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Introduction of Smog In Delhi Case Study

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Delhi is the capital city of India. The massive population is a major problem in that city. Smog is a combined term of fog and smoke. The smog problem is increasing in Delhi day by day. In this essay, the researchers will discuss the problems due to excessive smog in Delhi. It is very eas

ily understood that smog is responsible for severe respiratory disease and other related diseases also. Hence, it is problematic for the whole community in Delhi apart from the rich-poor, male-female etc. Before 10 years, the condition was not like the present situation (Debahuti & Tilak, 2020). In the time race, the technology is increasing and the system is trying to be better for human welfare. Not only the government of Delhi can solve this problem but also the whole community of the capital city is liable to mitigate this problem.

Thesis statement

This essay will focus on the probable solution to mitigate the smog problem in Delhi and discuss the key factors to abolish.


Delhi is one of the greatest historical important places in India. The major significances of the city are commercial city, cultural hub, transport and lastly the political centre in India. A total number of almost 28 million people are the residents of Delhi, the largest metropolitan city in India. After the year 2005, the air quality started to deteriorate. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is decreasing year by year. According to Garg & Gupta (2020), air pollution is getting high after 2017 2.1 to 3.2 times higher than the previous years. The average concentration of PM 2.5 and PM 10 are increasing about to 768 and 384 microgram per meter cube respectively. As a result, the number of respiratory diseases is increasing in Delhi. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, lung cirrhosis, and insufficiency in normal breathing etc are common respiratory diseases in Delhi (Jahan et al, 2019). The proposed solution is that private motor driven vehicles will run on alternative days within a given period and the industrial factories will not operate more than 5 days in a week. [Refer to appendix 1]

Steps to be taken

Earlier, it is mentioned that, the probable actions that are to be taken to abolish the existing issue. In this section the detailed idea about the steps are described. The first solution is as if the government has to impose strict rules-regulations over private and unnecessary motor driven vehicles. The current government may impose the rule as even numbered motor vehicles can run only on Monday-Wednesday-Friday whereas the uneven numbered motor vehicles can run only on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. In that case, Sunday is completely closed for travelling by private vehicles. Residents of Delhi may use commercial transport vehicles such as bus, taxis on Sundays and after the scheduled time duration imposed by the government. The AQI is hiking year by year (Tiwari, 2019). In the past few years, the AQI is getting a level from 300 to 450, which is very near to severe condition. [Refer to appendix 2]

Another probable solution is the government of Delhi may impose a rule for the industrial factories not to operate more than 5 days within a week. In Delhi there are big industrial hub within the country, the developmental process of chemical factories is also very fast. Various agricultural fertilizer manufacturing, medicines, food production, and land waste management factories are there in Delhi (Bhalla et al, 2019). In January-February, 2021 the concerned government of Delhi has taken few actions to cut down the smog problem in the capital of India. Among these plans, Usage of Pusa bio-decomposer, installation of smog towers, reduction in burning in garbage and traffic emissions, make more strength in green war room and make public awareness programme etc. These strategies make a great influence in every body’s life in Delhi. Other political parties also stayed with the solutions taken by the government.

Critical analysis

The critical analysis of the probable solutions can be moralized by DOORS analysis.


The two proposed ideas are debatable because experts such as environment scientists, doctors, can evaluate both ideas and members of ministry have been done.It is very common in India that the politicians and even the scientists are always ready to start a debate over a topic. Hence, these people easily create debatable thinking as well as talking regarding this study. In this case, some economic experts may oppose these two rules because of implementing these rules (Chetambath & Jesin Kumar, 2019). They may convey about the taxpayers consent and relation with businessmen-government.The scientific officers also tried top approach to achieve these solutions for eliminating the threat.

One health

The particular one health problem mentioned is smog in Delhi. The names of the diseases caused by this problem are also mentioned.


The solutions are original until the date. As far as possible, no one has given these ideas before. There is no breach of research ideas or themes taken. 


The ideas are completely researchable because it is both directly and indirectly related with environment problems and health problems. 


These ideas are specific in terms of particular focus to mitigate the problem. Other solutions also may give a positive impact on the health status of the residents of Delhi.


As per some recent reports in the last 2 years after COVID-19 outbreak in India there is a lack of hospital beds in Delhi in terms of population. Hence, the readers will be able to get to know the exact standard of the healthcare system in Delhi after allotting so much financial help to the healthcare department (Asmat et al, 2020). In the Particulate Matter Index (PMI) PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate matter reaches the scale of almost 1000 micrograms per cubic meter in the air [Refer to appendix 2]. Health diseases such as chronic skin disease, severe headache, mental trauma, and eye related problems may arise if the strict solutions are not implemented. Severity of the diseases will also increase as the air deteriorated (Kumar, 2021). The criticism is done through DOORS analysis.


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