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Establishing Trust Through Open and Honest Communication Practices

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Introduction Of The Managing Communication

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Managing communication is an organized level, apply, observation and revision of all the channel of communication within organization. It is important for every firm to manage communication effectively. The report will covered about Samsung management of communication, company deals in conglomerate industry but mainly they are popular in electronic goods. Further, research will be carried out on the communication audit and for that cited firm review made as per the information collected from the key points. The report will also identify about the key stakeholders in the Samsung and their analyses the key information and knowledge they required. After that, use of technology for managing communication either it will hinder or foster for the firm. As the Communication is influenced by values and culture factors. Lastly, interpersonal communication in which own skill will be covered effectively.

Task 1- Research

4.1 Communication Audit.

The communication audit will help to find out both effectiveness of current communication techniques which are including the strengths and weaknesses and specific feedback to improvement required changes in the communication plan to make the organization more better (Gailloux, Samson and Shah, 2012). The benefits for making modification in the firm and help to achieve the objectives of the firm.

For the better communication audit of the organization by collecting information on the various key points such as follows:

  1. a) Samsung communication with their stakeholders
  • Customers: These are the key people for the firm which required to maintain relationship with for effective communication. Hence, they become key stakeholder for the company as well. As they use the VOC (voice of the customer) and CS survey meeting for the communications.
  • Employees: These are the internal key person for the Samsung as they hire cultivated talent resources. VOE(voice of the employees), Multidimensional evaluation are the used to communicate with the employees.
  • Shareholders: The organization continuously communicate with their shareholders thorough meeting and IR activities. They can be at the strong opposites for the methods that has been adopted for communication in the organization.
  • Suppliers: For the company their supplier are also some key assets and they communicate with them on daily basis as per the material requirement of the organization. They are involved in supplying raw material to the organization so that the ultimate requirements can be fulfilled.
  1. b) Use of technology

The organization uses the technology for effective communication management through email, Telephone/ Skype, video conferencing, electronic news letter, social media, corporate blogs, web Ex and Translator and translation phone services (Boyer and Roessler, 2015).

It will be hinder to the communication when there is not maintaining the two way relation for the effective communication.

  1. c) Communication Policies and Procedures at Samsung
  • They also comply with the various legislation and ethical standards.
  • Samsung maintains the effective organization culture.
  1. d) Communication problems at Samsung and its cause.

The communication problems arise during the issues in the Galaxy note 7 and management of the organisation did some mistake while communicating with their stakeholders. The statement made by the company to the customers that their phones used a various battery than the ones being reported about and as outcomes at the Hong Kong clients might be struck. But on the next day they were strained to shrink back about their statement after realizing about the mistakes and found that their are more than 500 phone were affected in the same location. This mistake cause to customer trust which had affected to their goodwill.

  1. e) The values and culture of the firm.

The value of the Samsung is to give the better and effective technology products to the organisations (Soumier and Cuq, 2014). As the firm have dynamic organisation culture which has establish an better working environment where all the employees shows their potential to improve the company.

Power and interest matrix which will help to manage the stakeholder of the Samsung in various way:

  • Minimal Effort: The stakeholder with the low interest in the organisation required to take initiative and combine with their power places various demand need to fulfil with the help for team. Hence, Samsung stakeholders can help in decision making aspect of the organization.
  • Keep informed: These people have a high interest in what you are doing, but relatively low power. Don’t become complacent though, the combined effect of many disgruntled individuals can grow. Samsung can keep these types of people informed regarding various strategies and new adoption that is taken by it.
  • Keep satisfied: Those with a high level of power but low level of interest need to be kept satisfied. Bear in mind the level of interest can change rapidly when a stakeholder becomes dis-satisfied. Hence, it is important for the Samsung management to ensure that the stakeholders are satisfied enough with the requirements.
  • Manage Closely: It is important for the Samsung to manage their stakeholder with close relation build up and solve their issues by communicating in time period.

Task 2- Report and Presentation

AC1.1 Identify the key stakeholders in the firm and its analysis on knowledge and information they required.

There are main key stakeholder Samsung and knowledge and information they required such as follows:

  • Customers: This are the main stakeholder of the cited firm which required the specific knowledge about the new products and information of each and every products of its quality and original.
  • Shareholders: This are the most important stakeholders of the organisation in which they must have knowledge about the firms investment and new ventures are the necessary information they should get from the organisations.
  • Employees: This are the key stakeholder and they must have knowledge about the firms position and information of new launching product
  • Government: This can be the external stakeholders of the Samsung in which they must have knowledge about their practices inside the firms in terms of finance and polices for the organisations made by government.

AC1.2 System used for communication key information to the stakeholder in the Samsung.

There are various system have been used by the organist ion for communication to their stakeholders such as follows:

  • Email: This is a modern way of communication system which has been used by the Samsung to communicate with its stakeholders by Email to send the important message and various information such as new products lunching, prices, offers and outlets set up in a effective way.
  • Website: This can be the common system used by the organisation in which they communicate with their stakeholder with the help of attracting firm website by updating each and every information about the company new launching their corporate news. This will help to build the trust of all the stakeholders (Suryanarayana and Raffaelli, 2015). For examples: information of New Phone and other products and the job positions.
  • Video Conference: it is a system used by the Samsung for communication with their important stakeholder such as employees and business partner for the effective deals.

AC2.2 Use of technology and help in communications and its hinder

The various technology has been used by the Samsung for communication such as follows:

The organization used their own software for the internal communication to inform the employees about the day to day operation.

The had use the fleet communication for their information about delivery with help of text message while some of the driver don't have the company mail. For that firm is using smartphone and GPS tools which can be easy for them to track.

The hindrance of the such technology will be more threat to the company or the drivers personal may be hinder as it will track each and every location of the employees.

AC2.3 The communication Policies and Procedures and its impact.

The Samsung have their own global policies and procedures for the organizations as reference guide to their approach to accountable and responsible business practices. The main aim of the organization to bring the health relation with the employees as well other stakeholder which are associated with the organizations (Ramer, Soroca and Doughty,2012). The NGOs, government, customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees which are develop along with the various responsibilities as global corporate citizens. In this manner Samsung electronic will help to manage their corporate communication for the sustainability development.

  • They also comply with the various legislation and ethical standards.
  • Samsung maintains the effective organization culture.

AC1.3 Analysis of potential barrier to effective workplace communication.

The various barrier to effective communication at workplace will bring the positive impact of the negative which can be depends. These barriers will be describe in the details such as follows:

  • Perceptual Barriers: This can be the most common communication barrier have been face by the organisation in which the two top management authority will give theory opinion on the same perspectives. So that it is important for the organisation to make a common opinion to bring the effective communication.
  • Emotional Barrier: The another communication barrier which will be bring the effective communication which is emotional. In this fear and mistrust from the ground level employees need to focus on the effectively communicating with the other employees.
  • Language Barrier: This can be that effective barrier due to workforce diversity in the organisation the employees speak the different language which cause the communication barrier. So organist ion need to understand the native language of employees which will help understand each and every individual better.
  • Culture Barriers: This is also an effective communication barrier which bring the adverse situation in the organisation due to workforce diversity employees are available in the company which have various culture and ethics cause the communication issues while framing the rules and regulation for the betterment of firm.
  • Physical Barriers: This can be the most important effective barrier of communication in which the physical barriers bring the issues in better top to bottom level due ot area cover of the internally will be more from the top level employees which can be remove with the help to proper interaction.

AC2.1 Communication influenced by values and culture factors.

The Samsung presence has global and they have huge impact of workforce diversity in the organization which results the various culture and values are influencing in the organization for the better rules and regulation (Okuyama and Asai, 2016). This can not only affected to the employees but also on their performance. As the culture can be understand as the value, attitude and manner of implement the various things which the individual form at the specific location where they have born and brought up as a kid. Because this will impact on their communication across the culture of the organisation which is important to set up common for all. As the Samsung have the dynamic organisation culture and values which can be considered to each and every employees of the firm. So it is important for the organisation to implement the effective policies for the employees which can be common for all and make the better Workington environment without any influencing the culture values factors.

AC4.2 Theories of organisational communication.

The communication is the most important aspect in the firm which will help to bring the major impact on the cited firm. As the various theories of organization communication which can be explain as follows:

Webers Classical organization theory of fixed hierarchy:

This theory will suggest the effective potion of the various management in the organisation and the structure will be fixed and the communication process within the firms. The theory suggests that it is important for the company to predefine their roles and responsibility and the organisation communication will be based on the fix structure which will help to avoid the various conflicts in the firms.

Tompkins and Cheney's organisational control theory:

This theory will suggest the which can be control of the organisation in four way in which it will determine how organisation bring the power with the help of simple, technical, bureaucratic and focus. As per this the organisation will be manage their communication.

Deetz's Managerialism Theory:

This theory will be covered the fixed impression of firms and apart from the posits a point of view of the firm which will considered in key account as the popular desire of the people and the ability centres in the firms.

AC4.3 Recommendation on the basis of plan to improve the workplace communication in the organisation.

The better the communication of the organization it will help to bring the major difference and set of standard will be implemented so from the recommendation on the basis of plan to improve the workplace communication in the organization such as:

  • Check in with employees on regular basis: This can be the important for the organisation t improve the workplace communication (Bouvier, Lecourvoisier and Grosso, 2013). They can be invite for the various events of the organisation which need to be make improve the internal communications.
  • Make internal knowledge and information easily available: For the new employees in the organisation which required to set and standard and rules and regulation for familiar with the internal information and knowledge which required to available easily during the time of induction only so that communication can be made easily at the workplace.
  • Asses the current internal communication Methods: it is important for the organisation to asses their internal communication methods such as email, phones and internal equipment used for the communication need to be proper monitors.
  • Implement social intranet software: This can be the most important aspect for the firm which required to implement the effective social intranet software in the organisation which will help to bring the effective communication at the workplace.

There are various way in which the communication can be improve Listening is not the same as hearing; learn to listen not only to the words being spoken but how they are being spoken and the non-verbal messages sent with them. Use the techniques of clarification and reflection to confirm what the other person has said and avoid any confusion. Consider the emotional effect of what you are saying and communicate within the norms of behaviour acceptable to the other person.

AC4.4 Measure to evaluate the success of the plan.

The evaluation of the organization plan will be success on the basis of continue monitoring of various polices and procedure of the Samsung which need to bring the better resource and sets an effective communication in the organization. The employees are also able to communicate with the each and other as per the recommendation made will be implemented effectively.

The success and failure rate can be measure from the effective analysis of the overall productive of the Samsung will be increase and employees performance in work makes and positive environment in the organisations.

Task 3- Interpersonal Communication

3.1 Effectiveness of own communication skills.

Communication Skill helps to build the level of execution and kept up the development rate in association (Hadas, Loy, Rochwerge and Satran, 2012). With the assistance to correspondence is help to clarify there thoughts in association. It is help to work with other colleague or other group. In this setting express their inclination in open path in group. It is help to work with other group.

Self-assessment process one can without much of a stretch discover what the aptitudes the people have and what are the abilities the individual need to procure more. It is centre around SWOT examinations of the association. With the assistance of this investigate is help to build the execution level.

  • Quality: In this factor incorporate handle troublesome issue. It is an or more point and this is help to accomplish any work with no misstep. This is called quality and utilize them to expand execution level in association.
  • Shortcoming: We have coupled of shortcomings as well. We have to build up our adequate aptitudes in association. Along these lines aptitudes are required preparing process in association (Vos, Bennett, Wu and Kavanaugh, 2013). Preparing is help to evacuate shortcoming and increment the level of execution in association.
  • Openings: There are parcel numerous open doors in promoting area. To discover the best open doors in showcasing documented is relied on the aptitudes and ability of a man.
  • Threat: In promoting recorded there are part numerous rivalries. Along these lines it is help to build the level of execution and kept up the development rate in association.

3.2 Feedback from others

The various feedback will be given as per the following person such as:

  • Mentor will be more responsible to improve my personal skill with the help proper utilisation of communication development plan will effective to track the outcomes.
  • Colleagues: This are the person whom I work with which they will give some tricks to improve communication skills but required to listen more for the better response.

3.3 Theories of interpersonal communication

There are various theories of communication will be applied after the effective evaluation made for own interpersonal communication such as follows:

  • Politeness theory: It is a most common theory of interpersonal which will determine how an individual try to promote, protect and save face when their feel uncomfortable or shameful arise suddenly. The theory also suggest that how self management as well others identities through connecting in particular through the use of politeness strategies. But these theories suggest some assumption which is important to considered in which the person have the different face that can be the negative or positive face (Qiu, Khan and Sheth, 2016). The factor that influence these theories such as social distance, power and risk.
  • Social Exchanges Theory: It is a wide approach used to explain and predict the interpersonal communication and maintain relationship. The theory will suggest an exchange approach to social relationship which same as the economic theory which has been based on the comparative of rewards and cost. But these theories have the effective assumption in which individual relationship are a function of comparing advantages generate as compared to the cost which attain several benefits.
  • Hofstede culture dimension theory: is a structure for multifaceted correspondence, created by Greet Hofstede. It depicts the impacts of a public's way of life on the estimations of its individuals, and how these qualities identify with conduct, utilizing a structure got from factor examination. The hypothesis has been generally utilized as a part of a few fields as a world view for look into, especially in multifaceted brain research, universal administration, and diverse correspondence. It keeps on being a noteworthy asset in culturally diverse fields.

3.4 Personal development plan for improving own communication skills.

The effective personal development plan for improving communication skills.

  • Set up reason: In the main stage is set up motivation behind self-awareness. In this factor centre around learning, aptitudes and other factor in association.
  • Distinguish advancement needs: In this factor is to be centre around improvement needs of individual in association. Needs is most imperative factor to association and increment the level of execution in showcase (Greenberg, 2012). Needs according to the future condition in association.
  • Take a gander at improvement openings: After distinguish the requirements, in this procedure is advancement of future open doors in association. It is help to expand the level of execution. Openings is most vital to discover the best open doors in showcasing documented is relied on the aptitudes and ability of a man.
  • Detail an activity design: along these lines recognize the open doors is help to figure the activity design in association for self-awareness. Thus, recognize the individual arrangement is help to expand the level of execution and kept up the execution. All work is to be finished with the assistance of planing work is to be done in viable way.
  • Embrace improvement: With the assistance of planing in self-awareness design. It is to be centre around future improvement in association. It is help to enhance aptitudes like time administration, learning and other. All such factor is help to future advancement in self-awareness design.
  • Audit and assess: In this all the progression is help survey and other factor is help to enhance aptitudes in self-improvement design (Farnsworth, 2013). In self-awareness design input is most essential to expand the execution level and kept up the development rate in association.

These are the main element of the communication need to improve in this manner which will help to bring the skill more improvement.

The Communication skills: In every individual for individual and master change in view of suitable correspondence to fulfilled the delegates needs likewise the affiliation. As the effective correspondence in the relationship to settle on the better decision to achieve the affiliation targets. For the any calling should be capable effective censure with labourers need to utilize. This will be easily change with the assistance of educator and companions too going to the course, workshops.

Recommendations to improve communication

  • It is important to ascertain that what will be the suitable format to communicate the message. It can be written oral, verbal or non-verbal format.
  • Ensuring that the message receiver understand the language in which message is to be transferred.
  • Displaying confidence and seriousness while communicating helps in grabbing the attention of individual at the receiving end.

The success and failure rate of communication can be judged based upon what actually has been decoded by the person at receiving end.


From the report managing communication it can be easily concluded that it is important for the Samsung to manage their organization with effective technology used for the internal communication made with their stakeholder and the organisation improve the workplace communication. They can be invite for the various events of the organisation which need to be making improvement the internal communications. Assignment Help provided by New Assignment Help


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