Assessment Task - Importance of Friendship in Adolescents Sample

Understanding the psychological benefits of friendship development in children and adolescents through quantitative research.

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Assessment Task



Friendship development is important for adolescents and children for creating security with a sense of belonging and reduction of their stress. Psychological research regarding the development of a strong relationship between children and adolescents is important and requires to development of different activities against this perspective. Relationship with friends in a child's life plays a crucial role to establish a strong connection with different people. The development of friendships with strong relationships nowadays looks worthwhile. A relationship with a friend is unique and different from any other relationship involved with individuals. This essay is giving information on the perspective of psychological importance and development required for the child and adolescents. It involves the investigation of a psychological matter of different children in adolescence to collect information by approaching quantitative research.

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Quantitative research has been important for the maintenance of time management ability and reduction of cost structures through signified about the individual’s life. The quantitative approach has been making an understanding of whether generalises the detailed attention and information from some larger ranges of the population. It has helped to create thoughts and developments of feelings by making availability and enhanced technological advancements. This research has helped to make facilitations the knowledge and established learning abilities with generations of perspectives. It is responsible for understanding the political and social issues that ensure an increase in individuals' awareness. New technological applications help to develop wide availability in recent times as well as necessitate a modification of the idea of friendship. Online communication and friendship development is the advanced process of developing strong relationships and sharing information among them. The gain in the service of new technologies helps lead to the questions related to the earlier understanding of friendship. It is developing that "geographical proximity" and "face-to-face interaction" are not essential factors in friendship.

Importance of friendship

Friendship or strong between two people helps them to prevent their isolation and develops companionship by increasing the sense of purpose and belongingness. Friendship involves courage, trust, independence, and honesty. A friendship with the same thoughts and mindset helps develop effectiveness in this case. Friendship in children is a crucial part to understand their requirements and needs as well as it is important for acquiring knowledge on the perspective of effective association of proper training in this perspective. Friendship development helps children to reduce their psychological problems and enhance their future through social skills development and the acquisition of strong relationships among them. Social activity and interaction are the most important psychological therapy for increasing their interest and thinking perspective. It has increased the capability by acquiring adjustable traits and enhancing the rates of connectivity for the generations of psychological developments. These innovative ways have been making communications and interactions with friends that can be responsible for the techniques and making a wider range of improvements effectively.

The establishment of strong friendships in children includes higher self-esteem and makes them able to maintain their focus without feeling lonely or sad. As per the view of Stevic et al. (2022), friendship recognition of adolescents and children helps to identify their sensitive and personal points of view. It helps them to utilise their thinking and increase their understanding power. It is another way of communication development and interaction with the real world. It helps to understand the value of friends' emotional and social support. It is important for learning the perspective of transition and stress-tackling techniques by remaining calm and communicating with friends. Any difficult situation can be handled by communicating with friends and children got attached and associate with their friends deeply. String relationship development with friends can help the children to ensure their educational parameters. It also plays a crucial role to make their future bright and a clear success path. It helps them to increase their knowledge and capability of information-catching power. Communication with friends helps the children to gather more knowledge and expand their educational perspective among their friends.

Advantages of the quantitative approach

There are several benefits of pursuing quantitative research as it helps to understand the psychology and behavior of different people in developing strong relationships. Quantitative approaches to gain statistical data and acquire information from the target group of children and adolescents. As per the suggestion of Sürücü and MASLAKÇI (2020), quantitative research helps to gather data and information on psychological factors by visualising and communicating with selected participants. Relationship understanding of children and adolescents can be effective by developing the quantitative research properly. Understanding the psychological factors of children can be observed by collecting numerical data and developing correlations among the data sets. These are essential for developing the effectiveness of different psychological factors that enhances the personality trait in children and adolescent. This approach helps to understand the different types of ways to develop connections and communicate with friends.


This essay has mentioned the requirement of developing strong relationships such as friendships with people around children help them to grow effectively and affect their psychological behavior. It includes the requirement of a quantitative approach of gathering disinformation to understand the relationship of friends and their psychological factors for making their relationship strong and developed. It informs that the development of online friendship and communication is the newest technological approach to developing relationships. Children need to utilise technological advancement as it helps to increase their communication interest and make a strong relationship with friends. It includes the importance of friends in individuals and children to enhance their learning perspective. It is important for developing effective communication among friends by sharing their emotional and social support from friends. Interaction with friends helps children to gather knowledge on social and cultural factors. Technological advancements in children's lives are essential for increasing their capability and skills as well as their experiences to acquire knowledge from communicating and establishing strong relationships with individuals.


Quantitative research has been collected about reliable information from the different psychological students and that can be making a possible culture with the generations of the future growths and needs. It has been considered as a significant function for collecting data and analysing those understanding viewpoint is different individuals this perspective. It requires developing the effectiveness of different collaborations and communications. It involves information from quantitative research. Quantitative research is selecting different participants for conducting the research and collecting responses from different individuals associated with psychological factors and collecting information to meet the research aim and objectives. It develops effective research questions for collecting viewpoints of individuals on relationship development.


This research is selecting the quantitative design for proceeding with this research and collecting information on the perspective of psychological students and their relationships with their friends. It involves the quantitative approach to increasing the development of details and information collection from different perspectives of students. Quantitative research design helps to collect statistical data. The research is designed by different online activities such as "What is evaluation", "Constructing an argument" and "Preparing for TMA 03" processed. The "Constructing an argument" activity deals with the presentation of details in an assignment addressing the research questions specifically. This is essential for focusing on the essay and getting an evaluation. The "What is evaluation" activity is responsible for introducing the demands of the evaluated essay and collecting viewpoints for supporting the questions. The "Preparing for TMA 03" is the process for gathering, selecting, and evaluating evidence.


This quantitative research includes participants based on gender demographics of males, females, and others. There were 40 participants from different psychological students who are recruited through online activities. It involves gathering participants for collecting information related to friendship development and sharing information with them. It involves their age demographic group from, 18 years to 70 years and their conditions of control or experimental. It collects their thoughts and viewpoints for understanding the condition of their relationship. It involves participants from different a location. As per the observation of Mohajan, (2020), the responses of the participants in the quantitative data collection process are important for increasing the measured data quality and its significance.


The quantitative research has been notified about the selections of multiple materials for considering the research and collections of possible information of all the participants in the context. The utilisations have been online activities and Google Forms have been helped for collecting information from multiple participants. It has been utilising multiple technologies that can be collecting data on psychological factors and generate strong friendships. It uses Excell spreadsheets, pie charts, and graphs for analysing the collected data. It requires the collection of information on a demographic basis for recognising the viewpoints of different participants. The participants need to understand the effectiveness of friendship and their significance.


The entire project procedure has been involving multiple steps to collect information based on the importance of relationship development in adolescents. It has been selected the questions that can be required of the participants and making the development of the research perspectives. It has been notified about the participants for the collection of accurate responses through the developments and generations of implications. It has been making a possible culture through making the enhancement of online activities and generalised data collection. It includes different online activities also for gathering participants and collecting their points of view on this matter. Then, the research proceeds for collecting the data and information through online activities and then utilises the data and information for developing a conclusion from the analyses of the collected data. The methodological procedure is the most important part of any research and is essential to collect data and proceeding effectively with the data analysis process.


The entire research has been improved by taking the help of the quantitative analysis by fulfilled about the valid information and making the importance of the relationships. It can be said that strong friendships have been improved as the core factor for a directed happy life and generated effectiveness. It has explained the requirement of improving strong interaction and communication by generating the activities and making a possible outcome. It has been required to increase the optimisations of technological applications that can enhance understanding and power abilities. Strong relationships have been important for diminishing the rates of stress and anxiety with making a possible perspective. It is important the collection of multiple thoughts on the topic for evaluating the importance of friendship improvements in adolescents. The proportions of quantitative research have been important for the project it have been helps to collections of authentic data. Quantitative research has been also developed about the relevant questions for the accurate participants that can help to meet the research aim.


Mohajan, H.K., 2020. Quantitative research: A successful investigation in natural and social sciences. Journal of Economic Development, Environment, and People, 9(4), pp.50-79.

Stevic, A., Koban, K., Binder, A. and Matthes, J., 2022. You are not alone: Smartphone use, friendship satisfaction, and anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis. Mobile Media & Communication, 10(2), pp.294-315.

Sürücü, L. and MASLAKÇI, A., 2020. Validity and reliability in quantitative research. Business & Management Studies: An International Journal, 8(3), pp.2694-2726.

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