Business Strategies For Environmental Leadership: Sustainability Matters Business Plan

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Introduction of Business Strategies For Environmental Leadership: Sustainability Matters Business Plan

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1. Context of research

Sustainability has become an integral part of the business survival in the modern day business. A company or an organization with sustainability usually controls its main activities and management of products as well as services by the means of thoroughly understanding the working environment and circumstances in which it works. The present study focuses on accessing the effectiveness of a business strategy for the purpose of environmental leadership. Additionally, it also has to make sure that the impact of activities on the environment and community is unbiased (Tang et al. 2022).

Dimension of sustainability

(Source:, 2022)

The business strategy for a sustainable environment acts as a support for converting an unsustainable business into a sustainable one. Building of a robust business strategy that is focused on environmental leadership can help the business organizations to improve the market reputation of their business. This strategy must be developed in such a way that helps to drive the organizations over the long run at least for decades. As the study focuses on the current concern such as environmental leadership thereby it possesses a relevance to developing further research on this area. 

2. Problem Definition

In today's era, all organizations need to make effective strategies that help may help to attract more investors either from Banks or business stakeholders. To meet the main business objectives company have to develop a strategy that shows the company's economic capacity and its values when performing a series of changes within a company. It has been seen that the performance of the environmental liabilities has become a strategic choice that is taken by the business organizations in order to broaden the capital access for their business. At first, the investors and stakeholders analyze the effective strategies of an organization or company before investing in a company. By taking a sustainable approach in that way the business organizations are way more capable of fostering their taken environmental objectives. In contrast to this, a company must make the best strategies to focus on the changing effect that leads to moving towards high sustainability behavior.

The study focused on answering all the developed questions that are related to the context. The important sustainable strategies of business show a perfect path to deal with overall risks utilizing mitigating and making a proposed design that is likely to work for the success of an organization's business over the long term (Woo et al. 2020). It has been seen that in the way of retaining sustainability in business, companies are facing numerous challenges due to the rising uncertainty in the marketplace. The formation of a business strategy that focuses on environmental leadership may help the companies to overcome such hurdles in their business (Biermann, 2021).. By using the common business, management techniques tools and strategies are well developed for the implications in the sustainability of any company.

3. Keywords

Business strategies, Sustainability, Environmental leadership, and social leadership

4. Research Question and Objectives


The main purpose of this research is to find out concepts of environmental leadership and business strategies for environmental leadership.


  • To find the issue faced in implementing the business strategies for environmental leadership
  • To evaluate the main aspects of environmental leadership
  • To analyze the factor related to business strategies for environmental leadership as a matter of sustainability
  • To recommend an effective option to mitigate the challenges of business strategies for environmental leadership


  1. “What is the concept of environmental leadership”?

  2. “What are the business strategies for proper environmental leadership”?

  3. “What are the challenges faced in implementing business strategies for environmental leadership”?

  4. “How the identified challenges of business strategies for environmental leadership can be mitigated”?

  5. “What are the main aspects of environmental leadership”?

  6. “What is the impact of environmental leadership on sustainability”?

5. Research Design

5.1 Literature Review

Issue faced in implementing the business strategies for environmental leadership

The rising environmental volatility has imposed some key concerns for the business organization in order to stay ahead in the market. Nowadays most major companies know the value and importance of sustainability in the business environment to make it useful for driving the company's activities and strategy. It has been seen that due to the absence of redundancy in the business operation the carbon foot printing has increased for the companies that affected their business reputation as well. Most companies build their programs based on CSR and various environmental management strategies to develop the business strategy. However, they impact much on companies' future and the decision-making process. On the other hand, it has been seen that due to the lack of skilled labour business organizations are facing a tremendous challenge in their path of implementing the considered strategy for the purpose of the environmental leadership (Amankwah-Amoah, 2020). It is necessary to acknowledge the control of sustainability at the time of functioning (Yusoff et al. 2020). The efforts that are made maybe not be effective and the reward getting from these activities may not be clearly expressed and put the issue of sustainability aside.

Evaluate the main aspects of environmental leadership

Leadership is the most important element for any leader. Environmental leadership can be denoted as continuous attention toward the contingent conditions that are effective to link the firm's performance with environmental value creation. The main role of environmental leadership is to convey important knowledge regarding information and technology to solve problems related to the environment (Strelnikov et al. 2020). The aspects that are behind the environmental leadership include the gaining of capital and the rising engagement of employees and consumers through the strengthening of market share. This generally requires the abilities of leadership including percept important environmental and social aspects, arranging main viewpoints on the protection of the environment, working hand to hand with stakeholders by knowing their interests, and getting to the collective decision. It can be stated that the development of a leadership approach can help the business firms in terms of creating more values towards the community or society that in turn fosters the consumer's satisfaction as well as grabbing of loyal consumers in the business process.

Factor related to business strategies for environmental leadership a matter of sustainability

Environmental factors can be defined as the recognizable aspects that are laid within the economy as well as politics that affect the growth of the business. Various factors are there that have the potency to influence the matter of sustainability in the path of environmental leadership. The factors related to the environment of business strategy can be internal and external. However, the external factors include the technological factors since the internal factor uses the value system. It has been seen that the presence of a resourcing strategy helps the business leaders in terms of better utilizing the available resources for the purpose of generating profitable opportunities in business. Companies by capturing such opportunities can able to foster the revenue inclination and also give more focus on offering values to their people that are crucial for business sustainability. While developing and marketing strategies the company must have to include the environmental factors for sustainability (Henry et al. 2020). In contrast to this ignoring, the environmental factor can lead to unsuccessful achievements that can cause failure in generating revenues.

5.2 Methods

In this research, the researcher will use the “Positivism research philosophy”. According to the research, it is concluded that it is very difficult to explain the “Positivism research philosophy'' in an accurate manner. Alharahsheh et al. (2020) observed that this is due to the several changes in the way in which positivism is used by researchers.

In this research, the researcher will use the “Deductive research approach”. In order to work with scientific investigations people generally use the deductive research approach. Woiceshyn and Daellenbach (2020) stated that in this research method, the researcher has to do the task such as what other researchers have previously done on this topic, and focuses on the related existing theories.

In this research, the researcher will use the “Descriptive research design”. However, the descriptive research design is a type of research design approach that works to generally get the valuable information that usually describes the situations (Atmowardoyo, 2018). This research method is mainly used to examine the problems in questions by involving other different kinds of research methods.

In this research, the researcher will use the “Primary data collection method” in order to gather authentic data. Along with this, the researchers are going to use the interview process for collecting the primary data related to the research objective (Archibald et al. 2019). For primary data, the researcher will also use a Google survey in order to analyze the statements from employees as well. Around 20 employees would be approached for the survey process and questions will be asked as per the topic.

In this research, all the principles that are used to work on the design, as well as activities, are met. In this research, the researcher follows the important code of conduct principles while getting data from valuable resources. Largan and Morris (2019) stated that the research methods used in this research are performed well mannered and do not violate the right of research. All the research that is made in this research is authentic and does not violate any code of conduct.

Activity list

Gantt chart

6. Constraints

The challenges regarding the strategies crates problems and restrict the scope of this research. A lack of resources as well as a lack of knowledge does not help in making strategic plans and the desired outcomes of the results cannot be achieved. The lack of relevant data can restrict to some extent the growing scope of the research. In order to meet the demands of effective business strategies for environmental sustainability, the plan is to hire perfect business strategists. Besides, the researcher also faced issues related to lack of adequate time respectively.

7. Action Plan

The steps that can be used for developing effective business strategies for the environment are deciding the ways to conserve energy, making a plan for an effective management system, protecting the environment, and transforming according to the changes in the environment.


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