Career Action plan and self-reflection Assignment Sample

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In this segment of the study a brief about the assignment 2 will be given and, also few points from assignment 1 will also be discussed as both are linked.

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What the assignment will cover

This will be the second part of the work where a brief about the development of essential and effectual bio-date as well as LinkedIn profile will be done. In addition to this based on the findings from the assignment 1 we will be conducting an analysis to find out my own strengths and the fields in which I will need progress and will also be discussed in detail the career plan based on that. Based on the finding from the assignment I will then create my own career plan in which I will discuss points related to my skills and personal development area.

Summary of the job opportunity identified in Assignment 1

The job opportunity which has been identified in assignemtn1 is related to HR recruitment for an IT and non-IT system. The vacancy for this job is for around 20 candidates and those who r fresher and experience hey can apply for this job. The qualification needed for this job is specialization in HR and the key aptitudes needed is basic idea on recruitment, staffing and screening of candidates. Handling a team and also need to work under targets.

List of the key skills and knowledge/expertise that you identified as being required

The key skills and knowledge require are listed below:

  1. An exceptionally good understanding on total hiring process starting from calling candidates to on boarding them
  2. An exceptionally good communication and moulding skills
  3. A good experience in IT and non-IT recruitment work
  4. Group Handling/Administration of employees
  5. MS Office handling.
  6. Should be happy to take a shot at Targets

Personal Analysis

General review of your current skills, knowledge and experience related to those identified in CW1

In the CW1 course I have pointed a lot of information on HR and what kinds of skills, knowledge and expertise needed in order to be a HR also I have discussed. Now based on CW1 I will discuss about my own present aptitudes, knowledge, and experience.

  1. Discussion on my personal skills

After completing the assignment, I have identified few of the important skills which I possess. Firstly, what I have identified is that I have a strong hold on communication. I can easily communicate with people and also have a good quality of convincing others with my communication skill. Secondly, the important skills which I have identified after attempting the first task is that I have got the ability to guide other which I think can be beneficial hen I will work as a team lead.

  1. Discussion on my personal knowledge and experience

The experience and knowledge which I gained from CW1 is that for having good skills in HR it is important to have both good communication and convincing skills. The thing which I developed in myself after competing my graduation is that I have experience a good exposure in HR and my understanding on the subject has became very strong. Now I can easily crack any HR interview but still I will work on to develop myself on the same field.

Strengths and areas of development

In the segment of the study I will be discuss about my strengths and the areas in which I need to develop myself.



1. Communication

The first strength which I identified in myself is that my communication skills have developed in an exceptionally good manner. Now I can communicate with anybody and without any shy I can share my thoughts and viewpoints with them.

2. Guidance

I have also developed a good quality of guiding other people which is one of the important skills of HR.

3. Proactive

The one more strengths which I have identified in myself is that I have become very much proactive in any sort of work and I think that will help me in leading a team in a very good manner. Lastly, being a proactive person, I will also be able to motivate my team in a better way and they will get positive vibes to work.

Areas pf Development


1. Management

After analysing my own self, I identified that the most noticeable area in which I will need to develop more myself is management. I need to learn more about management of time, work, and people so as to be the perfect HR.

2. Getting proper experience in functional role

Secondly what I identified is that if I need to grow in HR field initially I have to get the experience of working in a functional role so that I can achieve the targets of Human Resource without any difficulties.

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Career Action Plan

A vocation activity plan is a unique arranging report possessed and oversaw by youngsters proposed to mirror their expanded profession advancement learning. The arrangement enables youngsters: to set their objectives. explain the activities expected to accomplish these objectives. focus on partaking in the arranged exercises.

Single Goal Action plan

Objective: To build up a plan to show where I am right now and where I want to see myself:

Action required




The resources that will be required to develop this area will need:

1. Training module

2. HR manual

3. Tailoring the communication skills

8 months

Experience in functional role

The resource that will be required in gaining experience in functional role are:

1. Proper reading of the HR systems

2. Finding the job of lower HR level

3. Working with a team

4. Developing the communication skills

1 year


The resources that will be required to develop the instructing capability will need:

1. Proper communication with the mates

2. Reading in addition to focusing more on HR related articles

3. Talking to self

1 month


1. Dispatch the HR Business Partner (HRBP) model for every school/school/division to fill in as a state of-contact

2. Ordinary correspondence among HRBP as well as customer

3. HRBP to consistently give preview illustrating staff status/needs connected to the customer's key goals

4. Build up ordinary gatherings with the individuals from the school/school/division as well as HR delegates

5. Address forthcoming issues/measure changes

6. Answer questions legitimately from personnel and expert staff

7. Re-establish and extend "Advantages Buzz" to cover all HR points

8. Content specialists present data: new cycles/projects and boost meetings

9. Questions and answers

10. Extend data on HR site

11. Improve client experience

12. Record all cycles and systems

10 months

Proof of success: I can identify the success in the above action plan when I will be able to understand the above points and without any error if I deliver the elements properly.

Assessment technique: The assessment technique for the above action pan will include self -evaluation, attempting different kinds of exams in HR last but not the least trying to get a work with a role of functional employee.

So, it can be concluded from the above career plan that in order to achieve the above mentioned goals it is not only important to gain experience and skills in the mentioned fields but it is also important to follow the action plan within the given timeline so that I can develop myself in pressurised environment too.


The CV is attached in the appendix section of the report with all the details of my academic and professional fields.

LinkedIn Profile

Below given is my LinkedIn profile details:

Headline and summary:


Graduate Student from Bucks New University


I am fresher and did my specialization in HR and having experience of 1 year in doing internship from a reputed company in England. I want to gain experience and knowledge in HR recruitment field, and I can work under any kind of targets.

Education, skills:

MBA in Human Resource Management

Communication, target oriented work, Proactive and guiding


ABC Group of companies

Work as a trained in talent acquisition team


 I have done a lot of hard work in completing this assignment. Firstly, after completion of the assignment 1 I got to know about my strengths and areas needed to develop in the field of Human resource. Secondly, I leant about different skills and knowledge require to flourish in the field of HR. The second part of the assignment also helps me in developing my interpersonal skills related to Human resource. So overall it can be said that after completing the overall assignment I am feeling noticeably confident and motivated and I am almost ready to work in the field of the Human Resource department of any company. I will also use the prepared action in my course of training so that I can gain the knowledge and skills within the mentioned timeline.





To secure a position in an organization, where I can utilize my capabilities and achieve goals, which will be equally fruitful for my organization as well as my own career, through my hard work, honesty and determination.

Academic Qualifications


Institute/ University


Year of Passing

% Aggregate


Bucks New University





Basic knowledge of Computers and capable of handling Internet usage, E-mails, and Ms - Office.,Ms-Excel

Work Experience:

Dyanamic Engineers Pvt Ltd, Noida

Job Profile:

  • Hr recruitment work for in-house institutional sales.
  • Attendance Management and administrative work.
  • Tele-calling , cold calling and generating leads and manage prospect list.

Projects Undertaken (MBA-HR)

External Project

  • Project Title - Talent Acquisition
  • Organization - 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd
  • Duration - 1st Sep-31st Oct 2020

Internal Projects

  • Project Title -A study on performance of recruiters of 2COMS

Professional Attainment

  • Industrial visit to Cement Plant
  • Industrial visit to Pepsico FritloLay Plant

Personal Details

Father's Name : Mr. James

Date of Birth : 27th November

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Singke

Nationality : British



Home Town : Kolkata, West Bengal


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