Bibliography v/s Reference List
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Bibliography vs Reference List: An Uncut Guide

Bibliography vs Reference List: An Uncut Guide

Dissertations, assignments and other academic documents are indispensable parts of the educational system. Unfortunately while working on such papers students often get confused in Bibliography and References. Although you may already know that both terms play important role in your academic documents. Messing up with bibliography and referencing can have a bad impact on your papers.

However, both have similar functions to some extent but there are many important things which make bibliography and referencing completely different from each other. Due to their similarities, students often get confused and either they use one of them in the document or end up using nothing. As a result, students face plagiarism and credibility-related issues at the time of submission.

We understand that failing in your academic papers can be stressful. Thus in this, we will discuss the Bibliography and referencing in detail. Along with that will clear your every confusion about both the terms. So that you can able to submit the finest assignment with proper referencing and bibliography sections. Read further and first understand the Bibliography and referencing in particular.


The bibliography can simply be defined as a list of sources you have used in your assignment, books, etc. It is an important part of any document and you should never forget to format it accurately without missing any details. The section of the bibliography is reserved at the end of any book, assignment and more. You can list all the sources you have used in the document in the bibliography whether they are cited or consulted by experts.

The bibliography is useful for both you and your readers as you are providing them with appropriate resources to check the authenticity of the work. If you want to create a proper bibliography for your document then you may start writing down your sources as soon as you start working on your papers. From this, you will not miss any source you have used in your assignments or any papers.

Referencing List

You have read the brief on the Bibliography. Now we will continue discussing what the Referencing list is in detail. Well, the section of the referencing list also contains a detailed list of all the sources you have used in your document but only cited sources. If you are a student then you should understand that referencing/citation is an important component of academic writing. You just can’t miss it while working on your document.

When you provide proper referencing/citation in your academic document you are dodging all the changes of plagiarism in your work. By making use of accurate referencing/citation in the document you are giving full credit to the original writer. Along with that it also helps in maintaining academic authenticity and virtue. Let us also clarify that the referencing/citation list is also created at the end of your document with proper details original writer's name, page number, publication and year.

Difference Between Bibliography And Referencing List

You may have well understood that the bibliography and the referencing list are two different things. However, to give you a better understanding of both the bibliography and the referencing list we are highlighting some major differences between both of them.


Referencing List

The bibliography involves every source writers have cited in the document including other sources.

The referencing list only includes cited sources used by writers.

A bibliography helps writers to keep a record of their work.

A referencing helps to give credit to the original author.

The bibliography covers books, articles, websites, etc.

The referencing covers only authoritative academic sources such as books and journals.

The bibliography is organised in alphabetical order.

The referencing is arranged in APA order or MLA order.

The bibliographies are very long.

The references have minimum words.

Common Factors Of Bibliography And Referencing List

Now you have understood the major difference between the Bibliography And Referencing List. However, there are also some common factors among both of these. Let's understand what they are in the following points:

  • Both Bibliography And Referencing List are used to maintain academic integrity.
  • Writers give credit to original authors from both Bibliography And Referencing List.
  • Readers can easily trace the record from the given citation in both Bibliography And Referencing List.
  • The bibliography And Referencing List both include sources that have been cited in the document.
  • The bibliography And Referencing List both have a formal format so that readers can read and understand them easily.

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