How Can I Write Higher English Discursive Essay
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How to Choose Impressive Higher English Discursive Essay Topics?

How Can I Write Higher English Discursive Essay?

Writing is the best way to express your thoughts. But when it comes to academic essay writing students encounter challenges. Unfortunately, it is an integral part of your academics and you can't escape it. The essay is not only important for your academic growth but also you.

Let us tell you that with each type of essay, you may enhance several skills. For example critical thinking, writing, communication, etc. Along with that it also allows you to do some research and brainstorming. Students can easily showcase their creative selves.

However, many students find difficulties in writing Discursive essays. In this blog, we will discuss Discursive Essays in detail. You will find every important detail from what Discursive Essays are to how to enhance your essay. So don't search anywhere else and give a few minutes to this blog.

What Is A Discursive Essay?

Indeed, academic writing(essays, assignments, dissertations, etc.) is crucial for students. The reason is they help enhance writing and critical thinking skills. Among the different academic writings, the Discursive essay is one of them.

In the Discursive Essay, you must explore the topic in-depth which you have selected. Mostly Economic, social, geographical, technical and political issues are the main concern of Discursive Essay. As a student, you have to analyse topics on different levels and collect data both for and against the topic.

Many students often get confused between Discursive Essays and Argumentative Essays as they look alike. However, a Discursive Essay is a different one. Students have to form arguments in a better and more informative manner in Discursive Essays. You have to maintain a balance between the arguments in favour and against throughout the essay. The maximum word limit for Higher English Discursive Essay is 1300.

How To Write A Discursive Essay?

A Discursive Essay has no rigid writing style. However to give your work a quality that your professors want you can add some extra effort. You can also choose the best essay writing service in the UK to seek assistance. But for now, read the given points and make your essay the finest one.

  • Know Your Topic: First thing first. Choose a trending topic for your essay and understand it first. Students need to understand their topic before jumping into the writing part. Make your every point clear and gather relevant data.
  • Interesting Introduction: Remember that your essay introduction holds a strong importance. An engaging introduction has the power to hold its readers. You can use sentence starter for the essay to make it more engaging.
  • Informative Body Paragraph: In this part, you will write about the argument. Make it as informative as it can. Keep in mind that you have to provide every positive and negative detail about the argument. So that readers won't miss anything out.
  • Write A Precise Conclusion: Obviously, a conclusion is what everyone waits for. Provide a summary, highlight the main evidence and give your views with some key points in your conclusion. Make your essay end in the most logical way possible.
  • Recheck Your Context: Before submitting your content to your instructor review it. Make all the necessary corrections in your essay and give it a final finish. An error-free document helps you achieve high grades.

Fruitful Tips To Write A Discursive Essay

Surely above point will make your Discursive Essay writing easy. You can easily craft an essay that your professors want to see. Now we will provide you with some fruitful tips that will help you build high-quality essays. Not it down, follow them and see the changes yourself.

  • Always Be Clear And Concise: When you point/paragraph/details in your essay make it short yet informative. Your every point should be necessarily clear and straightforward. Exaggerating any point in the essay can confuse your readers.
  • Persuasive Writing Skills: Through a Discursive Essay you try to convince your readers that there are two sides to the argument. Therefore to convince your readers always use persuasive writing skills. So that your readers get to agree with your point of view.
  • Include Supporting Evidence: While you write your essay make sure to put evidence from reliable sources in your work. Supporting evidence is always a game-changer. This is the best way to prove your point in front of readers.
  • Make No Grammer Mistakes: Errors in grammatical parts are commonly made by every student. But you should understand that it doesn't look good and also mess your work up. Use online tools to avoid grammar.
  • Always Be Unbiased: When you write an argument in your essay don't take sides. You can add your personal opinion. But make sure it doesn't affect your essay. Both favourable and against points should be equally described.

Best Topics For A Higher English Discursive Essay

Selecting the right topic for an essay can be an exhausting job. Many students need help with choosing the right topic for their Discursive Essay. Here is a list of topics you could use to practice the Discursive Essay.

  • What Makes A Good Friend?
  • Are Fairytales Good For Kids?
  • Books Are Better Than Television. Discuss.
  • Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs. Discuss.
  • Computers Should Replace Teachers. Discuss.
  • Animals Should Not Be Kept In Cages. Discuss.
  • Dress Coad Is Unnesecory For Office Employee
  • Does Society Have A Right To Put Someone To Death?
  • Should School Hours Be Changed To 12:00 to 6:00 pm?
  • Describe The Scene And The Activities At A Bus Station.
  • Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Experimentation?
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Making Friends Virtually?
  • Leaving A Company To Work For A Competitor Is Unethical
  • Should Students Be Required To Wear Uniforms At School?
  • English Should Remain An International Language For Business.
  • Should You Be Required To Do Chores Around The House? Which Jobs?
  • How Does The Life Of Your Generation Differ From That Of Your Grandparents?
  • What Are Your Reactions To Discipline? How Far Is It Necessary Both At Home And School?
  • Should You Be Permitted To Choose Whatever Clothes You Want To Wear Outside Of School?
  • Should You Be Permitted To Purchase Or Buy Whatever You Want To With Your Own Money Or Allowance?

Social and cultural Assignment Topics

  • The impact of social media on mental health.
  • The rise of nationalism and populism in the UK.
  • The changing nature of work in the digital age.
  • The ethical implications of artificial intelligence.
  • The challenges and opportunities of multiculturalism.

Political Assignment Topics

  • The impact of austerity measures on society.
  • The role of government in regulating social media.
  • The ethical implications of military intervention.
  • The challenges of reforming the electoral system.

Environmental Assignment Topics

  • The impact of plastic pollution on the environment.
  • The ethical implications of animal agriculture.
  • The challenges of transitioning to renewable energy.
  • The role of individual action in environmental protection.

Science and Technology Assignment Topics

  • Should gene editing be allowed to eradicate human diseases?
  • Are we ready for the ethical challenges of self-driving cars?
  • Is social media making us more narcissistic and less empathetic?
  • Can technology bridge the gap between the rich and poor?
  • Is space exploration a worthwhile investment for humanity?

Creative and Literary Assignment Topics

  • Has social media killed the art of genuine conversation?
  • Do video games offer valuable lessons or promote violence?
  • Is reality TV eroding our understanding of truth and authenticity?
  • Should artists have a social responsibility, or is their work purely subjective?
  • Can artificial intelligence ever create truly original art?

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