Academic Integrity
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Academic Integrity

What is academic integrity in the UK?

Academic Integrity is made for each person who is involved with the academic institution. Whether they are educators or learners, all must maintain the rules and regulations of the educational institute. Honesty, Fairness, trust, courage, and responsibility are 5 factors that combined create academic integrity.

Living a life driven by principles is essential for every individual and the same thing goes for the education system. Academic integrity maintains a proper flow of the education system. It ensures that the knowledge and learning are upheld to the highest standards. It is the responsibility of both the learner and the educator to properly adhere to academic integrity.

Moreover, academic integrity is created to protect the reputation of an individual. While maintaining academic integrity one can gain real knowledge. Also, it helps students learn the value of education and its system. Academic integrity is the biggest bridge of trust and honesty between a learner and an educator.

What are the 5 elements of academic integrity Students Face?

Maintaining academic integrity is the responsibility of every person who is a member of the education department. However, often knowingly or unknowingly students step over and break the line of maintaining academic integrity. Some examples are given in the following points:

  • Cheating: This is one of the biggest issues students can face in examinations. Cheating in examinations to obtain good results is a huge academic misconduct. By doing this a student is being untruthful with both their professors and themselves.
  • Academic Dishonesty: It includes various points for both students and teachers. For example, helping someone with cheating, helping them with academic dishonesty, etc. If someone in the education department helps another person being dishonest then they are also considered as a part of academic dishonesty.
  • Fabrication: Creating or drafting false data is part of fabrication. If a student is creating false lab reports, misrepresenting or inventing academic information, and creating imaginary sources then he/she is doing fabrication which is part of academic dishonesty.
  • Sabotage: When someone disrupts another person's work by unethical means is sabotaging. It may include destroying study materials, not participating in group projects, revealing important information outside the circle, etc.
  • Copied Work Or Plagiaried Work: This issue is seen in academic papers such as assignments, dissertations, case studies etc. Plagiarism means delivering somebody's work, ideas, quotes or data as your own. Submitting plagiarised or AI-generated work is considered a crime in universities.

By any means, if any student is caught doing dishonesty in academics then he/she may get banned from the educational department for years or a lifetime.

How Do New Assignment Help Follow Academic Integrity For UK Universities?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity is the best way to maintain honesty, trust and education decorum. It provides an ethical environment for receiving valuable knowledge. Also, academic integrity educates a learner to do self-work and give credit to someone when it's needed.

Why is Academic Integrity Important?

Academic integrity is important for every member of the education department for various reasons. Academic integrity is a way to give the right education to students to succeed in their careers. By maintaining academic integrity students understand the value of knowledge.

What are some examples of Academic Misconduct?

Academic misconducts have various forms that include, cheating in examinations, submitting plagiarised work, fabrication, sabotaging and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for academic papers.

Where can I get help with Academic Integrity?

If you are unsure about anything related to academic integrity, you may consult with your lecturer/professors/mentors or read the rule book. Otherwise, you can also get help with Academic Integrity from experts in New Assignment Help. Our experts are associated with prestigious universities in the UK and can guide you on every detail of Academic Integrity.
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