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Hardest Degrees in UK You Can Try For a Challenging Career?

Find out The Challenging Professional Paths In The United Kingdom

Done with your A-levels/ Internationals Batcholarate and searching for the right career path. Surely some of you want to pursue your dream career but what about those who don't know what to do next? Dont worry!! We have got you covered.

Undoubtedly selecting for right path after completing A-level can be overwhelming for many UK students. There are infinite career options and students often get tangled with their thoughts. We are here to take you out of your uncertainty zone and show you the best career suggestions in the United Kingdom.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 Professional Paths in the United Kingdom. They are the most challenging career paths in the UK. We will also discuss why the following degrees are demanding and the difficulties students face in a degree.

Top 10 Career Paths You Have the option In The UK

Education is an ever-growing field as every couple of years a new course is introduced. Here New Assignment Help experts have listed the Top 10 Challenging Career Paths in the UK. Read on.

Veterinary Medicine:

This is an exciting career for those who adore pets. In this field, you learn to treat domestic and wild animals. Vets also ensure about safe food supply by monitoring food procedures. Also, demand for Veterinary medicine is high in the United Kingdom.

  • Challenges: Students from this field face Ethical challenges like animal experiments and animal welfare. Also, they often have Imposter Syndrome as they are unable to give enough credit to themselves.
  • Career Paths: Animal Health, Marketing, Consulting, Public Health, Research Institute, etc.


Students who are interested in maths can apply for this degree. They can comprehend advanced mathematical theories, formulas, numerical analysis and more. The subject of Mathematics has a deep research area.

  • Challenges: Mathematics requires a lot of practice. Some students are not able to grasp formulas, methods and basics of maths.
  • Career Paths: Mathematician, Data Scientist, Actuary, Financial Analyst, Market Researcher, etc.

Electrical Engineering:

In this field, students learn to design and manufacture types of electrical types of equipment. They also learn how to apply engineering principles and more.

  • Challenges: Students often face challenges in circuit design, poor signal processing, component selection, heavy workload etc.
  • Career Paths: Electronics, Telecommunication, IT and Consulting Services, Defence, Mining, etc.


Students who are interested in the medical line can also opt for Medicine. It is a 4-year course that educates students on professional skills, and clinical skills and trains them to become a doctor.

  • Challenges: When students join the medical line they are left with a busy schedule. They face difficulties in balancing their personal and professional lives. Also, hygiene and health-related issues increase.
  • Career Paths: Pharmacist, Nurse, Physician, Dentist, Audiologist, Surgeon, etc.

Aerospace Engineering:

This field is interesting as well as challenging. In Aerospace Engineering students learn things like modern aircraft design, advanced aerodynamics, and systems of aerospace.

  • Challenges: Aerospace students face difficulty in testing complex systems, creating more fuel-efficient aircraft, etc. They also feel pressured when situations like high turbulence occur.
  • Career Paths: Aerospace Engineering, Designer, Space Industry, Aerodynamics, Data processor, etc.


This field studies the human nervous system, nerve cells, chemical and functional behaviour. Neuroscience is an advanced study of the human brain. It is a mix of psychology and chemistry.

  • Challenges: No doubt neuroscience is an advanced subject but students face multiple challenges in this subject. Complex brain study is not everyone's cup of tea. There are infinite concepts that need to be learned.
  • Career Paths: Professor, Speech Pathologist, Biostatistician, Clinical Neuroscientist, Neurologist.

Computer Science:

This course studies computers and their systems. As a Computer Science student, you get a chance to learn different software and its systems. It also includes theories, software making, coding, development, etc.

  • Challenges: Computer Science faces challenges in coding, syntax, basic data structure, etc. Also, sometimes it's hard to understand programming concepts.
  • Career Paths: Software Engineer, Developer, System Analyst, Programmer, Data Scientist, etc.


This field studies the properties of atoms, structure, composition and change of matter. Additionally, you also learn the formation of chemical bonds and compounds on an advanced level.

  • Challenges: Despite being interesting chemistry is a challenging subject for many students. Due to complex concepts, chemical reactions, and mathematical aspects, many students are unable to grasp them easily.
  • Career Paths: Research and development, health and safety, Chartered Science, Lecturer, etc.


When students study physics they study the entire universe. Physics is one of the most interesting subjects. You get a chance to learn from the shape of an object to space.

  • Challenges: Students often face challenges like difficult concepts, practicals, mathematical equations, etc. Also, many hard concepts are difficult to memorise.
  • Career Paths: Data Analyst, Professor, Meteorologist, Nuclear Engineer, Astronomer, etc.


Students who like to design can choose this field. Architecture studies the art and science of designing. Along with that you also learn to engineer large buildings and structures.

  • Challenges: When you enter this course you face heavy work. Due to this you also face difficulties in managing personal and academic life. Also, Architectural designs are a bit difficult to create.
  • Career Paths: Interior Designer, Architect, Furniture Designer, Project Manager, Urban Planner, etc.

What exactly Creates A Degree Challenging For College Students?

Pursuing a degree is not the same for every student. Some enjoy it while others struggle. There may be many possible reasons behind students' struggles. However, we are going to discuss some common challenges students face during their degree program.

  • Time Commitment: No matter what degree you are pursuing, you need to give proper time. But for some students, it becomes difficult to balance personal and academic life. Lack of socialisation leads them towards stress and anxiety.
  • Academic Rigor: To make students prepared for the future every stream includes various assignments. These assignments challenge students to the next level. However, you can always get assistance from writing services to reduce your workload.
  • Learning Challenges: Students often choose a subject or course they are not interested in. As a result, they suffer in learning and understanding the subject. Also many times despite choosing the right subject students struggle with complex topics.
  • Financial Crises: Many students face financial challenges. Due to this, they have to do part part-time jobs and manage their studies simultaneously. It makes their academic life a bit harder than other students.
  • Adjustment: The United Kingdom has many foreign students and most of them struggle in with new environment. Students face food difficulties, native language, making friends, coping with changed weather and more. It's not easy for them to enjoy college life like native students.

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