An Investigation Into The Health Factors Contributing To Youth Homelessness Assignment Sample

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Introduction of An Investigation Into The Health Factors Contributing To Youth Homelessness Assignment

Homelessness is a serious issue for youths in UK due to heath issues that strongly influence metal conditions. This study will provide details about possible methods with findings, evaluation and possible recommendations for this research.

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Literature review

Details about homelessness issues

Homelessness is an issue for youth at present due to health issues including other issues such as family breakdown, mental illness, poverty, neglect from family and others. Youths who experience issues of homelessness are at high risk such as health problems, violence problems, early leaving for school or even early death (Morton et al. 2020).

Reason for homelessness

Health factors and their contribution to youth homelessness

Different health factors such as the issue of chronic disease, oral health issues, infectious disease problems, surgery and other health factors are the reasons for homelessness for youths. Young people who are homeless for a comparatively longer time access physical and mental healthcare services (Crosby et al. 2018).

Possible solutions of health factors and youth homelessness

Building community programs, proper super from family members, better treatment for youths and mental support during health problems can be essential to reduce homelessness problems.

Theoretical perspective

Conflict theory

Conflict theory is a theoretical aspect that tells about the state of society in which conflict takes place due to health issues or limited resource problems. This theory can be helpful to determine the reason for mental illness for youths for which homelessness issue takes place.


Research philosophy

Positivism will be the chosen philosophy as a deep analysis can be possible using this philosophy to understand the issue of youth homelessness and the contribution of health factors.

Research approach

Deductive approach will be selected here, as it will help in testing different theoretical concepts for determining health issues and their influence on homelessness for youths.

Research design

Descriptive design will be selected due to its flexibility in research stages as well as will help in critical analysis of the issue of homelessness of youths.

Research method

Mixed methods such as primary and secondary methods will be selected here for gathering data regarding health influence on homelessness of youths.

Data collection method

Data will be collected from primary sources such as a survey of 50 homeless youths in UK. Secondary data from authentic sources such as websites, Google Scholar and online articles.

Data analysis

Primary survey data analysis using excel tool and thematic analysis for secondary data will be performed here for an analysis of health issues in homelessness of youths in UK.

Ethical consideration

Data protection act, 2018 will be selected for maintaining data safety and confidentiality for ethical management.


Survey questions will be asked to homeless youths in UK for gathering data on the influence of health issues that have caused homelessness. Secondary data indicate that health issues are serious aspects that hamper the mental condition of youths that is the cause of homelessness.


Outcome of literature indicates that health issues cause mental illness among youths that cause homelessness issues in UK. Mental health problems along with long-term admission to hospital are the causes of sudden homelessness of youths in UK (Russell et al. 2021).

Figure 2: Rough sleepers in UK

(Source: Statista, 2022)

Conclusion and recommendations


Detailed reasons for the homelessness of youths issue due to health factors in UK are described here. Possible support of literature is mentioned along with tools that will be selected for research completion.


  • Better care of youths who are suffering from chronic diseases can improve their mental health properly.
  • Social and communal gatherings will enhance the condition of UK youths to reduce the homelessness issue due to health problems.

Reference list


Morton, M.H., Kugley, S., Epstein, R. and Farrell, A., 2020. Interventions for youth homelessness: A systematic review of effectiveness studies. Children and Youth Services Review, 116, p.105096.

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Statista, 2022. Number of people reported to be sleeping rough on a single night in England from 2017 to 2021, by gender, Available at: [Accessed on: 07/03/2022]

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