Refugee Regulation And Protection Assignment Sample

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Introduction of Refugee Regulation And Protection Assignment

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It is identified that states are considered to be responsible for the purpose of protecting the rights of their citizens. There are various forms of aspects where the mint is unable or unwilling to identify the problems that are caused to them where they are forced to leave their country or seek safety elsewhere. Therefore there are various steps that help in ensuring that the refugee is considered to be having a basic right with respect to international protection. This taken into account that more than half of the world refugees are children and if it is considered that there are various forms of responsibility is related to the refugee is where these are considered to be related to the handbooks related to the users where they would be generating the laws and regulations for the purpose of protecting the rights of the refugees as well. This is taken into account that the laws that are identified by the government of the country are related to the refugees and the migrants were the declaration reforms the importance related to the convention that was entered between the countries in the year 1951. This is identified that the declaration helps in their form in the importance that is related to emphasising the scale and nature of refugee displacement. It includes the general assembly development with includes comprehensive responses related to the situation related to large movements of refugees. It is identified that the 1951 convention that was related to the status of refugees and its protocol in the year 1967 are considered to be the core international protection system which helps in complementing the treaties and declaration that also helps in addressing the rights of the refugees. There are various forms of universal declaration in human rights which are related to humanitarian law. This is identified and their various forms of United nation high commissioner for refugee office that helps in identifying the various forms of international protection to the refugee and also came where the government would find the solutions related to the refugee problems.

This research would identify the various aspects that are related to refrigeration and protection within the country. This would help in maximization of the performance and would also help in generating better information. It is taken into consideration that the refugees are considered to be having various conventions relating to the status of refugees where these would help in maximization of the performance.

Research Aim

To evaluate the intricacies of refugee regulation & protection laws that are defined internationally by the different organisation.

Research Question

  1. What are the different rules and the regulations that are defined by the different organisation across the globe for protection of refugees?

  2. Do these laws actually help in protection of the rights of the refugees?

  3. What are the different laws through which the users are able to maximise their performance and are able to claim their rights as refugees?

Research Objective

  1. To identify the different rules and the regulations that would help in protection of the rights of the refugees across the globe.

  2. To consider whether these laws actually help in protection of the rights of the refugees

  3. To articulate the different laws through which the users are able to claim their rights as defined by the different organisations in the world.


Literature review

International Refugee Law and standards

The basis of international refugee law is the convention relating to the status of refugees. According to this law, refugee means the person who is considered as a refugee under the 1951, convention. The main principle or rule of this law prescribed as a refugee is free to decide to live as he should not be forced to come back into a territory where his life is in danger or he does not feel safe. This convention was established after the second world war and at that time all issues of refugees were considered by the author very considerably. The definition of a refugee can be concluded as persons becoming refugees as result of some occurred incidents before 1 January 1951.

After that 1967 protocol was introduced and connected to the 1951 convention. There were some limits in 1951 conventions that were removed in this protocol. With the implementation of this protocol, some main articles and rules were also accepted to follow after the convention. There was the difference between refugees and asylum seekers was clarified as a refugee is a person who is unable to return to his or her home country due to danger of life or freedom or threat to his life although asylum seeker is a general term that denotes a person who desired for international protection. An asylum seeker is a person who requested for becoming a refugee but his or her status is not confirmed. Asylum should not be returned to his original or home country until a fair examination procedure is not completed against him. Migrants were also defined under this law as a person who move from his home country for searching for some work or job not having any threat or danger to his life freedom. Migrant people live safely in other country or their home country as well (Muftuler-Bac, 2020).

Other international legal standards that protect asylum seekers and refugees

There are many rules and regulations as above discussed regarding refugees and asylum seekers but this act is not ruled solely but some other international legal standards and rules as international human rights law and international humanitarian law, international criminal law. all these legal bodies are interconnected to each other (Üstübici and Karada?, 2020).

According to international human rights law, all refugees and asylum seekers get protection under this act. This act provides some guarantees as prohibitions of threatening, slavery of refugees and asylum seekers. These persons are protected under two laws as international human rights law and the specific rights of refugees. There were many kinds of conventions that were made under this law as convention against torture and convention on the rights of the child, some principles of the best interest of the child and child, unaccompanied or separated child. Many instruments help to protect refugees (Sardeli?, 2017).

International humanitarian law is another law that assisted the refugee and protection law. international humanitarian law is also to be called as laws of war or of armed conflict. This act control the sources and ways of warfare that directly affected the people who are not involved in war and not participating in it. A great part of international humanitarian law is involved in the four GENEVA CONVENTIONS of 1949 and two additional protocols agreed in 1977. This act detailed as persons are to be protected who are not involved in the war and no impacts would be made on these people, respect and protection against war should be provided to them.


Research Philosophy

The research philosophy is considered to be a particle of the form of wave this helps in developing the knowledge which helps in considering the understanding of research. It is identified that the dissertation is used for the purpose of identification of the philosophy where positivism I considered as a social reality which is observed and the most focused manner. Considering the aspects where the interpretation of the same is taken into account. This also includes considering the various ways where the philosophy of social reality are identified due to the laws that are related to it (Bastaki, 2018).

In this research, this includes the inductive aspects through which the premises would be identified related to the data interpretation where the data would be used for the purpose of making better research. This is taken into account that the secondary form of taken into consideration scholarly articles would be considered for the purpose of reviewing the international laws related to the refugees (Dewansyah and Handayani, 2018). It is also taken into consideration that this should be properly analysed through literature reviews in the topic that is considered (Bauböck, 2018).


Bastaki, J., 2018. Temporary Protection Regimes and Refugees: What Works? Comparing the Kuwaiti, Bosnian, and Syrian Refugee Protection Regimes. Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees/Refuge: revue canadienne sur les réfugiés34(2), pp.73-84.

Bauböck, R., 2018. Refugee protection and burden?sharing in the European Union. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies56(1), pp.141-156.

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Muftuler-Bac, M., 2020. Turkey and the European Union Refugee Deal: Assessing Turkish Migration Policies and the External Protection of European Borders (Vol. 2, pp. 2-v1June2020). Working Paper, MAGYC Project. Available at: https://www. magyc. uliege. be/wp-content/uploads/2020/06.

Sardeli?, J., 2017. From temporary protection to transit Migration: Responses to refugee crises along the Western Balkan Route. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. RSCAS35.

Üstübici, A. and Karada?, S., 2020. Refugee protection in Turkey during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Turkey Interim Report Istanbul: Koç University http://admigov. eu/upload/Ustubici_Karadag_2020_Turkey_Interim_Report. pdf.

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