Bard v/s Gemini
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Bard vs Gemini: A Comprehensive Guide

Bard v/s Gemini: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you also searching for Bard in the search bar? So stop because you might not know that the name of Bard has been changed to Gemini. A few days ago it came to light that Google has launched a new app. However, it was just a naming ceremony, where the bard was named Gemini.

Yes, it was surprising for everyone. Undoubtedly in this fast-paced world, AI has become our number-one companion. Although AI has only been introduced some time ago, it has become an integral part of life for most of us. To make Bard more advanced google has continually worked on its improvement.

However many of you are still in shock with this rebranding ceremony. Let’s understand the reason behind this sudden change of name has happened. Along with this, we will also unveil new launches of Google in front of you. Till then

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Bard who has now become Gemini is a Google-made AI chatbot. It is created in such a way that the user can get all the answers and to answer every question Bard makes use of natural language processing and machine learning. However, Bard was created as an experiment to get feedback on its performance from the public or users and Google indeed got a great response from the users.

Why This Rebranding Announcement Occurred?

Whenever new software comes into existence, understandably, it will eventually go into many updations. The same thing happens with Bard. Google is reshaping its AI models and when the advancements were successfully made, Bard Pro was replaced by Gemini Advanced. Along with the rebranding ceremony, there was a new launch of Gemini on Mobile.

According to the statement of Google CEO Sundar Pichai changing the name of Bard to Gemini will end the confusion of every user and they can experience the advancement of every AI model directly. Additionally, users can also experience new features in Gemini and able to create new opportunities.


Gemini is nothing but the AI model of Google which is earlier known as Google Bard. This is the biggest and most adaptable AI model made by Google researchers. Gemini will not only run on data centres but also smoothly run on Android phones and iOS models. Although it is not yet available in some countries, it will be available for all of us in the upcoming weeks. The first version of Google Gemini is Gemini 0.1, which is optimised in three additional sizes i.e. Ultra Gemini, Pro Gemini, and Nano Gemini. Let us understand these three terms:

  • Ultra Gemini: The best and most qualified model for complex tasks.
  • Pro Gemini: Appropriate model for a broad range of tasks.
  • Nano Gemini: Competent model for mobile phones.

The advancement of Gemini will provide benefits to every user as it is capable of performing a broad range of tasks in the smoothest way ever. Users may experience new developments in Gemini. Along with this, users can also able to access Gemini Advance with some new features. Let us also tell you according to Google this is the most influential LLM ever.

Glimpse Of Gemini Advanced

Well, you might have a series of surprises. First Bard to Gemini and now Gemini Advance. Let us understand what it is. Gemini Advance is a paid version of Gemini and it was also announced on the same day of the rebranding ceremony. For now Gemini Advance is available in more than 150 countries and upcoming weeks it will be available around the world. If you want to use it you have to buy the Google 1 premium plan and you can get the benefit of access to Google Advance, 2 TB storage and Gemini across all platforms of Google.

However, for the time being, Gemini Advance is only available in English and working on Japanese and Korean language is still in process. You can explore more coding, reasoning, understanding and other useful factors on Gemini Advanced. In the future users will see more expansion of Gemini Advance as it will not going to stop adding new and smart features. But remember that users under 18 can not make use of the Gemini Advance. Also, it is not available for Google Workspace accounts.

Gemini On Phone: A New Launch Of Google

To make the user happy and close to Google AI, google also introduced us to Gemini on Phone. It is a mobile application for Android users and iOS users. If you are an Android user you can download the Gemini Application from the Play Store also you can use it as your Google assistant. As for iOS users, you can use the Gemini tab in the Google Application but you must have iOS 16 and up versions. However, for now, it is only available in three languages i.e. English, Korean and Japanese for mobile phones too. Google will add more languages to the Gemini Application in future. The Gemini Application is available in 150 countries and will expand in future.

How Can I Switch To Gemini Advance?

After reading this most of you want to upgrade to Gemini Advance, why not its amazing features attract most of us. Thus we are providing you with a guide for computers, Android phones and iOS. So you can easily upgrade to Gemini Advance without any confusion.

Upgrade To Gemini Advance In Computers

  1. Visit Gemini
  2. Click Menu at the top side.
  3. Now click to Upgrade To Gemini Advance.
  4. The further instruction will lead you to your final destination.

Upgrade To Gemini Advance In Androids

  1. Visit Gemini
  2. Click Menu at the top side.
  3. Now click to Upgrade To Gemini Advance at the bottom.
  4. The further instruction will Upgrade you to Gemini Advance.

Upgrade To Gemini Advance In iOS

  1. Click on the following link Gemini
  2. You will find Menu at the top side.
  3. Now click to Upgrade To Gemini Advance at the bottom.
  4. The next instruction will Upgrade you to Gemini Advance.

Can Gemini Write My Academic Assignment?

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