How Our Behavior And Actions Are Affected By Others Assignment Sample

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How Our Behavior And Actions Are Affected By Others Assignment Sample

Introduction of How Our Behavior And Actions Are Affected By Others Assignment

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Task 1

The research is based on the adult students of the college and this study consists of two scenarios that are happening in the classroom among the children. There are many issues that are faced by the teachers as well as students of the class. This study sheds light on the physiological concepts of Social facilitation and Pluralistic ignorance has been chosen to analyze the study. Different factors have been taken under consideration here in order to analyze the topic more accurately.

Social facilitation

Social facilitation deals with the concept of the children's having a tendency to improve themselves in the presence of the other students or the teachers. According to the observation, there are two students in the class who was seen to be dealing with the concept of social facilitation. As it was observed that during a morning speech one of the students was very motivated to deliver the speech to the whole school (Lau et al. 2019). The student gets motivated by seeing many students who will hear the speech. Due to this, the student delivered that speech very nicely in front of the whole school. In this philological concept, there is a use of action identification theory. In the class, the student was not able to deliver the speech properly. Social facilitation includes the effects of co-action this deals with when the student is performing better on each task because the student has the competition with the other student in the class and they are assigned to do the same task. Due to this, the student who is facing the problem of co-action is performing the tasks better as compared to other students. Social facilitation also has effects on the audiences due to this also the performance of the students gets better. The major reason for this concept is the student is getting very motivated by seeing the presence of many students.

Pluralistic ignorance

Pluralistic ignorance has been seen in a group of students in the class this is a major problem because in this the students have a personal attitude to assume that their thought process is right. The personalities of those students are completely different from the rest of the students. These students are also known as bystanders because these students observe the rest of the students very deeply (Buzinski et al. 2018). There was one situation in the class, a task was going on in a group, and it has been observed that in that group, one of the students is very arrogant in their behavior and that student has a very different thought process from the other students. During that task, every student very politely answered all the questions, and on the other side, that particular student was giving answers very arrogantly. Maybe that student has faced something in the past and due to which the student has become very arrogant. In order to analyze both physiological concepts, there has been the usage of action identification theory because by this theory the performance and actions of the students are identified properly.

Task 2

As per the case study, the guards are harassing the prisons and the main duty of the guards is to take care of the prisoners. In addition to this, they needed to make sure that they are working according to the rules and regulations of the prison. Instead of these guards of the prison used to harass the prisoners in several ways such as the guards abused them psychologically and physically. The guards also harassed the prisoners verbally and the guards used to give slang to the prisoners for their small mistakes. The guards also sexually harassed many women prisoners and they are helpless because the higher authorities of the prison used to only listen to the guards and ignore the problems of the prisoners. The guards also harassed the male prisoners because they used to ragging on the prisoners and asking them to do many illegal things. As per the case study, the prisoners used to listen to the instructions of the guards because they have a fear that the guards will complain about them to the higher authority. Due to this, the prisoners can get more punishment from the higher authorities because the higher authority only listens to the guards.

As in this case study, the theory of agentic state deals with that the prisoners are responsible for this type of behavior because no prisoner took the initiative to complain about this type of harassment to the higher authorities (Reeve and Shin, 2020). Instead of complaining to the higher authorities, the guards were dominating the prisoners and the guards were not obeying the rules and regulations of the prison properly. As per the case study, the duty of the guards is to maintain the rules and regulations in the prison, and instead of this, they were only breaking the rules of the prison. The guards were taking advantage because they have a good image of themselves in front of the higher authorities of the prison. The personalities of the guards are authoritarian because these types of persons prefer a social system with a “strong ruler”.

As per the case study, the Milgram experiment is used in this study because it is a procedure the guard was attached to the other guard and they used to do conspiracy about the prisoners. In an interview with the prisoners, the authorities of the prison got to know about the problems of the prisoners. The prisoners started to the higher authorities that they are been sexually harassed by the guards and if they want to do any complaints about this matter then the guards bully them. According to the law, no one can harass the prisoners and no one can bully them because it is against the law. There is one reason why the guards bully the prisoners to make the prisoners more compliant. The guards are also called screws because for any mistake the guards used to give them very strict punishment according to the rules. 

Task 3

Example 1: At an oxford university, a student is newly admitted and in that university, the student was facing many problems. The problem that was faced by the student was the problem of belief because the student belonged to some other country and sifted to that country for the studying purpose. The student was facing many cultural differences because the student belongs to a developing country his culture is completely different from that country. The food habits of the people are completely different in that country because the people of that country mostly eat bread and coffee. As the student is not good at speaking English very fluently, he was very scared in the college to talk with the teachers or with his classmates. In the context of behaviorism, the role of the learner is to respond to the content of learning and the level of demonstration for the objectives and the goals of the teaching.

The attitude of the students of the oxford university is very different because they all belong to westernization. This student also faced many problems in their attitude because he is not able to convey his problems to the teachers properly. The student was also facing problems with the actions of the teachers because the teachers are very lenient about the studies and they do not focus on the new students. He was a new student in the class and came from a different background, the teachers needed to have more focus on him.

Example 2: A student is used to studying at Harvard University and she has shifted to a new country in that university, she is facing many problems such as she was unable to adjust to the new life. In addition to this, she was also facing many health problems because she was alone shifted in that country and no one was there to take care of her. Her lifestyle was completely different, her food habit was also very different due to this she got very sick, and no one was there to take care of her. With this, she was also feeling homesick as she was missing her family a lot. In that university, there is a lot of pressure on their studies because of the language problem she was not able to understand the concept of the chapters properly. These need to be resolved properly for getting effective outcomes.

As she gas shifted abroad, the costs of the education were very in that country and in every month, paying that heavy amount is not possible for her. Her financial condition is not that good in her family she was not able to continue with her studies. The student was very good in her studies but due to these types of problems, she was facing many mental illnesses. She was also facing many problems with the housing because the costs of the hoses are very high in that country and the food of that country was very high.

Reference list

Buzinski, S.G., Clark, J., Cohen, M., Buck, B. and Roberts, S.P., (2018). Insidious assumptions: How pluralistic ignorance of studying behavior relates to exam performance. Teaching of Psychology45(4), pp.333-339.

Lau, A., Schwarz, J. and Stoll, O., (2019). Influence of social facilitation on learning development using a Wii Balanceboard™. German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research49(1), pp.97-102.

Reeve, J. and Shin, S.H., (2020). How teachers can support students’ agentic engagement. Theory Into Practice59(2), pp.150-161.


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