Divine Chocolate And Its Business Model Answers

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Divine Chocolate And Its Business Model Answers

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Q1. How did you contribute to the group work?

The work is a very sound challenge about creating off process modules of any chocolate company. Here it is attributed the title of the business module which is the divine chocolate and the financial and evaluation of different ethical requirements of the business module are also to be contributed with the best possible ways (Gallo et al. 2018). It is not easy to evaluate or express different ethics of the business in different appropriate ways.

Q2. What good practice did you see in other members of your group that made your group work effective?

During the making of the project all the group members have divided their work into different departments like the department of research, department of actual business ethics, department of management and financial department of the business. Department of research has helped in the collection of different informational data about the formation of the company, Divine Chocolate and different ethics of business and also the structural framework of financial work of the company. The division of different departments and the apartment has performed very efficiently which makes the group work efficient and effective at the same time.

Q3. What practices did you notice that were disruptive to group work and how was it disruptive?

At the time of the practice of making the business module the different systems of business ethics and management is very confusing as well as not clear at different points of work (Goenadi, 2019). The different process or method of business ethics where are confusing because of the possible ethics of the business is cannot be researched or negligibly researched to the fact that different ethics or different structure of ethics is not helpful for the business and the same problematic issue is with the system of management or the structure of the business which is one of the most disruptive part of the practice.

Q4. What did you learn on how to be effective in group work? How will apply it in the future?

The best part of the group work is to learn something new and experience the team work with cooperation and optimum helpfulness during the practice of the work. There are many parts of the work where it is not easy to understand or research on the concept but the fellow mates off the work are helpful and very cooperative during the practice of the work. After the work it is confirmed that with effective cooperation and teamwork any major challenges can be successfully overcome without taking any pressure about the work. It will definitely help in the future for better life and success.

Q5. Identify 3 key concepts which you have learnt from the online lessons for Problem .

During the online class for problem 1 the major key concepts which are learned about effective communication, true leadership skills and importance of teamwork during doing any kind of work. Effective communication helps and supports the ability which is necessary to convey a person's thought to the different members of the group and also to listen and understand different ideas of the different persons of the group (Roos, 2018). As the concepts of leadership skills which can be very helpful during any type of work that is active listening of the ideas, the positivity factor and creativity aspect of the work and many more. The importance of teamwork has helped understanding the true responsibilities and the sharing of ideas to the working mates of the work.



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