Modern lifestyles are responsible for poor health Assignment Sample

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Modern lifestyles are responsible for poor health


The modern lifestyle and its health related effects werealways the debatable issue. In today’s era, the role of modern lifestyle plays very important role in saving the life of thousands of people by contributing in new development in the field of medicines and vaccines. On the other hand, this lifestyle play negative role that affects the life of the people socially, psychologically and physically. The excessive intake of fast foods with lack of exercise is also one of the reasons of poor health condition. Use of modern technology helps in saving time, but on the other hand the wrong use of modern technology directly or indirectly affects the health (Katzmarzyk, et. al., 2015). Advancement in the transport technology reduces the travelling time. Last but not the least, the use of internet, computers are also the part of this modern lifestyle. In order to handle the modern lifestyle with a good health, one needs to do regular exercise and take less stress. In addition to this, one needs to keep their body hydrated. All these would help in controlling weights and combating diseases.

Section 1

The risk of obesity is also increasing with the increase in the lifestyle of the people. Several diseases that are caused due to such lifestyle that leads to diseases related to the heart and cancers. Moreover, it also leads to the hereditary diseases that cause asthma and allergies. This modern lifestyle leads to increase in stress level, loneliness and depression (Nichols, 2017). Due spending hours and hours on the computer will cause social isolation. On the other hand, Katzmarzyk,, (2016) argues that it is impossible to avoid the modern lifestyle and its behavior because it makes the life of the humans easy that saves both time as well as money. With new development in medicines as well as the vaccines save the life of the people from various kinds of diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle causes several diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Whilst this may be true in many cases but one cannot generalize the statement. In fact, for healthy lifestyle, it is important to take appropriate and healthy diet that improves the metabolism level of the body (LoConte,, 2018). In this research the main patterns that are discussed is the use of modern technology, transportation, use of internet, computers and fast foods that is commonly used in each and every member of the family.

The patterns of modern lifestyle effects the people’s life,especially the fast foods and lack of physical activity that cause several heart related diseases. Modern lifestyle causes people heart attacks, kidney problems and hypertension (World Health Organization, 2017). But it can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercising and intake of healthy foods. The major and common disease that is caused due to the unhealthy eating is the obesity, which is caused due to the increase in consumption of alcohol, television and keeps sitting for long duration. The result of recent research it shows that the effects of the modern lifestyle are very dangerous to the psychological life of the people. Due to increasing responsibilities, obligations and increasing stress level lead to many diseases. People do not choose the correct eating habits that cause many diseases due to unhealthy meals. Lack of physical activity is also one of the major problems in life of the people. So, it is important to do exercise regularly to prevent disastrous diseases. However, Maher&Cometto, (2016) argued that genetic causes also result in stress and obesity. Kids inherit these traits from their parents. But this is only true in a few cases. In fact, more than 85% cases of obesity is associated with environmental factors, namely poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

Section 2

The modern technology and its uses bring several advantages in the life of the people that include fast communication and advanced transportation system. It can bring us luxuries, but on the other hand, it can cause several problems. It depends upon the matter that how the technology is used. The use of the internet and computers has lots of advantages, but on the other hand it greatly impacts on the life of the people. Mel,, (2017) argues that every innovation has its advantages or disadvantages. It is important that the technologies are used positively or negatively.Lack of physical activity and consumption of fast foods increase the level of diseases like cardiovascular disease. The patterns of the modern lifestyle cause severe diseases like heart attacks, hypertension, constant stress and kidney diseases (Maher&Cometto, 2016). However, in most of the industrialized countries, the most popular disease like obesity and heart diseases are cured with the help of technology only. High technological machines have made treatment of many fatal diseases possible (LoConte,, 2018).

Using of the modern technology increases the dependency of the humans on machines which minimize the level of satisfaction. Daily pressures cause damage to the body. The psychological status directly affects the physical status of the people. Recently,researchers found that the modern lifestyle is one of the basic reasons behind the depression. The main causes of the depression are due to lack of sleep, social isolation, physical inactivity and less exposure to the outdoors are the conclusive findings behind this major disease (Hannah, 2017). Depression will damage the life physically and socially that deprives the normal life of the people. On the other hand, the modern lifestyle can castpositive impacts as well on the life of people socially and strongly. To communicate with each other the use of internet is most commonly used. The person becomesconnected with its family members, relatives and social gatherings. However, spending long time on the internet is also one of the main reasons of isolation. Excessive use of the internet reduces the time spent with family and friends in several social events (Mel, et. al., 2017). The study of Johan Bollen suggests that the happiness is correlated with the popularity; it states that the majority of the people on social networks are not happy because of the correlation between the friendship and popularity. In short, it means that the users of the social media experienced the increase level of dissatisfaction that affects the mental health of the people (Nichols, 2017).  

Increasing in the total world’s population cause the possibility of food shortages and lack of space is becoming severe threat. High competition leads to the increase in the level of competition among the young generations so as to grab best resources, whether in terms of food or shelter or employment.Modern lifestyle encourages younger generations for the consumptions of alcohol and cigarettes that are more likely to use by the modern teenagers. It is important for the young generation to avoid unhealthy food habits and consume more healthy foods. Modern lifestyle more focuses on the use of gadgets that automatically emphasize the young ones to spend less time on physical activity (LoConte, et. al., 2018).


To sum up, the different patterns of the modern lifestyle affects the health of the people physically, socially and psychologically. It has become more dangerous as the awareness of the people in this sector is not increasing. Adopting this lifestyle for longer time might have the greatest impact on the life of the people. If it continues the percentage of diseases and disabled persons will be highwhich ultimately reduce the development and growth of the country. The foremost way to reduce its negative life impacts is to educate more and more people because it not only impact the present generations but alsofor the upcoming future generation. Furthermore, it is crucial to use positively the transportation and high technological machines. It means that the modern technology is used in such a way that benefiting the society as well as increase the self-dependency while performing daily tasks. Ahealthy lifestyle includes the proper way of communication, eating and socializing with people that help to decrease the diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is the primary goal for any country is to improve and maintain the health of the people because the country and its people are the real wealth of the nation.


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