E Portfolio and SWOT Assignment Sample

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E Portfolio and SWOT Assignment Sample

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SWOT analysis

Personal SWOT analysis is very crucial for understanding the major strong and weak areas. It helps in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Identifying the strong areas I can strengthen them and can use them for starting any career with the strong areas. By identifying the weak areas I can improve them for further personal and future career development. The opportunities will provide me with building a better personality and developing my academic and professional skills.





· I have creative skills and I can think creatively to generate new ideas. With the concept of creativity, I can build innovative ideas that can help an organization in product development. My creative skill can also impress other clients by developing new brands and products. With the skills, I can remain productive and innovative.

· I have a quest for learning and increasing knowledge in different matters. My reading skills are good and I also have a huge interest in reading different kinds of books. As I am a quick learner I can learn many new things quickly. By using my reading skills I can read instructions carefully and can implement the tasks without making any errors.

· I have also developed good leadership skills with that I can lead other people and students as well as fellow employees to achieve a harmonious goal. I can lead other people inthe right direction to help them out in attaining their desired objectives with proper guidance and instruction.

· I also have an empathetic skill that makes me able to understand the emotions and feelings of other people. It helps me understand the needs and requirements of others and thereby can make decisions depending on that.

· I also have good communication skills. I can interact and communicate with anyone fluently. I can also build a strong relationship communication system. Communication skills have helped me in making new friends, interacting with new people and generating new social skills with the help of this strong interactive knowledge. It is also a strong point that I can easily integrate with new and unknown people. It has helped me in my academic career and also will help in my future career development. In the business field, with this skill, I can easily connect with the customers and clients for making any deals and to identify the requirements and needs of the customers and clients. With the help of communication skills, I can also build teams and make strong relationships in the workplace. The communication skills have also helped me in developing opportunities for leading other people in academic careers or business careers as a manager or a leader.

· I was so built on problem-solving skills. By critical thinking, I can make it possible to solve any problem. Problem-solving skills can help me in my problems regarding the academic field to solve any questions or difficult calculations. It will also help me in my career prediction with any problems and challenges by simply critically thinking on the positive and negative sides of the problems. In the business pool, problem-solving skills have huge importance while making strategies for dealing with any business problems.

· Another strong point that I have built is my hardworking nature. I can work hard to achieve any desired goals.

· I am also trustworthy and can be completely committed to the objectives. It will help me in staying in an organization while working in any company.

· I also have skills related to decision-making. I can make effective and necessary decisions whenever it is required. From that, I can also make decisions for bringing any changes that are required for growth and development. I am also adaptive to implement changes. By critically thinking in a situation I can make tough and challenging decisions. These features will help me in my future career and personal development as well as for my future studies.

· One of the most important things that I have realized is related to my time management skills. I face many challenges for managing time effectively so that I can work multiple tasks within the stipulated time and also can complete any project within the specific time managing my time effectively.

· I also have a tendency to make things promptly and can also remove them from the ‘to-do list’. The nature of making a hurry is one of my weaknesses that has led me to many problems. The promptness is a weakness because it leads to many incomplete tasks and thereby produces fruitless results.

· I also become very tense and stressed while going through any difficult time. Whenever I have multiple tasks or activities to do I get stressed and anxious thereby I spoil many tasks. It is also the most crucial weakness of my nature. Due to being tensed and stressed I also sabotage the quality of my work.

· This kind of tension and stress puts me in an embarrassing situation. Whenever I need to present any thoughts or ideas to anyone, I get nervous and scared of whether I can make it easier. My public speaking skills are also very poor. Though I have good communication skills, my public speaking skills are interesting due to excessive stress and tension. It is therefore the most significant weak area of my personality.

· I am also very impatient and cannot hold my patience for a long time. Due to overthinking and lack of patience, I feel stressed and challenged to complete a lengthy work or task.

· I am very poor at making any plans and strategies. As I make and I try to complete the plans as soon as possible and thereby it leads to a successful plan. And for this reason, I cannot implement the strategies effectively to get the most desired results. As planning and strategies require patience and perseverance, I feel difficulties and challenges while making the plans.

· My communication skills can provide me opportunities to avoid being in an organization as a customer service provider. These skills can also help me with our customers and clients and can also help me in business meetings or seminars to communicate with other people. This is one of the most crucial opportunities that I can acquire whenever I need to develop my career in a business field or going to expand my future studies.

· I also have good leadership skills and that can help me in getting any job regarding the post of leader or manager in any organization. That will help me in developing my future career.

· Problem-solving and decision-making skills can also help me in managing different problems in an organization. It will also be an opportunity for me to develop my career.

· My learning skills will help me in getting a good job. The quest for learning will also support me in generating new skills and knowledge regarding any new fields or areas. For the career development training and skill development courses, my learning skills will also help me. With the help of these skills, I can learn many new things quickly and can also implement them in practical life effectively.

· As I am a trustworthy and hardworking person, I can do any work. This nature will help me remain committed to the organizational objectives. I can also provide the best quality products and services to the customers without adding any impurities or false matters. It can develop customer satisfaction and organizational performance.

· My empathetic skills will also provide me opportunities to understand the requirements and emotions of customers when I work in an organization. Understanding the thoughts and emotions of the customers will provide more opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and bring loyalty from customers.

· Threats that are associated with my characters include

· As I lack patience and make it create many problems and issues which will be a great threat for my future career development. Due to my promptness, I can make mini big mistakes which can be a big problem for any organization. And for that, I can also face humiliation, job loss, and future career problems.

· Time management can also cause many problems. When the project submission gets late and completion of the project cannot be fulfilled within a stipulated time it can be a bad reputation for my personality and for any organisation. It leads to a bad impression on the clients. The clients may also lose the clients due to an untimely project submission.

· In the academic period, time management is very important because of doing various activities in the academic period. Due to poor time management, I may face problems while completing any paper or project.

· Due to overthinking stress, anxiety, and tension, I may also sabotage any big project. Being stressed and tense I may also hamper the public speaking whenever I join any meeting or business seminar. It will be a great problem for my business reputation.

(Source: Madieva, 2020; Longhurs et al., 2020; Issayev et al., 2018)

SWOT analysis

(Source: Madieva, 2020)

Therefore the analysis has helped me identify the major weak areas that I need to develop to eliminate the future threats that I may face.


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Madieva, S.R., 2020. SWOT ANALYSIS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF DEBATES IN IMPROVING ORAL PROFICIENCY. Theoretical & Applied Science, (2), pp.185-188.

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