Health and Social Care Assignment Sample

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Health and Social Care


Service users who are having their diverse requirement and they care being assisted from health care professionals and assistive systems helps to assure those service users who can do daily tasks and live their lives freely. This assignment is divided into three parts: firstly, promoting individual life of the users; secondly, converse on the implication of emergence of technology under health and social care industry and their effects on service users, staff member of the health care and after that justification is provided for implementing assistive technology.



As per the UK parliament publications, liberal living concerned to health and social care activities have been elaborated as whole disabled individual have similar kind of choice, management and freedom which other person have at residence, at workplace and as members of community. In the cited case, Sally was distressed from doubled vision problems due to her eye impairment and medical eye patch which assist her to lower the effect of doubled vision.

Various technology used support under Sally was given a superior easy input key for her to work. Sally was feeling numbness and weakness as in her right she was able to implement common keyboard. For solving her problem, she was rendered huge keyboard along-with illuminating keys. As she was not able to drive the car by using both hands. but by using assistive equipment she is able to drive the car by using only one hand. Thereafter, automated PDA was rendered to Sally that was an advanced machine which assisted her to recalled activities which are required to be done further, as she is suffering from a short term memory loss problem as well.


The barriers stop the service user to act freely for stimulating the assistive technology. The normal barriers are those which are faced by the service users during when they are struggling to implement assistive technologies which are costly, technological emergencies, lack of training to implement the systems, issues of handling machines, technical breakdown of the assistive machines they implement. Assistive technologies are produced by using advance technology and process. In the cited case, this can be said that Sally is applying a PDA for personal activity support. PDA is an expensive machine and handling charges of such machine needs internet data usage and battery replacements that are going to add costs.

These advanced machines require proper training for the users. For instance, Sally requires special training on how to implement her personal activity supporting PDA and the way to implement advance key board which she has been allotted. And if any equipment emerges any kind of technical problems, specialist is required to repair it.

However, taking training for using the machine effective requires as this reduce the barrier of not having training and knowledge but cost barrier and repair might not be discouraging of the use of assistive technology.


The assistive technology equipment produced by keeping in mind of disabled people in order to feel them independently and freely. Henceforth, as the key benefits of these equipment makes the user free and independent.



There is a diverse range of health and safety consideration which must be rendered attentions when service users rendered assistive equipment which are linked with the advancement of technology. The health and safety regulation 1974 presented various provisions which are required to be adopted at the time of assistive equipment are applied. However, there is a need to be effectively tested for energy leakages and safety of the equipment for user. Consideration must be rendered for adequate handling and completing timely repairs of the equipment.

While considering the case study, safety standard must be adopted, this has been stated that sally’s car is fixed with a left foot accelerator and spinner fails vehicle might arise into accident. For that PDA, sally is being provided assistance for reminding her activities. But in case of technical breakdown, she will forget their medication and other activities. And she may face various problems. Her health related issues like- numbness, softness of her right side of body, and right foot orthoptist are being maintained by using medicines.


Development in the expertise and assistive technology affect health and social care workers, industry, and associations for their routine and operating related activities.

The health and social care professionals and care associations in this sector which can use efficiency of the medical diagnosis procedure. However, there are diverse device which assist to diagnose medical situations of the eye sight issues, hearing issues, diagnosis of cancers and other diseases.



Under case study, Jane is an elderly woman who is suffering from Epilepsy and high blood pressure. She is practising of going out from the hospital after discharging. For achieving her goals, she needs of physical, intellectual and other diverse related requirements. However, this can be possible after making routine practises. Jene makes certain tools that can be used in order to achieve their targets.

The requirements of food and nutrition of Jene which must be provided consideration as Jane must be giving less reflection about her food and nutrition. Her diet must be arranged in a manner which assist to satiate the nutrition and other supplementary of vitamins etc.


There are so many of assistive technology equipment which used for helping those patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and epilepsy could be suggested to Jene. These equipment is used in such a manner which helps the patients from their health related issues. And also this equipment keeps regular monitoring.


When usefulness is measured, the medicine auto dispenser could be lock that can be determined as two equipment are enough to get the needs of Jene. As case study has been mentioned which Jene fell down to the floor and she has been suspected heart attack and she has not been able to reach alarm cord in her room for help. For that she has been admitted into the hospital a month age. Now she is planning to leave the hospital by walking herself. For achieving their targets, there is a need to have day time monitor so that her monitoring regarding blood sugar can be done and take appropriate actions if anything goes wrong.


From the above mentioned report, this has been observed that technology plays a vital role in helping service users in a health and social care industry for forming their lives freely. In addition to this, advanced assistive technologies are discussed in order to remove various barriers.


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