Introduction of Advanced Construction Planning Assignment Sample

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Advanced Construction Planning Assignment Sample

Introduction of Advanced Construction Planning Assignment

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This part is based on the various methods for constructing or refurbishment of The Barkers Pool House building by Raddisson. There may be two sections covering the appropriate master program for the construction and the various types of the cost. The various elements required a work method statement properly. The different types of software for delivering the master programmers, for the betterment of the construction work. The project requires the justification for choosing the planning of the software and it also requires the critique of the software. The application of the software in the planning of the construction may be understood by this project.

Section A

1. An appropriate Master Programmed for the construction phase and Cost Load

An appropriate Master's Programmed for the construction phase

The professionals of the construction had a focus on the incensement of the important part of the area of The Barkers Pool House building by Raddisson Project. It may be based on the transformation of the digital by combining the technologies and the managerial sides to follow the various disciplines. The management of the construction may be required to follow the one method for the best result of the project, as there were a number of the method included. However, in the analysis of the various reviews, the manager of the construction came out with the point to select the method of Risk assessment method statements (RAMS) (Highspeedtraining, 2022).

RAMS method acknowledges the management's various requirements and risk control procedures related to the project. It is the method of controlling the harness effect on the environment and the safety of the workers. It would apply to the area to identify the potential hazard that may occur during the period of the construction at the site (Highspeedtraining, 2022). This helps to create the necessary outline of the precautions for the workers and the misinterpretations of the injury.

The specialized person of the management using the method may be required to follow the vicarious types of the demolitions related to the construction site. The demolition may include the location of the building and the distance of the building from the street furniture that may be significant. The method can help the manager of the management of Raddisson management to develop the structure of the relevant area of the cost (Theconstructor, 2022). There may be a need for time to complete the demolition process; therefore, it may be very important to include experienced workers in this type of process. The approaches to the demolition may be used based on the detailed sequence of the members, which are involved in the work process. 

Construction companies may face various challenges during the period of the construction of the building. Therefore, it may be required that the construction company has to maintain the proper process of the construction and the various resources to meet the objectives.

Requirement of the resources

  • Materials and products

The materials may include the part of the items that may not be completed or raw material. The materials were sand, bricks, types of cement and so on. On the other hand, the products may incline the finished items, processing items or the items offered for the sale. It may include doors, windows, fans, lights, fittings and so on.

  • Human Resources

The process of human resources may be considered under the Human Resource Management (HRM) system. This may include the process of managing the people's worst in the different stages within the Raddisson (Alexa and Avasilcai, 2018). The primarily HRM may consider the process of sufficient human resources, to ensure the requirement of the project. This may classify the various workers in the various states according to their skills and experiences.

  • Finance

This may include the cost of the different workers and the management work for the process of the betterment of the project (WATER, 2019). The finance may be under the finance management that brings the whole criteria of the cost related to9 the financier of the various sectors.

  • Budget

The budget may become a vital part of the projection of the site; it may include the estimated cost that is required for the completion of the work (Sultana et al. 2018). Sometimes it may become incorrect due to the various processes as it may be calculated at the start of the construction of the Raddisson’s building.

  • Equipment, construction plants and tools

The equipment and the various tools may become a very important part of the construction as without the plants and the equipment no works may be started at the area of the site (Sultana et al. 2018). The cost of the various tools had a vital part in the projection of the budget.

  • Subcontractors

The subcontractor may become useful at the time of carrying out the elements related to the work, when the building construction may become increasingly complicated for the contractors (Kashmanian, 2018). The subcontractor may include the elements of the plumping, electrical services, roofing of the building, civil engineering or the others.

Cast based on the applying method

The various costs to construct the building may require proper measurement to fulfil both types of the cost which may be initial capital or another maintenance cost of Raddisson project. Estimation of the cost of the various equipment and the other requirements and for the arrangements may play the most important role. The cost estimation may create the baseline of the cost at the different stages of the construction projection (Kalyon et al. 2018). It may help in the estimation of the future requirements and the development of the process of the project. The construction may need to include different types of costs at the different stages of the period of the project. It may include the cost of the engineers, the product required for the engineers and the other requirements of the workers. The subcontractor may also include the cost of the labour, equipment and materials for the completion of the Raddisson project (Kashmanian, 2018). It may become very important to maintain the time criteria for the betterment of the environment and the people of the site. The capital cost may include the expense related to the project, and the establishment of the initial cost of the facility.

  • Feasibility and planning studies
  • Construction financing
  • tax and insurance at the time of the construction
  • Inspection and testing
  • General overheads

The various types of components and the resource for the period of the construction becomes more important at the time of the estimation of the budget (Kalyon et al. 2018). The operation and the cost of the maintenance may subsequently be over the year of the project life may include.

  • Operating of staffs
  • Periodic renovation
  • Cordless drill
  • Bored piles
  • Boning rod
  • Reversible Drum Mixer
  • Hydraulic Concrete Mixer

Cost loaded to match the method statement

Activity No.





Survey process

5 days


Mobilization of hazard

 12 days



Sludge handling

6 days



Reconstruction of plans related to budget

14 days



Measurements of the safety

7 days


Table 1: Activity Level

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

 Network Diagram

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

The cost loading may be the type of activity that includes the process of the breaking down. The amount of the contract and the cost of the assignment at its lowest level of the baseline Schedule activity, that may evaluate the payment amount due or required for the contractor. It may help to evaluate the values, which may be earned or planned according to the process of the construction. Figure 1 shows the network diagram based on the various activities included in the process of the construction or refurbishment of The Barkers Pool House buildingon Burgess street into a hotel. It helps in the process of the activity that will be done by following the baseline of predecessors. The survey process may estimate to done with in the period of the s days, that will be done by the various engineers.

Gantt Chart

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

Sales price break down


Finished Goods cost


Marketing cost

$ 5,297

Overhead and general cost


Financing cost


Operating of staffs


Total A


Construction Cost


Bored piles


Cordless drill


Boning rod


Hydraulic Concrete Mixer


Inspection and testing


Roof shifting


Labor cost


Interiors and doors




Lighting features




Total B


Total Cost (A+B)


Table 2: Cost Loaded Table

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

The above table shows the relevant price breakdown related to the period of the construction (King et al. 2018). The method of the cost breakdown refers to the process of the identification of the determined factor for the completion of the work. This method may be used for the estimation of the various cost of the products or the system included in the management (King et al. 2018). The total sales price breakdown may have amounted to USD 121,455 for the construction area. It may include the cost of the finished goods cost, marketing, the overheads cost, finance and operating cost of the staff (King et al. 2018). The construction cost may include the cost of the various tools that may be used for the construction of the building like Hydraulic Concrete Mixer, Bored piles, Boning rod for the rearrangement of the site's area. The total cost of the equipment amounted to $152,186. The Inspection and testing had USD 12,000 the part for the good health of the site or the soil for the betterment of the environment. The other cost will be USD 65,000 for the construction area. The total cost will be estimated USD 273,641 may have occurred for the whole cost in the construction area.

  2. Work Method Statement of the elements

A) Broad cost breakdown with evidence.

Cost Breakdown Structure

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

Sales price break down had the requirement of the measurement of the cost of the various Finished Goods cost and the other (McEwan et al. 2020). This method was used as the tools of the risk measurement. This type of the method may help the management of the estimate of the work in a summary. The cost Breakdown structure has been developed based on the nature of expenses of Raddisson project.

A) Explanation of the construction method with quantities, and resources needed




Cordless drill


This type of equipment may be used to hold the walls for fitting the various types of the extensions. It may also help in tugging the doors and windows or the other things required for the building.

Bored piles


The tool used to whole the ground under the earth, putting the various types of the materials or the pipes for the electricity.

Boning rod


The rod may be used to build the build strong and put it strength.

Reversible Drum Mixer


This may help in the mixing of the various materials, which help in the building of the area.

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer


The mixer requires you to restore the materials or garnish it in the way of the requirement.

Table 3: construction method

(Source: Developed by Researcher)

Section B

(A) Planning software to deliver the master program

Risk assessment method statements (RAMS), may be used for the process of the construction of the building in the certain criteria (Highspeedtraining, 2022). This method may apply in the methods of the construction period shortly done the way to fulfil the work requirement. It may be important to involve the health and the safety documentation in the period of the completion of the identified steps of the construction. There may be various parts included in the .part of the RAMS to plan the requirements of the work with the help of the master plan for Raddisson project (Highspeedtraining, 2022). The basic information may be incurred in the project section.

PART 1 Identify the Basic Requirements and Information’s

  • It may be very important before starting a project to identify the area and the process of the work to fulfil the whole requirement for the construction.
  • It can help the manager to carry out the estimated cost including the various types of the activity (Elghaish et al. 2020). It may include the location of the collection of the products of the materials that may show the distance of the suits.
  • To ensure the various factors related to the health and the safety of the workers in the site of the Raddisson project. This method also ensures the process to follow the sustainability of the environment for the whole area.
  • The locality of the area may become safe and the process of the work may be done in the manner of the well procedure. This will help the manager to overlook the cost of the inspection or the requirements of the site.

PART 2 Vital Information Related To the Cost

  • This part may include the procedure of the First aid related to the workers or the other staff of the management during the period of the building construction (Lu?ci?ski, 2018). The cost may be shown in the above table of the cost.
  • It may become a very important part that the completion of the work may be done by the legal process. It may be required to follow the various rules and the regulation may be by the court of the UK. The law and the jurisdiction created by the court if the UK, may become mandatory to complete the construction.
  • All the equipment and the disposal developed due to the uses of the various tools, may be required to deposit properly for the good purpose of health.

PART 3 Identify the Risk and Try to manage it

  • This section of the RAMS may apply to the part of the management risk that may occur due to the various uses of the tools or the equipment of Raddisson project.
  • It will be very important to follow the methods of the statements in detail to carry out the cost related to the solutions of the risk.

(B) Justification on the choice of planning software and provide a critique of available software and its application in construction planning

Risk assessment method statements (RAMS), may become the innovative and well developed method, with the help of the Modern methods of construction (MMC).

  • 3D Construction

It made the building in the process of modulating the 3D model. It may help to save time and make the building more attractive (Apollonio et al. 2021). The Barkers Pool House building has the area of the type of the slab construction.

  • The technology of Twinning

The technology of twining may be the modern method for the future that makes concrete, and the attraction of the people. The wall with two parts with the help of the lattice girders may create the wall (Rathore et al. 2021).

  • 3D Printing

This type of printing is usually used for creating the prototypes and as well as the complex components in the shape of the building.

  • Hybrid Construction

The construction of the hybrid system may be a semi volumetric construction of the combination. The management may allow the best part by the help of the process and cerete the flexible panel system.


This may be concluded from the project the management of Raddisson needs to follow the software step by step to fulfil all the requirements. The budget created for the betterment of the manager may have faced the loss in the future. The management requires the use of highly technological tools for the construction of the building. The process that may be mentioned in the project may be good for the area of the site. The software used for the innovative look of the building may be the best technique according to the case study.


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