs

  • Comparative Pricing Analysis: This approach is all about researching the different assignment providers in your location and comparing the prices they are offering for a similar assignment request. It helps you understand the average cost academic writers are demanding to work on a project. The rule is to not sell yourself short. Thus, always do extensive research, compare prices, services, know about their writing team, their academic qualifications, read reviews and then take the decision. 
  • Reading the Fine Print: It simply helps students to be aware of the hidden costs involved in the pricing. The optional services and add-ons like rush orders, plagiarism checks and increase the cost of the assignment. Also, take into consideration the cancellation fee charges and refund policy in case you feel dissatisfied with the quality of work. Take time to understand these terms and policies before you hire an assignment help provider for your academic project. 

Striking the Balance: Budget and Quality

  • The Pitfalls of Underpaying: Every student wants to receive high-quality work but dreams of paying less for the services. Well, there has to be a balance of budget and quality. You may find some cheap assignment help service providers but they may not provide you with well-researched work within the deadline, and then it can be a really huge problem. Usually the low-priced service providers offer poor quality work that fails to meet the academic writing standards. They can deliver copied or plagiarised work, which will surely affect your grades and academic performance. 
  • Investing in Academic Success: Make sure that you invest in quality services so that nothing comes your way of academic success. Such companies handpick experienced and talented writers with vast years of experience in academic writing. They produce assignments which are well-researched, 100% original, correctly formatted, grammatically sound and meet academic standards. 
  • Student Budgeting Strategies: Keep some portion of money for assignment writing services to avoid the pressure of spending in the nick of time. Also, make sure you avoid taking rush orders as they will charge additional cost. Thus, always plan ahead and evaluate options to make informed choices. 

Setting Your Assignment Budget Wisely

  • Defining Your Priorities: Before you set an assignment budget for yourself, it’s essential to clearly define your priorities. What exactly do you wish to receive from your assignment helper? Is it an original document? Is it getting the assignment within the deadline? If quality is above everything for you, then set a budget you can happily invest without straining your pocket much. 
  • Seeking Transparent Pricing: Hire an assignment help provider that is clearly stating its pricing structure without any hidden prices for additional services. Everything should be clearly mentioned and transparently communicated to you. From restriction on revisions to cancellation fee and chargeable plagiarism report, every aspect should be specified. 

Many students find themselves apprehensive about making payments online because of the cyber thefts and stealing of financial information. Thus, make sure that the assignment provider offers the safest payment gateway encrypted by the latest firewalls. Also, read about their privacy policies and confidentiality terms. 

The detailed information shared in this blog will be beneficial for you whenever you think- how much should I pay for an assignment? Now that you have the answer to this question, share this blog with your classmates and help them too!

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