Costing to Write Your Dissertation
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How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Dissertation?

The pressure to write a dissertation is real as it consists of a strenuous process of extensive research, analysis, writing, and editing. Dealing with such complex academic writing work takes a toll on students' mental and physical health, and thus they consider hiring a dissertation writer. But they always ponder over- how much does it cost to have someone write your dissertation? Well, the cost to avail of dissertation writing support varies depending on combined factors like academic complexity, submission deadline, word count and time taken to complete the dissertation research. In this blog post, we will study in detail about each factor. But before we indulge into the pricing-related aspects of it, let's understand the challenges faced by students during the dissertation process:

  • With poor time management, students find it hard to take out enough time and go through a detailed and lengthy research process. It involves gathering data and relevant information on the topic using credible sources which are not easily accessible to everyone. Lack of time is the biggest reason why students prefer taking dissertation help online.
  • Complex structure and formatting rules make it difficult for students to work on a dissertation. Sometimes it is the inaccurate citation style or other times it is about incorrect margins, spacing, font style, or font size, that students need to face rejections or rework.
  • Balancing the dissertation work with other personal commitments and responsibilities becomes overwhelming for students. They study and also do part-time jobs to fend for themselves. With so much to do on their plate, they go through mental and physical fatigue, which is certainly hazardous for their health. Taking help from a dissertation writer really relieves them from such stress and anxiety.
  • The fear of failure and rejections gives rise to anxiety. There are many non-native students living in the UK who suffer from language problems. Even though they communicate in English, they fail to create an impression when it comes to showcasing writing abilities. In that case, they desire expert guidance and assistance from skilled writers.

Now that we know the reasons for students to approach professional writers, it's time to understand the factors which influence the cost.

Which factors affect how much the dissertation costs?

Factors affecting the cost of the dissertation are many, we have discussed a few of them below:

Difficulty and Academic Level

The cost of the dissertation depends on the academic level of students. Naturally, a Ph.D. level student will have to pay more in comparison with the undergraduate and master's degree students. In addition, if the topic is technical and hasn't been explored in advance by other researchers, then the cost will be high.

Word Count and Length

The cost of a dissertation varies according to the length of the document. The word count requirements will surely have an effect on the pricing of the dissertation.

Time limit and importance

There is a significant role of deadlines in determining the cost of paperwork. If you want your writer to manage rush orders, then you have to pay additional fees. To avoid paying an extra cost, it is advisable to plan it in advance and reach out to the service provider at the earliest without any delay.

Experience and Expertise of a Dissertation Writer

If the writer you are hiring for the dissertation is highly experienced with a specialisation in the subject field, then the payment will be high in order to justify the credentials and expertise. On the other hand, if the writer is a fresher or holds no such specialisation in the subject matter, then certainly the cost of dissertation will be less.

Investigation and Collection of Data

Every dissertation topic requires extensive research but to what degree and extent is the question here. If the topic requires the highest level of effort- from identifying the right research sources to using them carefully to garner relevant information, then the cost will be high. On the contrary, if the topic doesn't need too much analysis and research sources are easily accessible and available, then cost will surely be less.

Personalisation and Uniqueness

A dissertation is a lengthy document which is required to be written in congruence with certain guidelines and requirements. The individual requirement also influences the cost of the paper. Also, if the paper is written from scratch with zero plagiarism, then the cost will be greatly affected by this.

Types of Dissertation Writing Services

If you wish to seek dissertation help from professionals, then there are many options you can consider to get excellent services while keeping your budget in check.

Expert Dissertation Writing Companies

To help students with writing dissertations, you can find many companies in the UK. Make sure you hire the best which ensures top-notch quality and competitive prices. Well, you need not waste time searching for a company as New Assignment Help is a highly trusted name in the UK. Just mention your requirements and sit back till you receive a highly-researched, original, and well-written dissertation within the deadline.

Independent Academic Writers 

If you want to seek writing assistance for handling a dissertation, you can also hire a freelance writer. But make sure you check the work samples beforehand and know about the qualifications. After being satisfied with the credentials and academic writing experience in the specialised field, hire a writer. You can even do negotiation based on years of experience as a dissertation writer.

Take Expert Dissertation Help: Quality Has a Price.

If you compare both options- hiring a freelance writer or a dissertation writing company, the latter wins hands down in all aspects. The authenticity will always be in question if you hire a freelancer. But a company's goodwill or reputation clearly suggests that several students trust it. Thus, hire an assignment writing company which assures you to deliver top-quality work on time while keeping your personal information safe. Also, such companies provide several features, such as:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support of an Experienced writer
  • Free Turnitin report to check the level of originality
  • Multiple revisions at no cost
  • Safest payment options
  • Freebies like referral points
  • Fastest order delivery
  • Proofreading and editing at no cost

With so much to offer, it is better to invest in the dissertation writing company. You no need to search for the best as we are here to serve you with all we have- integrity, professionalism, and confidence.

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