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Introduction of Global Health Programme Essay

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In this topic Global Health Program, I have selected TB as a global health issue, and chronic disease. In order to select a geographical context or region, I have selected the slums of Mumbai, where this drug-resistant TB disease has been spreading very rapidly. TB stands for tuberculosis, which is a very serious and infectious disease that directly affects the lungs. The bacterium that is the main cause of this chronic disease is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (García, 2019). In this draft, I have selected the slums of Mumbai for spreading this drug-resistant tuberculosis as a chronic disease. In the slums of Mumbai, more than 1.3 lakh cases of tuberculosis have been identified (Haque et al. 2019). According to me, there are several cases has been arises due to many hazardous problems and cases. The TB report of India shows that there are more than three thousand cases arise per one lakh person of the inhabitants of the slums area of Mumbai. There are some social inequalities that are reason for this tuberculosis in the slums of Mumbai. Important factors such as vulnerability, intersectionality, and many more are also described in the essay (Munshi et al. 2019). These factors refer to the state of mind or state of quality that has occurred due to the health conditions. Based on intersectionality, there are several people with different mindsets, such as class, race, color, community. Based on all factors several people are being discriminated during the chronic disease. According to my thoughts, in the slums area of Mumbai, many poor, unconditional, and uncommon situations are the main reason for this chronic disease that is tuberculosis. Stigma is also an important factor or problem for this chronic disease tuberculosis. This refers to the discrimination of people based on color, race and community. In order to protect this chronic disease, ethical and professional behavior has been helped (Theobald et al. 2018). Based on all the social and environmental factors, there are so much professional contexts that depict the overall protection against this chronic disease. All these factors have to be analysed properly for the protection of this chronic disease.

The government has taken so many steps and ways to complete all the problems and objectives of the given topic. They have followed levesque or conceptual framework, which has been used for maintaining all the necessary factors. Structural violence, human rights and gender equality are also main factors of this disease spread in the slums area of Mumbai. In order to follow this specific path or levesque framework, many important steps have been taken by the government. As my opinion, for protecting this chronic disease levesque framework is best suitable (Munshi et al. 2019). This completely learning context easily reflects the overall scenario of drug-resistant tuberculosis in the slums of Mumbai. After learning this whole description on the specific topic, several understanding and analyzing has been done. In the future, this is very helpful for understanding the overall scenario, which the slums area of Mumbai has faced for this chronic disease.



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