A Systematic Review Of Current And Emerging Digital Technologies In The Construction Sector Assignment Sample

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Introduction of A Systematic Review Of Current And Emerging Digital Technologies In The Construction Sector Assignment

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1.0 Purpose of the research

The construction sector is an industrial area where the maintenance of erection and the repair of buildings and the other structure of buildings, roads are included. The government of any country has to include the planning sector in the construction industry as a service sector. Because of recent conditions, a huge amount is invested in the construction sector and it also grabs a huge part of the market. The manufacturing and construction industry is known as the secondary sector. Industrial construction, building construction, road construction, and infrastructure construction are included here. In this review section, here is the literature review from abroad context. The discussion of the methodology is also done here. The practical implications of the new methodology in this sector are also discussed here. The construction changes over time (Manzoor et al. 2021). The increased rate of the construction profession is considered a rise in techniques of modern science. The technology used in modern days, there has an impact on the workforce section of the population.

The aim of this research is to discuss the techniques used in the construction sector and how the digitalization process helps them to improve to grab the position of the recent marketing. Digital technology helped the construction sector very much to increase the safety of the workers (Çetin et al. 2021). New technologies helped to reduce the cost of the whole work and how they implemented the whole work is very much important, this will be discussed here.

The main objective of this research is to build a relation to how the technology changed the current rate of construction. The changing structure of the construction changed the ideas of innovation and how they were established in the recent days is important. The use of drones in construction makes an important part of the research objectives. The use of BIM software in the construction industry is enhancing the work proficiency of the workers (Núñez-Merino et al. 2020).

The use of technology in the construction sector is considered to a reducing rate of the wages of the workers. Because when the machine comes to industry the work becomes easier from the previous one. This is a good sign for the global context of the industry but the employment opportunity is becoming tougher for the workers (Qi et al. 2020). Because when the machine comes to the industry the work is being divided between the workers and the machine and for this reason, the demand of the workers is changed in nature. This is a problem for the workers to fulfill the life cycle. According to the industry, productivity is important for the company, not the workers are important because they have to focus on their work, not the workers (Kar et al. 2021). Machines are faster than men, that's the reason why the machines are included in the work procedure. Digitization is very important for the construction sector to improve the quality of the work, and safety issues of the workers, and to reduce the cost of the total construction. With the digitization processes, the increasing rate of profit of the company is very important this enhance the authority and improve the condition of the workers.

According to the cetin and nemet, 2021 says that the practice of architecture in urban planning responds to the stylistic convictions, and the practice of architecture finds itself in a competitive environment of the market, where the expression of architects is beyond the digital industry. At the ASCSSD international conference, they explore the theme linkages between the design processes of thinking and construction and the manufacturing process. The impact on the practice of engineering, construction, and architecture. The author selected and update the papers and points and give suggestions for the problems of the critical evaluation. In this context, there is an acknowledgment of their use of the designing tools and the need for an overcoming process to overcome this situation. With the digitization processes, there are some implementation barriers to any construction system (Akinlolu et al. 2020). Construction companies should always take care of the environment of the workplace and apply innovative ideas to do the work. In recent day’s condition, there is a huge need for the customer demand services to do the works adequately. The author talked about the cultural thinking of building construction to the completion of the work. The innovative and critical thinking of any project is very important to complete the work. Recently manufacturing company experience fourth industrial revolution that refers to the cyber physical section. The tendency towards the automation and digitization changed the environment of the manufacturing industry. The technical and non-technical both methods are important in construction industry and both are implemented in a proper way because without this the industry can be collapsed. The incorporation of the techniques of emergence can help to the realization of the working purpose. The new generation and the usefulness of new machinery is helpful for the physical environment of the industry. A organizational intensive knowledge and the various simulation optimize the algorithms and optimize the products.

According to Qi et al, 2020 modern time performance the increasing amount of research is focused on the performance of the construction of the industrialized used emerging technologies. Still, it is necessary to have a depth topic to understand the industry practitioners. There are perspectives on the emerging technologies to apply to the up going projects of construction. Respect to a well-designed survey is distributed to the industry that has a construction project. The method of data analysis was done by the collected data for specific research questions this is very important in accordance to do this context. After gating the results the techniques of sensing and the business informative models and the technology with the highest current utilization process is very important to do this work. The extended reality, manufacturing, and the analytics of the technologies in the construction sector are done according to him. The project inputs like cost, labor, and time as well as the implementation of the software and other costs like capital cost upgrading the software and the compatibility are the main agendas which facts the construction work. According to them the construction of industries with the applying new technology and the questionnaire survey are the keywords of the industries. The implementation of artificial intelligence in the construction industry shows a valuable impact on a country's economic development. Choosing the finishing materials for the construction industry is an important thing if the ongoing process of the industry helped in this section of development this will be a very helpful condition for the growth of development. Technology in the construction industry reduced the worker's wages from the industry. The fulfillment of all recommendations is a very important thing for the industry. The use of GIS technology in the construction industry is also a very important thing for the industry. GIS helps the construction industry for identifying where the industry should build up in the land section. Because GIS helps the organization identify the position of the landscape, like where the vegetation section is grown, and where the river flows.

According to Samad, 2021 industrialized construction is a method of construction that promotes a process of advancement from the designed-based construction. The off-site construction, modular construction, prefabricated construction, and the manufacturing of homes are the new construction projects for the industrialized information. In this topic, there is a need for differences between the scope and definition of the previously discussed forms. According to him the benefits of the construction of industrialized have been well explored in the construction work. In the recent manufacturing industry, the industrial revolution is also referred to as industrial construction. Here are various types of technologies that emerge from the concept of industry. The modern generation of the manufacturing industry used machines for all workers this is capable of monitoring the physical environment with the performing the functions. On the basis of technical support from the industry, skill development is very important to doing work faster in the current date. This paper aims to understand the attitudes toward the attraction the literature review, distribution nature of the company is an important the thing. The pilot study is also done for the research. The company's expert experience is a unique point of the discussion to executing the planning section of the sector. On the basis of the techniques of the supportive industry the digital fabrication process are controlled by the digital device. Regarding the sensing technology such as digital imaging are apply from the real project conditions. With the increasing development in the construction industry the information and communication technology is helpful for the construction industry. The construction industry is an industry that incorporates building, and road construction. With the rapid growth of industrialization, the construction industry grab the market in a greater way, this development of this sector is put a better impact on the economic sector of the country. Residential and non-residential construction both are very important sectors. The use of mobile phones and drones is the new technology for the construction industry. The implementation of both processes is impactful for the industry.

According to Aleksandrova, 2019 this article presents the study of the changes in the collaboration of innovation in the relationship of business that develops in the digitalization of the federation of Russia. This work followed the systematic approach to comparative work. The construction of projects and the digital industrialization process is improving day by day to proceed with the whole work. The main reason for the digital implementation of any construction work was done in the context of the global economy. The digital market launches various easier methods to the market to reduce the caring cost and the labor cost for the construction work. Digital construction enhances the work progress through these constructed opportunities the work process increased day by day. With the implementation of this work technology Construction Company reduces the work pressure and time duration also. The impacts of this digital technology depend on the business climate, the healthcare system for the workers, and the education efficiency of the workers. The state activity of growing the BIM model, the ministry of construction federation of that country has to set up a proper budget to execute the model. The use of modern technology is a challenge for those who are not properly skilled. That's the reason why the government has to give proper training to the workers to work in a skilled way.

According to Turner, 2020 the changing steps of the rate of adaptation in the industry of construction organizations are the main agenda of this work. Here author mainly discussed the challenges and the opportunities of the construction sites, which is very important to the topic. The labor force mainly comes from the village section of a country. The village peoples are not too much skilled in doing this work, that's the reason why this workforce has a proper skill development section for improving their work for the future development of the construction sector of industry (Puolitaival et al. 2018). The use of new technology reduces the work pressure on the workers this is a good sign for the industrial sector but not good for the workers. Because if the machine reduces the worker then after many years all workers become jobless which is not good for country workers. The use of the data analysis method is very important to do this section of the work. In this overview, the practical use of the BIM model takes grand importance within the construction industry. The element of the BMI models is very important for the implication of the project construction site. The multitude of sensing technology is the detection of the individual state of psychological movement. After identifying all the sections organization will decide where the building or industrial construction structure should be made. All these recommendations helped the organization to grow its development in future aspects. Increased safety equipment in the construction industry is very helpful for the industry. The construction of software management is also very helpful for the development in this sector.

According to Chowdhury, 2019 the keywords for this literature review are digital technologies, the life circle of the construction, cost reduction of the engineers, and the productivity of the construction industry. With the increasing rate of the urban population, there is a huge requirement in the construction industry. For this purpose, the digitalization of the construction industry is a very important and a needy thing in the recent context. For this subject making building structures with software is a trending aspect of the recent tradition (Neves and Vetere et al. 2021). Digital innovation is very important with respect to this subject, if the management is done it properly then it could be a good representation of the construction industry.

With this thing company track where the materials are at that time because this is very needy for the future prospect of the country. This capability of the industry saves the companies cash and waste materials. Technology allows jobs in different sectors and they have to allow this thing for the development of the future of the industry. With the technology with intelligent modeling, users can make business adjustments for the building modeling. In the recent day's development process most of the developmental growth comes from the technology platform of a country, if the country grabs the position correctly it will be a great prospect for the development of the country. 3D volumetric building construction in the modern era is highly recommended for the construction industry. The hybrid concrete building technique in today's construction world is a highly recommended thing in this section.

2.0 Research Methodology

In scientific terms, there are two types of research design. The first one is quantitative research design and the second one is the quantitative research design. In the quantitative research sector, there are some numbers that consider as data and calculate as a hypothetical statement on it. But in qualitative research, this is a more subjective description of analysis and alternative theories. Qualitative research is a method that is based on the participant observation or the case study that resulted in the descriptive account. This qualitative research method is very helpful for this assignment and with this research method, the data has been gathered from different articles.

The research approach is a procedure that incorporates broad assumptions in the analysis, data collection, and interpretation of the analysis. There are three approaches to the research, the first is quantitative research, the second is qualitative research and the third is the mixed approach (Gromova 2019). Here we apply qualitative research to work on this research. Qualitative research methods put importance on the objective measurement of the topic or subject. The qualitative research approach is a way of thinking of conducting qualitative research. The qualitative research approach deals with the meanings of words.

There are two types of research methods, one is the primary method and another one is the secondary research method. Here in this project, the secondary research method is the best representation. Qualitative research methods are a very slow process that's why it allows the researcher to explore the concepts and experience the topic in more detail. The qualitative research method is based on the narrative case study process or the observation processes. This is a non-numerical research method. These are the benefits of this section for explaining the secondary data for an assignment. With the analysis of secondary data sources, there is a gap in the result section, because the authenticity of the work can be questioned (Sepasgozar et al. 2019).

The research philosophy is a broad discussion of the way by which a phenomenon is gathered and analyzed or used in a different way. There are three research philosophies, the first is positivism, the second is interpretivism and the third is realism. The secondary data section took the interpretivism research philosophy. Here is the need for research philosophy and given proper importance because of the assumptions and the leading choice of the research and the applied process, methodology, and methods of the data interpretation (Ciarli et al. 2021). This is a conceptual research scheme that is the reason why the research philosophy is very important for this project. 

Data is a set of information that is translated into different movements or processing of a subject. In recent times, information transmitted from binary to digital information (Perera et al. 2020). The information on any subject is based on the data. There are two types of data, one is primary data and the second one is secondary data. Here in this assignment, the secondary data is required, and with this literature review explanation here the data analysis work has been done. The importance of secondary data is, that this is a data set from which the explanation of the data set is much easier than the primary data section. The secondary data accessed by the researchers are previously gathered, this is an easy process to gather data set (Benachio et al. 2020). Data is always playing an important role in any organization.

3.0 Research scope and limitations

In construction, sector technology is important for the uprising demanding force. According to the previous day the construction sector has not used the technologies as now. At that time the whole work was done by humans. Women and men both are now involved in this sector equally but the past says males are the main work people. With the time changing, women are also involved in this sector. The Industry of construction is a very important sector of the economy which shares the importance of the growth of the economy of the country. With the construction industry's contribution and the economic activities, it shows a high significance in the development process of any country. The history of construction is the old concept as the history of humanity. The background of construction history is very expansive and complex which is impossible to justify in a conceptual theory. But the explanation of the turning points is possible. The construction is started because shelter is very important for the living beings. Rather than village areas the construction process of cities is more important because due to the work purpose the people migrate from villages to the city area. After settling in the cities the construction grows day by day for the shelter issue (Regona et al. 2022). As the construction sector improves the way of construction the use of machinery is increased day by day. 

In this assignment, six literature reviews are discussed. In this literature review, they do not discuss the high-cost structure of this construction industry. With the use of new technology in the construction industry, there has a high demand for skilled labor. But sometimes the properly skilled labor is not there and they do not discuss this topic. In this literature review, the authors did not discuss the sustainability and the efficiency of the construction industry. In the construction industry, the work of the workers is heavy and risky. With these risky jobs, there is an issue of the safety of the workers and the authorities did not think about that subjects. With the ongoing process, safety is very important for the worker's authority has to arrange the medical insurance for the involved workers. The skill development of the workers is a very important issue in the modern construction era, but this issue does not discuss here. The increasing rate of raw materials is also an important issue in the construction sector and discussion of this topic is very important in this context. The proper planning of the construction industry and the innovative execution of the whole plan is another issue in construction. The poor planning of local authorities is not discussed here. The shortage of capital and the inadequate growth of strategies the planning is a gap in this literature review. All the issues which are discussed here are the literature gap in this constructor sector.


4.0 Implications

The data set gathered from the literature review is mainly the research findings of the construction sector. In recent trends, the various new technologies helped in the construction business sector. The new technologies are the drones, the BIM software, the 3D painting, the data collection apps, and the artificial intelligence. The new engineering technology such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence both are helped the construction companies to eliminate the long-term process and low productivity. It is very important for construction companies to stay updated with the latest technology in the construction business. In the context of new technology, the use of materials and finishing materials for construction is a very important agenda. The 3D printing technology in the construction sector reduced the cost of things, cut waste materials, and increased the construction speed. This new technology of the construction site enhances the complex architectural shapes, this is the new technology of the construction site is still under processing department and processed rapidly (Babalola et al. 2019).

This section of this sector has a rapid growth in the construction sector, if applied properly this could be a great success for this industry. In this construction sector, the BIM model is very much applying section for the development of the increasing growth of the construction sector. The BIM model increased the productivity of this sector. This model helps the way of the design sector how they could process the whole work. This model helps to improve the collaboration process of the company this is a very important process for this section, it also improves the project control board of development. The implementation of technology is a continuous transformation in the modern construction industry. Technology helps to increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the construction sector. Using heavy uplifting motors in the construction sector reduces the risk factor for the workers. This is a beneficial sector for the country's development. To enhance the visualization processes the development in the construction sector is a very important part for the investors. The sustainable and safety improvement process enhances the growth of civilization. The construction industry now shifted from conventional labor methods to automation processes through the implementation of digital technology.

This technology of digitization played an important role in the revolution. With the increasing no population source there is a huge demand in the construction sector. With the increasing rate of the construction business, the communication system has to be developed in nature because without a proper communication system people cannot reach their proper destination. Cloud technology in building construction is a software-based construction. This is a customer-centric product so the construction company has to be careful with the products which they hand over to their consumer. The automation of the manual task added to productivity is an important part of this sector. The low operational task for the construction due to new techniques is a very important part of this context. Implementation of new technology in the construction sector improves the competitive advantage of the sector this is helpful for industrial development. In recent days the construction industry put a valuable impact on the country's developmental process, this is a very needy thing for the country's economic growth. Improvement in the communication system is a key concept in this industry.

Technology in the construction industry influence the whole market of this industry, with the increasing demand of the industry they improved their collaboration system. With the use of new technology, it is very important to fulfill the skilled labor structure. Because skilled worker always works hard for the industry this is very important for them but sometimes the organization could not find skilled labor. At this time company has to organize some skill development programs for the workers by which workers can develop their skills. To improve business the opportunities of the industry technology are important which changes the demand chain in the market. Digital capabilities help the industries to get more information in the marker section. The underwater water structure construction is another issue in the digitization process. In the pandemic situation, the construction industry has faced some problems, because in the global context at this time the investors are not investing their money properly, for this reason, this time this industry faced problems. The high increasing rate of building materials is an issue for the construction industry. Because of the safety management, the industry has to develop the industry in values. The use of construction robots in the industry is considered a use of technology in this industry.

The use of drones in the construction industry is made an impressive contribution to this industry. A proper map-making process is an important point of this section of industrial development. In the construction industry, anybody can include in this sector because no training is needed for the involvement in this sector. In this sector, anybody can be joined as a worker. This can be a benefit of this sector of the industry. But with the timing is running training and proper implementation of any job is very important in this sector. The company has to organize some campaigns for the skill development of the workers of the company. Because when the company has skilled labor the company should be performed in a successful way. The great salary of the construction industry attracts workers in different zonal areas. In this sector, the development manager post is a very important position in the construction sector. He has to develop proper planning for the development of the company.

The work pressure of the construction industry is heavy-loaded work, for this reason, the risk of the worker's health condition is an important issue. In this context, the company has to arrange some medical insurance for the workers. This good initiative helps the company to enhance their working procedure and workers also grew their interest in working in this sector. This is important because if the primary section of the company is working smoothly then the whole construction works done smoothly in nature. The strength of a construction company is how the company improves its sustainability and reduced the use of carbon footprint. For implementing this opportunity company has to use renewable energy, this is the best way to the carbon emission. Companies have to use the process of on-site water treatment plants to minimize waste materials. The construction industry provides jobs for a community and this is the income source of the community.

6.0 Conclusion

Nowadays there is increasing implementation of technologies in the digital section in construction. In recent day’s technology shifted in digital marketing. The transformation that affects the digital technology implementation is comprehended in the subject of construction. Digital transformation in the construction industry is highly recommended in today's culture. Digital technology creates a transformational effect that uplifted the strategic construction which facilitates the effects. In modern times with the use of effective machinery construction companies reduce their cost which is very helpful for the company. Digital technology comes with new business ideas which attract investors this is a good thing for the company. Consumers are also attracted by the new business structure and the innovative presentation because in modern times every consumer wants a unique presentation of the construction of their houses or offices. Every attractive thing attracts human beings and the needs of a consumer are fulfilled in nature it will vary helpful for the betterment of the company's development process. The use of various gadgets and smartphones in the industry for tracking raw materials is a very innovative action for the betterment of the company. Tracking the current stock knowledge always provides knowledge of understanding digital technology in construction. Digital technology normally puts an impact on the implementation of technology. It is very important to identify the qualitative and quantitative benefits derived from the implementation of DT. Digital technology implementation should not be an arbitrary choice for the benefit of the construction industry.

Research program

7.0 Reflective Summary

The rapid growth of the population creates a demanding force in the construction sector. With the technology, the construction industry developed day by day. Building a sustainable supply chain is a good thing for the betterment of the company's future prospects. As per the global context keep the running equipment as efficiently as can be done. The construction sector unites a community sector to maintain the increased home values. Attracting human beings with a unique presentation is a very important thing for the future of the country. 



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