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Task 1

Lo1 Understand how to formulate a research specification

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Research particular should be created in the exploration setting to build up the different components of research, for example, investigate destinations or inquiries, data required, look into an approach which would be utilized as a part of the examination and so on.

Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications.

The main aim of this venture is to collect the data and information and to plan for the activities in order to implement the plan. It also helps in taking care of the actions being taken in order to conduct the research with various types of information according to the topic. Varioustypes of methodologies are to be invested in this research so that the target can be achieved and research can be completed on time.

Researchers are of two types quantitative and qualitative research:

Quantitative:It is the type of research in which numerical data is being collected and studies(Pattanayak, 2018). The data and information which is collected from various sources are being examined. The researchertakes care of the information being gathered from various sources is to be planned before collecting the data and information. Example of this research surveys.

Qualitative: Qualitative researchers are those which can easily get involved in the work field. The researcher studies, analyses, and records the information and data to be used further in conducting research. The researcher visits each place in order to collect the relevant information on regular basis. Moreover, the researchers process the data and the activities in best practice manner to get the desired results (Braun and Clarke, 2014).

In today's day and age, almost every type of sampling methods are used which depend upon factors, such as goal, budget, and topic. The main aim of which is to gather data related to consumers for research purposes. However, it is quite questionable which method is capable of generating data that represent the actual population.

Online questionnaires vs face-to-face interviews

In this section, a brief comparison between the two sampling methods have been done based on their advantages and disadvantages just to give an idea about what each method is able to generate and what they fails at.

  • Face-to-face surveys have large number of major strengths. Apart from the fact that they are founded on personal interaction, the surveys are well structured, easily adaptable, and flexible. The best part of these type of surveys is that the factors can be controlled within the environment. In addition to this, physical stimuli can be made into use and each and every respondents can be observed.
  • When behavioral characteristics of customer is to be checked, nothing can be the better option than the face-to-face interview method as it delivers the best results. This method is further followed by the telephone interviews, and at last one can rely upon the online quota survey. The reason behind preferring the face-to-face surveys method is that it provides the most representative data.
  • Some major disadvantages of face-to-face surveys are: lower response rate, interviewerbiasedness, failure in using visual help, large cost per respondent, and time constraints.
  • While choosing online survey as a mode of data collection, certain advantages are there that such kinds of surveys offer: high speed, minute cost, they are flexible, visual, and interactive, they can be carried out without the physical presence of the interviewers and busy people can also actively participate in these surveys.
  • The demerit of online survey includes that they had large amount of biases related to representativeness.
  • In case of sensitive questions which involves self-reporting. For example- a question about drug abuse or other stigmatized issues, the response rate in online survey have been found out to be higher.
  • In online surveys, the panel members seems to attract a witty, knowledgeable, or someone who is more viewpoint-orientated than the one in face-to-face surveys.
  • Due to the presence of interviewer, the respondents participating in face-to-face interviews are more vulnerable to social desirability biasedness.

In online surveys, there is a high non-response rate as people mark more 'don't know' option.

Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection or feasibility report

There are many things which are necessary to be remembering while in the process of the research project. Making a research project there are many factors one should have to consider in their research project.


In making a research project there is always some issues every time when the project is being made so identification of those issues is necessary to be focused so that the problems may get resolved as soon as possible (Dae Ho Kim,   2014).

Research problems have to be investigated first. Analyst investigates the meaning of research problems, measures of research problems, considerationas well as ventures to take after when inquiring about problems are being resolved (Cunningham, et. al., 2014). The changeable recognizable evidence will be examined second through the three normal factors and four evident opinionbalances.

feasibility studies are those which can help in getting the potential how an organization can get success feasibility studies are of many types which help an organization to achieve the objectives are as follows:

  • Economic feasibility: This study helps the organizations for determining the cost viability, what are the benefits associated with this process and this also helps in introducing new ideas in the business.
  • Technical feasibility: This study is for determining the technical resources which are available in the business, this is also helpful indecisive that the technical resources are enough to meet the objectives of an organization.
  • Legal feasibility: Legal feasibility is simply understandable by the word that something which is practically right for the organization as an example if an individual is thinking about to start a new business or want to purchase a land for the organization in this situation feasible study helps that individual that the land he is purchasing it is good for him or not what will be the aspects if any problem occur (Botez, 2013).
  • Scheduling feasibility: It is very necessary for any organization because with the help of this an organization should know that on which time what work will be done so a schedule is important (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017).

Undertake a critical review of key references

Critical reviews are the journal reports that access the power, influence, imperfections and blemish of taking the ideas, contents and matters of the report. They allow to the user to read and know the values of the companies and the reports. A critical report is that topic which can discuss and gather the information about the one topic at a time. During one time, it takes only one subject to collect and to return the content. It can be in the form of books text. Critical Review is a very different and unique type of descriptive matter. Literature needs critical method to present themselves in their unique form. It is very huge. That's why literature needs it because in some way, literature is very descriptive and lengthy (Bennett and Royle, 2016). They need a content to discuss in the book which is very easy for them. To understand the critical review, the users need to read the book many times. As much the user read this book, they can easily understand the aim, language and purpose of the critical review.

Feasibility study or Research Project

To write in this manner, firstly the user should make the proper plan and think the proper content before starting. If they do not have any title of the document, they can make it your own title. When they write the title name from yourself, the writer should completely take care that your every written data must be match from your title. It does not happen with your title that your title and your essay look dissimilar. When they write something about your title, they have to focus that they do not allow writing everything regarding the topic. They have some limitations in under this. It should be related to the contents and the modules. The writer does not have permission to write anything which is not related to the modules, sub-contents, sub-heading. They can do one thing that literature is very broad and fill with full of imaginations (Bennett and Royle, 2016). The writer can use their imaginations and hypothesis in writing the compositions. Well, it is clearly written in many books " the rush always runs in the race, nobody run alone". It means that the customer prefers to buy that thesis which is very popular and has a lot of review in a positive manner. SO, the writer should write in some different and also give creative looks in their thesis because the world is filled with numbers of writers and imagination. Hence, they want some unique imagination in their words. If they did not find, they get disappointed. Hence, a good author has to remind these things because these things are very important to increase their good reviews and make them legendary. Due to their fame, everyone loves to buy their books and thesis. The growth of your business depends upon the satisfaction of their customers and the way of your fulfill their requirements. If it is possible according to the customer's contentment, the business achieves the success of lifetime and obtain a number of works to do (Jung, 2014).

Produce a research projectSpecification

Research is that process which designs your efforts in creative and proper form for the high achievement of your thesis. Sometimes it producers blueprint and make some planes to know the best name of the title and background.


The target of this research is to gather the data linked to their topic and according to the expectation of the customer's view-. After that, the project designs their work according to the customer's outline (Dae Ho Kim,   2014). They also provide some unique efforts regarding their contents. The way of their working affects the company's growth. For the high development of the company, they need to use some effective effects according to the customer's requirements. As much they affect the customer in a positive manner, the company has earned as much fame and development and make their position for a long time.

Feasibility study or Research Project


The objects are decided by a single person. It is not decided by every person of the company. It is created during the accusation of the subject. It means the holder decides the object on the complete study of their subject. The objective of the research projects are following (Nikandrova and Pancs, 2018):-

  • To the concern of the customer's requirements and also their effect on the organizations.
  • To execute the outline of the customer's view and also provide them in a systematic way.
  • Always choose those events and factors which affect the customers and make their organization indifferent.

Literature Review

To earn and influence the loyalty of the customer, there are following various factors:-

  1. Commitments with your company.
  2. The obstacle in Switching.
  3. Decency and honesty with the relationship of customers as well as the organization.

In the business, loyalty and trust are different to each other. The motive of these two terms is very different. To earn the customer's loyalty, the organization gives them higher gratifications and fulfillment and good services. On the other hand, trust is only based on the customers. It means how the customer ways according to the business. In the simple words, the customer's loyalty is towards the business.

Research Methodology

This is the central part of the research and the work. In this portion, the organization is decided their main decision regarding their works (Pattanayak, 2018). The complete process is executed here. Here, the data is gathered and use some different techniques in gathering. The data is analyzed.   Here the analyzing tools are also determined. There are various research methodologies which use to collect and analyze the tools. They are following:-

  • In approaching the data.
  • To collect or gather the data
  • To analysis and executes the data

These four parts have occurred in this methodology. The main executions are based upon these factors. Here, the data is collected from the different sources such as primary and secondary.   The main reason of the primary source is to find the answers of the researcher while the secondary source is used to determine for the execution of the sources (Bryman and Bell, 2015).            


 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification or feasibility study

To conduct a research proper planning is require, the planning contains a detailed analysis of all the activities   involved in the research, it also contains number of days required to conduct the research which includes the starting date of the activity and end date of the activity and it also includes all the procedure and resources required to complete the activity. Although while executing the research plan researcher can see the variation in the designed plan and executed plan but the best possible plan shows less variation while execution (Bryman and Bell, 2015).

Feasibility study or Research Project

Gantt chart

Feasibility study or Research Project


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